5 thoughts on “Clint Eastwood & his chair represent today’s GOP & the origin of the tea party….

  1. I have always enjoyed Clint Eastwood’s movies, both his acting and directing. I was looking forward to his latest film, “Trouble With The Curve” coming out later this month. I may not give him even a few pennies from my movie ticket, now. In his “Gran Torino” he PLAYED the part of a racist calling blacks “Spooks”. This week, it appeared he may be a racist in real life. Surprised me because he is a “liberal” Republican supporting gay marriage, a woman’s choice, etc. You’d think the REICH would hate him, run him out of the Party of Lincoln. But they are so eager to make it look like some in Hollywood are Republicans like Jon Voight, Kelsey Grammar, Patricia Heaton, etc., they gave Clint the spot light. Maybe he is just becoming demented, maybe early stage of Alzheimer’s which could excuse him.

    Wonder if Eastwood has ever read the Invisible Man, a story about racism in America. He was talking to an invisible man on that chair. Stagecraft had Eastwood LOOKING DOWN, scolding “the invisible boy” in the chair. I use “boy” because here in the South, racists call adult men “boys” and adult women “girls”, as if they are perennial children who never grow up! Eastwood put words in the President’s mouth that Barack Obama would never use like “shut up” and “go fuck yourself”. Obama has much more class than Clint Eastwood.


    So far Mitt Romney hasn’t condemned Eastwood. But then he never chided Rush Limbaugh for calling a college student a prostitute, over-and-over. Mitt has no spine.

  2. One Of R-money’s supporters.
    A Florida man “obsessed with Fox News and the Republican party” felt that his girlfriend was too “liberal” — so he decided he had to kill her.

    Police arrested David Kappheim, of Lake Park, on Saturday after the 60-year-old threatened a woman’s life because of her supposed political orientation, according to a probable cause affidavit.

    The report recounts several incidents in which Kappheim allegedly arrived “stark naked” at the home of his girlfriend’s friend, choked his girlfriend and told her that he would “kill her and burn her home,” the Palm Beach Post reports.

    Kappheim explained to a sheriff’s deputy, “He was very conservative, and his girlfriend was liberal and he felt he was going to have kill her,” according to the arrest affidavit, according to WPTV.

    The right wing hate machine just keeps on creating these cretins like “brock”.

    • A reason I never put my Obama sticker on my car in 2008 and won’t do it again this year. Ten of the eleven homes in my cul-de-sac had McCain/Palin signs on their lawns (even the wealthy gay married guys on the corner). By leaving our landscape clear of political signs I am sure my neighbors knew where my partner and I stand. Also never wore my Obama t-shirt anywhere except to the Houston Pride Parade. I support Barack but not at the high cost of having to repaint my car, buying a new set of expensive SUV tires, nor having my face caved in.

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