Mitt Romney needs to go on record defending low income stay-home-moms who are on welfare!

Notice today how quickly Mitt Romney and the right wing knuckle draggers across America rose up in defense of Ann Romney after Hilary Rosen’s remarks about Ann? They know Hillary Rosen is correct in Ann Romney’s case. They know stay-at-home WEALTHY moms have a different life than the stay-at-home welfare mom or low income mom does. They know that Mitt Romney will work to get rid of welfare benefits for those welfare moms/low-income moms and they also know Romney will get rid of Planned Parenthood too to make sure those HORRIBLE stay-at-home poor moms don’t have access to any health care at all!

We’re not stupid. Ann & Mitty can act like the victim to Rosen’s comment all they want to, but the reality is: raising kids is mentally hard, but it’s only physically & financially hard for those parents who aren’t wealthy! The Romney’s have no idea what it’s like raising kids on a low income. The End.

Many online are saying because Ann Romney dedicated herself to charities outside the home, it means she was a very hard worker. Oh really? Well today, those same yahoos were putting down Michelle Obama for working outside the home. In fact, right wing lunatic Howie Carr said today on his radio show that Michelle’s job at a Chicago hospital was a “fake job”. Uh ha. What an ass!

The right wing only gives kudos to the wealthy stay-at-home moms while at the same time disparaging the low income moms who are on welfare. See? From now on, I don’t want to hear one stinking negative word about a low income mother who doesn’t work and who has kids, because she too is a hard working mom don’t forget!


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22 thoughts on “Mitt Romney needs to go on record defending low income stay-home-moms who are on welfare!

  1. Ann Romney has never worried about money her whole life, losing sleep worrying about where the next meal was coming from. Raised herself in a wealthy home, Ann met Mitt when both attended the Tony Cranbrook PRIVATE high school in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. You can send your kid there for $39,000 per year as a boarding student or $19,000 for a day student commuting from home. BTW, Bloomfield Hills is the fourth wealthiest small town (under 10,000 population) in the USA. The median income for a family is over $200,000. In 2000, 49% of residential property in Bloomfield Hills had a value of over $1,000,000. This the “hometown” of the Romneys along with tony La Jolla, California, two homes in Massachusetts, and another home in New Hampshire. BTW, their new California beach home they bought for $12 million just to TEAR DOWN, in order to replace with a $22 MILLION new beach home complete with an elevator to move their four cars to the underground garage. A total bill of $34 MILLION just for a “vacation” home.

    Wanna bet that Anne hasn’t had maids, cooks, nannies, gardeners as a “housewife”???? She can not related to a single mother, working in an all-night diner in order to make the minimum to keep herself and kids ALIVE???

    Compare Ann to Michelle Robinson Obama whose father worked at City of Chicago waterworks and whose mother worked at Spiegel’s Catalog Store. They were strictly lower middle class and if their son and daughter hadn’t earned scholarships, may have never gone to college. Barack’s single mother barely made ends meet at times with the President’s grandparents mostly raising him.

    Like George W. Bush, Mitt was born with a silver spoon (or silver foot) in their mouths. They really have no idea how the majority of Americans have to live.

    • I bet she’s never had to work two part-time jobs to keep food on the table or gone without insurance because she’s working two part-time jobs! :evil:

  2. Mitt LIES with his figures that 92.3% of jobs lost under Obama were held by women. How many jobs??? and for the past 13 months, nearly a million women have been reemployed! In REALITY, most were lost under Bush BEFORE Obama was inaugurated.

    Romney’s claim also does not reflect that job loss for women began in March 2008, almost a full year before Obama took office. At that point, women held a total of 67.3 million non-farm payroll jobs, the highest level of female employment of the Bush administration. From that high point, the number of women with non-farm payroll jobs fell for 23 consecutive months, spanning from the final 10 months of the Bush administration and first 13 months of the Obama administration. Since February 2010, women have actually gained 863,000 jobs.


    Figures don’t lie but LIARS like the GOP “figure” what they want to be true.

    If the Romney-Ryan budget goes through, hundreds of thousands of teachers, mostly women will lose their jobs as the GOP will increase the loss of jobs in education.

