The face of an American domestic terrorist…

…he is not wearing a turban and take a look at that skin color too! My, my, my….

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19 thoughts on “The face of an American domestic terrorist…

  1. Another day, another WHITE right wing teatard with a gun, and multiple dead people,

    Nothing changes unless we change the hopeless infantile right wing obsession with guns as a replacement for their inadequate teeny tiny penis. :oops:

    Somebody ought to tell the inadequate right wingers with their numerous guns, that fondling their own guns is a form of masturbation, and fondling each others guns is ..…. :shock:

    well the right wing closet is quite big isn’t it????? :D

  2. Are you channeling Brian Ross? There is not a shred of evidence that this wacko has ever been affiliated in any way with the Tea Party.

    Of course, anyone who buys into Harry Reid’s slanderous accusations against Governor Romney is not the sharpest tool in the shed either …..

    • There’s lots of evidence but you just choose to ignore it. Why don’t you go hang with your neo-Nazi friends over at Storm Front! They miss you! You’re hated here.

  3. As a white male, myself, I hate the prejudices of some cruel men who will play out their low self-esteem on women, children and people of color…those they perceive as “different”. Yes, there is too much violence among blacks, Latinos, but it is mostly within their own groups, most often committed while being involved in criminal activity arising from poverty and poor education. Even the white “Mafioso” don’t attack anonymously, mostly leaving women and children alone.

    Our nation has an abysmal history of “ethnic cleansing” starting with the slaughter of Native Americans. Then there was/is the inhumane treatment of African slaves and their “free” descendents and Mexican laborers. Japanese-Americans were interred in concentration camps during Word War II. Chinese immigrants were brought here to build railroads, work mines and mistreated if they tried to better their status. Vietnamese fishermen along the Texas Gulf Coast were attacked by KKKlansmen who burned their boats. IOW, anyone looking “different” had better watch out, like Middle Eastern/Indian, Jewish (IOW anyone not christian). Hate continues to be visited upon the GLBT community, mostly lately with the pasty white Fox News commentator Mike Huckabee advocating gay hate at Chick-fil-A.

    Who mostly supports child pornography, molestations, kidnappings, sex trafficking and other abuses of women and children? The highest numbers right here in the good ol’ USA are mostly white men. Sadly, many served in our military but didn’t get self-esteem built there, either. Yet, they think they are the SUPREME race and sex!!! White German males once tried to push the limits, too, and the rest of the world said, “NO!”, leaving their cities in rubble and millions dead. This may be our nation’s fate someday if the fascists think they can try again.

    • One of the neck drooling trolls is telling me that the tree hugging liberals were the ones who started the KKK and not he Dixie-crats who turned out to be chest beating gun toting republicans! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  4. I wonder how many of the tea tards are spouting online that if the Sikhs had been armed that white boy never would have made it through the door of the Temple in Wisconsin? *cupping ear to see if I hear any of them saying that*

  5. You should post your hate-filled drivel on Facebook. Then, of course, you would be more easily tracked down and shown up for who you really are – cowards.

    • Are you a Bush-bot liar for the war criminals who used 9/11 to attack a country that had no military to speak of so the military industrial complex and the oil Pigs could make more money & manipulate markets?

        • LOL Awwwww, why don’t you go hang out with the reich wing sloths of America who kill people because of their skin color or because a person is wearing a turban! You people are THE PATHETIC ONES!

          I am a proud truther. I admit it. I don’t trust George Bush and I didn’t trust him and his war criminals throughout his whole 8 years of terror. You? I bet you loved him and protected him!

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