Mitt Romney tells Louisiana flood victim to “go home and call 211″

Yep, according to Mitty the Multi-Millionaire Mormon from Massachusetts, all you have to do to escape a hurricane’s flooding or the aftermath is to jump on a private jet or go back to your home that is under water and call 211. See? He’s an amazing survivalist! LONG LIVE THE KING!

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23 thoughts on “Mitt Romney tells Louisiana flood victim to “go home and call 211″

  1. Wait! I think Mitty has more survival techniques to share! What’s that Mitty? *cupping ear to hear him* He says….MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A MOP & BUCKET HANDY TO MOP UP THE WATER IN YOUR HOME WITH!

    Well, there you have it folks: this is how the fascist capitalists who hate humans but love money are when they’re given the chance to lead!

    • LMAO! Really? Who wants to bet ole Mitty was seeing all that devastation with dollar signs in his eyes thinking he could snatch up some cheap land for he and wifey to build another mansion on???? :lol: :lol: :lol:

      You’re jealous of Mitty! I’m not. I wished he and Lovey would ride off into the sunset never to be seen again! :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • People like you are clearly jealous of successful people. Maybe you should get off your ass and do something in life instead of sitting on here and talking down of people who busted their ass to become successful. You have an opportunity as well to make millions but your not going to get there by collecting your welfare check each month. You are obviously one of the 52% of people who don’t pay any taxes in this country, yet complain about the people who do. Can you say trailer??

        • Maybe you should take your own advice you lazy SOB and get off my blog!

          How many millions have you made? :lol: :lol: :lol:

          I had no idea multimillionaires hung out on liberal blogs! :lol: :lol:

          How’s your trailer doing? Mom still living with you and using an oxygen tank? :shock:

        • Mitt was born a millionaire, so with most “connected” parents (CEO American Motors, 3 term Governor) had a great JUMP START. The late Gov. Ann Richards of Texas once said about the Bush boys, that they were “born on third base and thought they had hit a triple.”

          Seven out of ten of the billionaires, multi-millionaires on Forbes Top 400 list were born into wealth. Only 30% made it on their own ambition, education, sometimes lucky breaks, and with an entrepreneurial spirit.

          Donald Trump inherited millions from his dad, Fred Trump, as a young man…not exactly a “self-made” man. Like Mitt Romney, Donald Trump attended an expensive private school where “networking” connections with other rich were made at an early age. Mitt Romney, like Donald Trump, also increased his family wealth on the backs of others including the taxpayer.

          Donald Trump is always talking about big government and how much he is against it, yet it’s been proven time and tiem again that he is indeed in favor of government when it’s subsidizing his big deals.”

          The Donald has had several huge bankruptcies of his companies but has been able to shield his personal wealth.

          Democrats don’t envy wealthy men, for example Warren Buffet, the Roosevelts, the Kennedys, were all extremely wealthy. The difference is that these multi-millionaires have had a great concern for the average man, the poor, the elderly. We just don’t want a few dozen billionaires BUYING our government, making it a fascist state.

          My brother is a multi-millionaire and my sister not far behind him. My parents could only finish high school in 1932 and struggled for several years but they insisted us kids do well in school and get college degrees. My net worth was ruined by Reaganomics, when nothing “trickled down” to my corporation and to me. I made the mistake of putting up too much of my personal worth in collateral hoping to save my construction business. I should have done like Trump and filed bankruptcy but instead went broke and had to fall back on a teacher’s license from the 1960′s that I had never used. My UNION parents, my truck driver dad, my seamstress mother, made some good investments and with my inheritance (including stocks from my Republican grandparents that they held onto from after the 1929 Wall Street crash), my retirement isn’t “bare bones” as it would be if I only had Social Security and a measly teachers’ pension to live on. I am enjoying my retirement, traveling the world since 2005. Spending most of next month in China, which will be the 49th nation I have visited. I am grateful to my ancestors and their thrift.

        • Melissa Harris-Perry on her MSNBC show got upset when a guest from Wall Street, Monica Mehta, talked up that the rich “take risks” to get ahead. Milissa wondered at the public opinion surveys that found that Americans approve “spending for the social good,” but oppose that spending when it’s labeled as welfare. The answer could be that Americans hate welfare because media, at the behest of conservative politicians, have relentlessly linked welfare with black people, and have hammered home the idea that welfare recipients are undeserving. Melissa said:

          What in the world is riskier than being a poor person in America? I live in a neighborhood where people are shot on my street corner. I live in a neighborhood where people have to figure out how to get their kid into school because maybe it will be a good school and maybe it won’t. I’m sick of the idea that being wealthy is risky. No, there’s a huge safety net, that whenever you fail, we’ll catch you, and catch you, and catch you. Being poor is what is risky. We have to create a safety net for poor people and when we won’t because they happen to look different from us, it is the pervasive ugliness. We cannot do that.”

  2. For sure Mitt didn’t jet over to New Orleans because he is this new humanitarian but for political reasons to “ONE UP” the President (he was invited by Republican Gov. Jindal). Romney isn’t getting the “convention bump” yet that McCain saw immediately after his 2008 convention. Anyway, REICH-wing racist Louisiana won’t give their electoral votes to Obama anyway, so there is really no political contest other than the rest of the nation seeing the visits on TV and judging their worth.

    The Commander-in-Chief had long had a visit to Fort Bliss planned to honor our soldiers in El Paso. He had already canceled a campaign visit to Ohio, Monday, in order to visit the flood ravaged region around Louisiana. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said the President hadn’t planned to go sooner because security preparations with local law enforcement can interfere with the ongoing relief efforts.

