Glenn Beck claims he was mistreated on an American Airlines flight

Oh booooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooo. Poor widdle Glenny got some sucky treatment (how many passengers can say good things these days about their flying experiences!) on a recent American Airlines flight. Apparently a flight attendant didn’t like Glenny. He slammed Beck’s soda can down on his tray and barked the word “breakfast” instead of saying, “God of the Mormon Militia, what would you like for us to make especially for you for your terribly long flight to sooth you in any way we can!”.


Bitch all you want Glenny. The reason why you were treated so “badly” is because you deserved it. You’re hateful and two seconds after starting your radio program this morning with this story, you were right back to your typical ways: lying about President Obama and New York City! I wished the flight attendant had throw your soda can at your head!

Glenny couldn’t believe the pilot didn’t come to his rescue. Why would the pilot do that? Is it because ole Glenny believes he was the most important person on that flight? Yep! What an asshole.

Looks like Glenny has reaped what he has sewn. Isn’t it great? I think he should be mocked wherever he goes!


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13 thoughts on “Glenn Beck claims he was mistreated on an American Airlines flight

  1. Let’s see how long it will be before American Airlines pisses all over themselves with apologies …. Unlike you and your left-wing ilk, Beck has millions of followers around the world. The way he was treated by a left-wing flight ‘attendant’ is going to have an effect on their bottom line.

    • Beck is hated by everyone except his Mormon worhsipers (which isn’t many)!

      Beck also said the flight attendant stated he had been part of the Israeli Army. Interesting! And he hates Beck? I thought Beck & Netanyahu were scheming together to get an attack on Iran so Israel will be attacked, and then Mitty the Multi-Millionaire Mormon from Massachusetts (if elected in November) would be the White Horse Prophesy that will make the temple mount into a Mormon Bastion!

      Hey, maybe that is why ole Becky had his soda can smashed against his tray and why the attendant hated his guts? He knows Beck could cause his loved ones in Israel to die for the Mormon church? HEY COULD BE!

  2. Beck has millions of followers around the world.

    Which is why he was consistently losing advertisers and fox News FIRED him.

    Beck is a delusional clown who didn’t get treated the way he thunks he should,

    boo fuckin’hoo

    welcome to the way MOST people have to live you loser.

    Bin Laden’s dead.

    GM is alive;

    thanks to President Barack Obama’s leadership.

    suck on it brock.

  3. It’s obvious you have never run a business, made a payroll or had to instill values and temperament and professionalism in employees. What the employee did was not in the best interests of his employer.

    You only wish Beck was hated as much as you claim. This is far from over ….. It’s like that one guy you rag on so frequently on Twitter. Too damn stupid to believe others do not all believe as you do …..

    • What business do you run, you fake multi-millionaire-who-spends-your-time-on-KayInMaine’s-blog-all-day-every-day-because-you’re-a-loser-who-lives-in-a-trailer-park? LOL

      Beck is hated. The End. Funny how he can’t believe why he’s heckled and hated everywhere he goes!

      LOL You worship Todd Kincannon who hates women and everyone? Not surprised!

      The pilot & American Airlines agrees with the flight attendant: GLENN BECK DOES NOT DESERVE RESPECT! HE SHALL BE TREATED LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!

      Awwwww, Blecky makes $32 million a year and still everyone hates that dry drunk!

  4. Like Paul Ryan, probably another BIG LIE! Probably hopes his story will get him an upgrade next trip. I was a waiter in college and since we lived for tips, sometimes had to bite our lips and treat jerk customers with respect. I am sure Beck is just as big a jerk in public as he is on the air.

    Beck’s following dropped 50% at Fox the reason he was dropped and he has slipped from 3rd behind Limbaugh and Hannity to 9th. Talker’s World writes that Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin; financial guru Dave Ramsey; and liberals Ed Schultz and Thom Hartmann now have surpassed Beck. So he needs to keep his name in the news.

    If Beck has the two million listeners, that is hardly “the world” with 7 BILLION.

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