25 thoughts on “Mitt Romney trying to pretend he’s one of us! HILARIOUS!!!!!!

  1. Bah hahahaha! Oh PLEASE! Yes, as if Romney is the guy who does all the shopping for his family. Seriously! If you believe that this sort of activity is normal for him, then you’re an asshole with an IQ of 7!

  2. The dippy shi-ite had better get used to shopping for himself with poll results like these.

    323 to 191, President Obama is securing a second term on the back of Romneybot 2012.

  3. This was right after he said he bought some “hardware stuff”. Probably uses the word “stuff” because he is not sure what anything he bought is actually called or used for. Note he has mainly bottled water and Pepsi in his cart. The water in New Hampshire that comes out of his faucet not pure enough?

    I notice he has the CAFFEINATED 12 pack of Pepsi (de-caf is in a gold box!). Mormons are forbidden from drinking caffeine which they consider an evil drug. But what is a little hypocrisy for Mitt Romney? When I lived in Utah in 1974, it was before there were any de-caffeinated cola sodas on the market so only fruit sodas were available in restaurants and of course no coffee nor tea that might contain the devil’s drug. Mormons consumed a lot of sugar laden Kool-Aid. I remember a magazine interview in which Marie Osmond bragged she had never tasted a Coke but didn’t think she missed anything.

  4. Hiya Kay, The right wing crazy has been too deep for me, and my inflatable raft has a leak. Romneybot is the most uncomfortable in his own skin looking guy I’ve ever seen. It may just be his holy underwear rubbing him the wrong way or he really is an alien from dog knows where.

    Politics not good for my blood pressure but I still always check in on you every day. Looks like the troll downstairs swallowed the 19 guys in the cave w/ boxcutters garbage. Wonder what it’s like living in a fact-free zone. Take care, bluejeansntshirt

    • LOL Hi BlueJeansNtShirt!!! Missed you. :D You must have been able to smell the troll shit in the back seat of the WNI bus! Man, oh man: WE’VE TRIED EVERYTHING TO GET THE TROLL SMELL OUT! :lol: :lol: It’s pretty putrid!

      Mitty the Multi-Millionaire Mormon from Massachusetts is big with the billionaires these days. No one else can relate to him! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  5. Wow! That’s a ‘credible’ source – an ex-Mormon with an ax to grind against ALL Mormon men!!!! Duh!

    • Yep! She knows mormon men better than anyone being the great great granddaughter of the founder of the Mormon Church! :lol: :lol: :lol: No different than a Nun speaking out against a pedophile MALE priest!

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