    • Thanks Grant! When I heard that percentage it sounded awfully fishy! I figured if the percentage was correct, it’s because those women work in red states where women are told they need to be home making cookies for their man!

  3. The difference is: you only have the children you can afford. It is called responsibility. So yes women who keep spitting out babies like it is a factory are a problem. In my family we could only afford to have one. So that is all we had. I stay at home and no one has to subsidize my family’s choices with their tax dollars.

    • Uh ha. And you believe that jobs are plentiful in America and all workers are making at least $30,000+/year and don’t need welfare? Seriously, what world are you living in? Mitty’s world???? Mitty wants to get rid of Planned Parenthood, so say hello to more children needing welfare assistance!

      • Texas leads the nation with a million UNinsured children. Now Gov. Rick Perry is going to deny Federal Medicaid money to be distributed to Planned Parenhood in Texas where 97% of their work is giving medical care, family planning to poor women. NO money can go to the division of Planned Parenthood that does provide abortions DUE TO FEDERAL LAW, the HYDE AMENDMENT of 1976.

        And the GOP gets upset with the term, “War on Women”?

          • They help create a needy class….then like Lucy, pull away the football from Charlie Brown thus leaving the poor flat on their face in the dust. But keeping wages low, even now trying to reduce minimum wages, the rich can get richer.

    • Thankfully you had access to CONTRACEPTION to PLAN your family, a choice the REICHwing doesn’t want many women to have. I am glad you evidently have a husband who makes enough money to afford you the luxury of “staying at home”. Once again, many American women are not so fortunate.

      • Even the rich have abortions because they’re fooling around on their spouse! They either get pregnant or the husband gets his girlfriend pregnant! See?

  4. Mitt USED Ann today to introduce himself to the NRA National Convention and Ann gave a shout out to all working women. Maybe she is getting a paycheck from the Romney campaign (or is the new $34 MILLION dollar vacation home in ritzy La Jolla (the jewel), California, enough?). Of course many in the GOP, besides being the biggest of liars anymore, “read between the lines”. When I first heard what CNN’s Hilary Rosen said, I didn’t read into it what the GOP now says she said. Rosen should have included a couple more words to her off-the-cuff statement like “Ann Romney has never worked FOR A PAYCHECK a day in her life” which would be the TRUTH. Unlike most mothers, Ann Romney has always been privy to great wealth whereas Mothers who do stay-at-home get no pay, can never count on Social Security for the work they do. Mitt doesn’t worry about the poor as he says they have a “safety net” but since stay-at-home mothers won’t get Social Security in their senior years, they don’t have that net.

    Mitt, who once said he “doesn’t stand with the NRA” as governor of Massachusetts, gave a stem-winder speech that somebody wrote for him for the rowdy St. Louis crowd. Of course back in the day before his 180% flip-flops, Romney supported stricter gun regulations, was AGAINST “assault weapons”. For somebody who never had a hunting license, saying once he shot a few “varmits”, you’d think Romney was a great WHITE big-game hunter.

    • Grant, the right wingers are only impressed with stay-at-home wealthy moms. They hate stay-at-home poor moms who get a welfare check. See? It’s not surprising that Ann & Mitty have this image of Ann being a very hard working mom. :shock:

  5. BTW, UBER-CHRISTIAN Ricky Santorum gave 1.7% to CHARITY according to his 2011 tax returns whereas the “secularist” (what Romney calls the President) Obama gave 20.5%. Of course we won’t probably see Mitt Romney’s tax return to know what he gave (or how much he has hidden in Swiss and Cayman banks). As a Mormon, Mitt Romney is required by his church to give at least 10%.

    • Uh ha. :roll: And I bet you’re one of those wingers whose nice to the poor people on welfare, huh? We had two wealthy oil men in office for 8 years and together they wrecked the nation. Why would you want another one to come in and do the same thing?

    • Evidently Susan has never read Matthew 25:36 where Jesus instructs his Christian followers,

      I was naked, and you gave me clothing. I was sick, and you cared for me. I was in prison, and you visited me.”

      Don’t fall for the REICHwing SPIN, Susan, that equates COMPASSION, JUSTICE and EQUALITY with class envy. Wasn’t it George W. Bush who called for “compassionate conservatism”?

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