    If Democrats are steamed that Romney is showing up the President, they weren’t saying — but they did use the news to blast Romney and running mate Paul Ryan over disaster funding.

    “It is an affront for Mitt Romney to go to Louisiana given what the Ryan budget would have meant for our emergency preparedness,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

    After all, when disaster strikes it is mostly FEDERAL MONEY that will help communities in despair.

    • If they are so right wing racist in LA, why did they elect an Indian-American as governor? Your argument just doesn’t work.

      • If our TROLL Tim O’Donnell was so smart, he would know Jindal didn’t do well with white conservatives in Louisiana. Plus being Indian and not African he is actually Caucasian even with darker skin. Louisiana is unique among U.S. states in using a system for its state and local elections similar to that of modern France (the state is also unique in that its law is based mostly on the French Napoleonic Code). All candidates in Louisiana, regardless of party affiliation, run in a nonpartisan blanket contest on Election Day.

        Jindal lost his first bid for governor of Louisiana in 2004 mostly in the conservative central and northern parts (except for around Shreveport) of the state. He had the backing of many black Democrats including the black mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin.

        In 2008, Jindal did get 54% of the state’s non-partisan election against a field of 11 contenders including only 2 Democrats who are white. There had been a big demographic change in Lousiana, too, with Hurricane Katrina forcing hundreds of thousands of mostly black and Democratic residents to leave the state (Houston still has over 100,000 former Louisianians mostly black and Democratic). So just about any Republican would have had an edge. By 2008, Jindal had the best name recognition due to having campaigned for governor in 2004 and his 2001 appointment by President George W. Bush to be Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services

  3. Sure, Grant. That trip to Fort Bliss was a real ‘sucksess’ wasn’t it? The troops were far less than enthusiastic at his presence ….. The sound of one hand clapping?

    • Notice how Mitty the Multi-Millionaire Mormon from Massachusetts didn’t mention the troops or Bush’s war in Afghanistan during his lame speech at the RNC? You know why he didn’t? Because he hates them! He only needs them like Bush did: for illegal wars to line his deep pockets with! Other than that, he has no use for them. He’ll probably tell them to go call 211 if the soldiers bitch and complain.

    • Of course our TROLL BROCK never watched our Commander-in-Chief’s speech which was interrupted many times with raucous “hu-rah” cheers of support. Faux News probably didn’t show it as they rarely cover any speech by our President unlike CNN and MSNBC. Addicts to Faux don’t know what really goes on in this nation.

  4. Mr. Romney let the cat out of the bag yesterday, when he misspoke and called our country “a company.”

    No mere slip of the tongue. It is a mindset, a way of life.

    It follows that the American people, at least the little ones, are employees–with luck, working only for minimum wage with no benefits and, for Pete’s sake, no unions to make the first two less likely.

    Thus, telling this woman to go home and phone 211 makes perfect sense. Romney too used government subsidies and loopholes at Bain whenever he could find them. Only a stupid man turns down resources, for Pete’s sake.

    Only thing, the woman had better make that phone call soon. If Romney is elected, that emergency number and resources behind it, will be disconnected. Only the little people need such resources. The others live on hills, well above the floodwaters.

    Romney. He’s running for president, for Pete’s sake.

    • Can you believe this moron telling her to go call 211 for help? What an assclown! Our nation will be in more serious trouble if this right winger gets into the White House…..worse than George Bush!

    • The Italian dictator Benito Mussolini defined fascism as the merger of the State and the Corporation. It is that social system in which the interests of the State and the corporations merge together This is the quintessential characteristic of a fascist state. Contrary to popular belief, the defining characteristic of a fascist state is not a charismatic leader even though Adolph Hitler, Mussolini, Hideki Tōjō, and Francisco Franco did become fascist dictators.

      So did Mitt really misspeak or slip up and tell the truth for once?

    • The President is responsible for balancing the good economic outcome of capitalism with the necessary humaneness that society’s morals and values demand. It is a complex balancing act. It is something that I think intrinsically disqualify people with the vulture capitalist mindset of Mitt Romney from holding elective office. While they can make a buck by pushing the limits of laws and capitalism, they do not see that the task of a President is to ensure every individual’s life have access to what is summarized in the preamble of our constitution.

      The President is responsible for balancing the good economic outcome of capitalism with the necessary humaneness that society’s morals and values demand. It is a complex balancing act. It is something that I think intrinsically disqualify people with the vulture capitalist mindset of Mitt Romney from holding elective office. While they can make a buck by pushing the limits of laws and capitalism, they do not see that the task of a President is to ensure every individual’s life have access to what is summarized in the preamble of our constitution.

      We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence,[note 1] promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

  5. Romney said he made his quick photo-op to Louisiana, “So that people around the country know that people down here need help.” News of what was happening pre-empted much of what everyone saw on cablenews, network news, the Weather Channel and local TV. Romney was shown the flooding by Gov. Jindal and Sen. David “Diapers” Vitter. Possibly not invited to the parade was Democratic Sen. Mary Sen. Landrieu has been in constant communication with FEMA and Vitter and Jindal asked President Obama and FEMA for 100 percent federal support. Damned FEDERAL money. BTW, the only levee to fail was NOT one built by the Federal government but a locally built dike.

    Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer said that “The decision to go to New Orleans shows how much Mitt Romney is making an effort to show he understands people’s needs and concerns. It’s a side of Mitt Romney that people don’t give him credit for.”

    • Ole right wing Jindal has his hand out far to the US government, huh? I thought right wingers were the ones to pick themselves up by the bootstraps because they don’t need no stinking government????? :lol: :lol: :lol:

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