Soooo, how much Food Insurance did Peter-Keller-the-Glenn-Beck-Survivalist have in his mountain-side bunker before taking his life?

I hate right wingers. If you’re going to kill yourself, why kill your wife and daughter first? Why not be the lunatic you are and just fight the world yourself? Only a crazed Glenn Beck fan would do something like that: kill the innocent wife and child first! Hell, I bet Peter Keller had stocked up on Food Insurance as soon as Beck started promoting it on his right wing apocalyptic radio show years ago! All ‘survivalists’ need it, right? Funny how this guy considered himself a ‘survivalist’, but yet, he killed his wife and child and then took his own life before the SWAT team could get him. That isn’t surviving. Not a survivalist attitude in the least! He was a raging right wing murderer who had been caught and was hiding up in the hills with his Food Insurance packets to hide from authorities! Gees. A survivalist doesn’t go on a murderous rampage and then goes and hides. No no, a TRUE  survivalist lives his or her life prepared for the worst and doesn’t create his or her own ‘end times’ for crying out loud.

Makes you wonder how many Glenn Beck ‘survivalists’ are currently creating their own ‘end times’ scenario as Peter Keller did?

Our nation is not safe with these lunatics in it.

RIP Lynettee & Kaylene Keller. You didn’t deserve to die. Your husband and father did, though. I hope that asshole didn’t die by suicide. I hope his head was crushed by the falling debris when the SWAT team blew his bunker to smithereens!

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6 thoughts on “Soooo, how much Food Insurance did Peter-Keller-the-Glenn-Beck-Survivalist have in his mountain-side bunker before taking his life?

  1. I’m sure Glenn Beck supports Keller even if he’s not said a word about this guy on his radio show. It’s what Beck doesn’t say that is dangerous to the sanctity of our nation!

    • you know you are just as bad as the guys you talk about yes he killed his wife and daughter but why does it have to be about political standings the guys was a wacko not because of glen beck it was just that guy you see anyone else doing what that guy did no and I am sure glen does not support that guy what person would and also glen beck also has done good so dont talk about someone like everything they have done in life has been bad because I am sure you are not perfect yourself and if you do think that you are as crazy as peter keller

      • First off Jason, do you ever use periods & commas? Gees! Hard to read without them!!! Anyway, you obviously haven’t been paying attention because for the last 3 years especially, Glenn Beck has gone on a survivalist frenzy. He breeds people like Peter Keller. I’m sure Beck supports this guy. He’s the kind of guy Beck talks to each day. He’ll say something like, “I want you to read this book about living in the mountains and dreaming of killing the commie president, but that doesn’t mean I want you to kill President Obama. Okay? Are we clear?”. He’s dangerous and so was Keller!

  2. also one more thing I think that have a word for what peter had its call paranoid schizophrenia not glen beck disease

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