Mitt Romney wanted Ted Nugent’s support don’t forget…

Since Mitt Romney got what he wanted (a Ted Nugent endorsement back in March), let’s just see what it all means today….

  • Mitt Romney supports the idea of beheading President Obama after the November 2012 president election if Obama wins.
  • Mitty is totally fine with the idea of President Obama sucking on the end of Ted Nugent’s machine gun.
  • Mitty the Millionaire supports the idea of old men sleeping with under-aged girls.
  • Mitt thinks Hillary Clinton is a toxic-cunt just like Nugent does.
  • Mitt & Teddy share the love of rodent-killing.
  • Mitty wraps himseld in the Confederate flag.
  • Mitty (as well as Ted) believes all people in our country should speak English and should be shot.
  • Mitty & Teddy are in agreement that everyone over the age of 40 should still be wearing band t-shirts that smell like beer.

I think the Secret Service (you know, the ones that are actually doing their jobs with integrity by not hiring prostitutes THANK YOU!) should also be checking out Mitt Romney along with Ted Nugent, because anyone who wants Nugent’s support is wanting their own domestic terrorist group for themselves! See? That person is as dangerous as Ted Nugent is. Both should be in prison to keep the sanctity of our nation intact!

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8 thoughts on “Mitt Romney wanted Ted Nugent’s support don’t forget…

  1. Ted Nugent, from his language, has been Jonesing for an Obama assassination for several years. Romney’s son Tagg, in a Tweet, is joyous that Romney got Nugent’s endorsement along with Kidd Rock! Romney, has previously had a phone conversation with Nugent to SEEK his endorsement after Rick Perry dropped out whom Nugent had been supporting. During that call with Romney, Nugent said he received a pledge that a Romney administration would not institute new gun laws or 2nd Amendment restrictions. Doesn’t matter that ONCE Romney, as Governor, promoted gun regulation including a ban on assault rifles, before taking the ROMNEY 180! Now by his silence, Romney still seems okay with the Nugent endorsement.

    Romney has yet to show any backbone his whole privileged life. He avoided the Vietnam War receiving a deferment from the draft as a Mormon ‘minister of religion’ for the duration of his missionary work in Paris, France, which lasted two and a half years. Then Romney, returning from Paris to attend Brigham Young University, got 3 more years of student deferments. Romney was 20 when the military draft went into effect in 1967 setting the draft age for those men between 18 and 35. NOW, Romney, in the safety is his several mansions, is a HAWK wanting to send OTHER people’s kids into the horrors of war. Romney has bragged his five sons have never been in the military because the are “SERVING their nation” by working on their daddy’s campaign! How PATRIOTIC of Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben, and Craig! BTW, with a son named Tagg, Romney is sure to get the eventual endorsement (who still supports Gingrich) from Sarah Palin? She and TODD Palin have offspring with names like Track, Trig, and Tripp

    Romney is a real whore, who will take support from anybody it appears. Romney is AFRAID of not getting kudos from the likes of crazies like Nugent, Beck, Limbaugh, and right now courting Rick Santorum.

    Romney is the biggest flip-flopper I’ve seen in my life, but seems Republicans are big flip-floppers too who will circle the wagons around Romney even while hating him. In my Houston paper today, seems the Southern Baptist pastor in Dallas who didn’t support Romney earlier this year, got national notoriety for lambasting Mormonism as “non Christian…a cult”, is now SUPPORTING Romney. Shows you that even the teabaggers will end up voting for Romney, not because they like him but they hate our black president even more.

  2. Is Mitt Romney aware Ted Nugent is an unindicted pedophile???

    In 1978, when Nugent was 30, he became the legal guardian of 17-year-old Pele Massa so he could marry her.

    Is the Mittster aware Ted had children out of wedlock, then handed them away for adoption and for years never sought to help them even though he made MILLIONS????????

    In the late 1960s, prior to his first marriage, Nugent fathered a boy, Ted (Mann) and a girl, whom he gave up for adoption in infancy. This did not become public knowledge until 2010. The siblings were adopted separately and had no contact with one another. The son learned the identity of his birth father in 2010 through the daughter’s quest to make contact with him and their birth parents.

    Some family values fraud he is eh????????

    Everyone Knows Ted chickened out of Vietnam like Bush, Cheney, Hannity and Limpballs did.

    Sorta like Willard did also, and his sons did with Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Why are loud mouthed right wingers such cowards, when it comes to personally defending the USA???????????????

    Is Willard aware that Ted is as big a hypocrite as he is????

    Probably which is why Willard and his spawn love the loud mouthed coward so much.

  3. All politicians pander to a certain extent. However Romney is without a doubt the biggest flip-flopper in recent history. He actually asked for Nugent’s support! Holy Moly! Ted Nugent is a serious kind of crazy …. the kind that practically begs another nutcase (as Nugent is himself)to execute our Commander in Chief. I’m thrilled to hear that the secret service is looking into Nugent’s disgusting comments. These tea-bag nuts have gotten away with their violent rhetoric for far too long. We all remember the bow & cross-hairs that our favorite teabagger Sarah Palin used when discussing Gabrielle Gifford’s district. When Gifford’s was shot, the teabaggers went bizerk that any human being could even insinuate that their precious Sarah could be responsible for this heinous act. Guess what – You cannot continually “egg” on the mentally ill with violent hate speech and expect nothing to happen. This crowd is completely aware and WANT SOMETHING TO HAPPEN! That is why they shriek and shout and use this type of disgusting talk. Nugent loves the attention and adoration he receives from other crazies as himself. He IS DANGEROUS and sane. He knows what he is doing when he spews his hate. He is sending out a dog whistle to alert his nutsos into action. Domestic terrorism is higher for our President vs. any other due to the fact that he is black. This is a fact. This decent man does NOT deserve the type of language and/or treatment he has received. Racism and hate are alive and well in the good ole USA.

    • Right on TwinkleNettie!

      Nugent is just like Sarah Palin in a way: they both use their looks/fame to rally the monsters of our society to do atrocious things for them. :shock:

  4. The REICHwing is now giving us more translations of what Ted Nugent “really said” than we have translations of the Holy Bible! On MSNBC’s Alex Wagner’s show, Alice Stewart, former press secretary to Bachman, then of late Santorum, said that what Nugent “meant” was if Obama were re-elected, he would be dead due to a heart attack or in jail next year for defending his 2nd Amendment rights! He did say he was “as serious as a heart attack” but what a s-t-r-e-t-c-h!!! Plus, you don’t go to jail just defending any amendment as the FIRST AMENDMENT covers that.

    Then perky S.E. Cupp of the NY Daily News constantly brought up that liberals made just as bad remarks about George W. Bush. So, it’s okay to “bring up Bush” now to defend Ted Nugent, but NEVER can we bring up Bush when we talk about WHO destroyed our economy for the first decade of this century, nor mention Bush/Cheney who lied us into an illegal war that has cost us trillions and will keep costing us as long as tens of thousands of wounded soldiers require a lifetime of medical care.

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