Obama 2.0 has a new ad showing us how easy it is to take things out of context…

BRILLIANT! Yes, it is very easy and ole Mitty & Fox News use this technique all the time! LOL :lol: :lol: :lol:

I’m voting for the OTHER GUY! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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7 thoughts on “Obama 2.0 has a new ad showing us how easy it is to take things out of context…

  1. An example….

    I am so hungry, I could kill for a Big Mac. So, Ronald McDonald, watch out!”

    Romney would make a commercial saying…”I could kill”…splice in “Ronald” and then infer I was talking about Saint Ronald Reagan!

    Quoting “out-of-context” is classic lying by omission. But then what can we expect from Mitt Romney, the biggest liar I have seen in my 72 years, most of them observing the political scene.

    • I love how Romney at the end of the ad thinks if you want a better life and country vote for President Obama! I love that. It’s the only time ole Mitty has been HONEST! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  2. However, President Obama and especially his speech writers all need to check carefully to see what phrases might be used “out-of-context” as surely they will be used.

    Today, the Republicans are pouncing on Obama calling the recent American deaths in Libya a “bump-in-the-road” saying it denotes a feeling that is insensitive to the families of our dead. I agree it was not a good choice of words. Obama meant a small “set back” in our foreign policy but word pictures are important. However, it is the Republican mind that now thinks he said similar to “road kill” and will ride this for all its worth.

  3. Randy Weber, Republican running in my district to take over Rep. Ron Paul’s seat never mentions his Democratic opponent, Nick Lampson, but instead seems to be running against President Obama, using “out-of-context” remarks like this:


    Lampson is a former U.S. Representative but by redrawing district lines in Texas, he was gerrymandered out of his last job.


    Interesting how Gerrymandering works. In my District 14 on the map below, the “white” area on the map (under Interstate-45 marker) is linked to District 22. This is a predominantly black and Latino area, many workers at the refineries in Texas City. The latter is a mostly white city full of union refinery workers. There is another narrow white band in District 22 with the name of Friendswood, which is a “bridge” connecting the mostly white Sugar Land area to the SW to mostly white Clear Lake (NASA) to the East. Friendswood is mostly white and Republican, also, so adding a black area to this district will be “safe”. Galveston lost nearly 20,000 mostly black residents due to the 14 feet of flood waters during Hurricane Ike, and most haven’t returned to destroyed homes in Galveston County. The latter went Republican in the last election for the first time since Reconstruction.


    This is Tom DeLay’s district with lines drawn to ensure it will be a Republican district. He was also behind the redraw in the early part of the last decade.


    Above note the “fingers” radiating from liberal Austin to weaken its hold by Democrats. Two districts extend from Austin a couple of hundred miles to the Mexican border. One narrow district extends from Austin to the Republican western suburbs of Houston (BTW, that district is now represented by Rep. Michael McCaul…the wealthiest man in Congress as his family owns Clear Channel Communications with its nearly 1000 right wing radio stations, hundreds of thousands of billboards, and music concert events).

    In the last census, Texas had gained enough new residents that we were awarded FOUR more Congressional seats. Much of the growth was by Latinos yet the District lines were drawn such by the REPUBLICAN legislature that no more Latinos would be elected from Texas. The newest map is now in the courts due to lawsuits.

      • I like where he says he has to live on his $60K Congressional pension and Social Security (so in essence he is living off the government). But with all of the shady deals he was involved in I am sure he takes in more money than this. However, like Mitt, it may be stashed away in the Cayman Islands and Swiss bank accounts. He still lives in a nice big house on the 12th hole of the Sweetwater Country Club in Sugar Land, Texas. He did have a home in Virginia, too, where he lived while in Congress. Not sure if he still has that one. Here is a listing for one of Tom’s multimillionaire, neighbors, poor guy :cry: : http://search.har.com/engine/d.....m=98493948


          Looks like his “blind trust” (isn’t it fun by his long time attorney which means it’s not really a blind trust, but rather, a trust at his fingertips?????) has dumped shares in an online Chinese company that sells pirated American products!


          He’s been working against America for a very long time! HE’S A TRAITOR!

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