5 thoughts on “VIDEO: More proof GBTV is a Mormon cult headed by a right wing lunatic control freak…

  1. Glenn Beck has no big ego problem. *snark* He has his own “oval office” and can pretend to lead the free world!

    • Makes you wonder how many who drool over his lies, deceits, and distortions truly believe he’s taken over the Free World and is their master speaking directly to them? *cringe* :shock:

    • S.E. Cupp is a daily feature on MSNBC giving her smartass slams on Democrats. Although the REICH claims the “lamestream” media is biased towards liberals, at least on MSNBC and CNN most often a GOP or teabag panelist has a chance to get out their talking points for balance unlike Faux which rarely ever lets a liberal appear nor open their mouth without getting shouted down. Even on Sunday morning shows like ABC, seems of late the REICH voices outnumber the moderate and left. Last Sunday ABC pitted Republicans George Will, loudmouth Laura Ingraham, Matthew Dowd, against two Democrats Gavin Newsome and Donna Brazile, and guess who shouted over and dominated much of the talk?

      • So true. Fox Spews couldn’t handle a liberal on it’s shows. Too much truth and they want to hide the truth every possible chance they get!

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