Trayvon Martin became the Chosen One


Seems to me the more I hear about what was happening before Trayvon Martin was gunned down in cold-blood by George Zimmerman…the more I realize Zimmerman had decided very early on that Trayvon Martin would be his Chosen One, you know, the one African American he would kill to satisfy his hunger to be a vigilante cop. It didn’t matter to Zimmerman that Trayvon was on the phone or holding a bag of Skittles or holding a bottle of iced tea and wasn’t doing anything illegal. To Zimmerman, Trayvon was IT. He had to succeed…

…and he did. Zimmerman made up a story to the police that Trayvon was acting suspiciously, he got out of his car to chase Trayvon after telling the police that Trayvon was running away from Zimmerman, he tracked Trayvon down, and when he was face-to-face with target, Trayvon asked ‘why are you following me’. That question was enough for Zimmerman to act like Super Cop! It didn’t take long before a scuffle broke out (Trayvon was now defending himself against his attacker!) and Zimmerman found himself having the shit kicked out of him, and that’s when Zimmerman had to end Trayvon’s life to prevent further embarrassment.

Zimmerman is a free man today because he’s a lying murder and because the Sanford Florida Police Department is filled with racist pigs who believe the Zimmerman The White Man’s story over a young teenage boy’s.

Self-defense, my ass! Only serial killers such as the BTK Killer, Dennis Rader, would call what Zimmerman did as self-defense!

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9 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin became the Chosen One

  1. The story keeps changing every day with a new pro-Zimmerman rehabilitation campaign (due in part to anonymous “police leaks”) to slime Trayvon and Fox News. Did you know Trayvon was suspended from high school for having marijuana “residue” in his book bag?….certainly a capital offense deserving of execution!!! /snark

    Joe Oliver, a “black” friend (paid for?) of Zimmerman is now EVERYWHERE speaking up for his “friend” (whom he has not seen since before the shooting but the friend KNOWS that the 200 lb. Zimmerman was beaten by a 150 lb. boy and takes him at his word that he was bloodied by Trayvon). [watch Hardball interview]

    Fox News is supporting Zimmerman, who’d a thunk it???

    O’Reilly is laying it hard on MSNBC, especially Rev. Al Sharpton for their “taking sides”. BTW, the Black Panther Party has been roundly criticized by Florida NAACP chapters. O’Reilly is wrong saying that the Black Panthers are being “prodded” by national news organization. No surprise that Fox and O’Reilly take aim at President Obama for making it “personal”.

    Funny how a man “as injured” as Zimmerman didn’t bother to see a doctor and the only evidence of his being injured is from an anonymous cop.

    • Of course Faux News is supporting Zimmerman! He’s a lying piece of racist shit!

      Notice how the wingers are saying things like, “Well, Zimmerman ended up with a contusion to the back of his head which means Trayvon was the aggressor and Zimmerman had a right to shoot!”. Ummmm, no assholes. That’s like saying the BTK (who stalked his victims, chased them inside their homes, and then bound/tortured/killed them under their roof!) had every right to defend himself against the people he murdered who were fighting HIM for their life!

      Seriously, I fucking hate the republic party of today. They’re gross human beings who thought process mimics that of a serial killer.

  2. Seems the lead detective in the Sanford Police Department wanted to press charges the night of the shooting but was overruled by the Florida State Attorney’s office:

    BTW, typo above “and Fox News” should have been “by Fox News” leading the pro-Zimmerman REICHwing slime machine.

    • Yep, at least one officer at the Sanford Police Dept isn’t a racist and saw a cold-blooded murder that day!

      Zimmerman called the police 46 times in the past year:

      He chose to kill Trayvon that morning after saying “fucking coons” and “these assholes always get away”. Zimmerman’s “best friend forever Uncle” is trying to convince everyone that what Zimmerman was saying was ‘goons’ and that is a term of endearment. Really? So why say “fucking” right before you start a fight with a young man that you pull a gun on and kill?

  3. If you’re a white man and you’re killed in Florida by your neighbor who claims he was “standing his ground”, YOU WILL GET ARRESTED AND FACE 2ND DEGREE MURDER CHARGES!


    But if you’re black like Trayvon Martin is and you shoot him and say you were “standing your ground” after you chased the teenager to get him, well, you get off scott-free and the police will help cover up your murder. See?;start=1

    A man who grew up in Jackman was shot to death in Florida two weeks ago, after the man accused of killing him told police they were arguing about a barking dog.

    Family and friends are mourning the death of Dana A. Mulhall, 52, who graduated from Forest Hills Consolidated School in 1977. His neighbor in Florida, 65-year-old Paul Miller, of Flagler Beach, faces one charge of second degree murder in the March 14 shooting.

    “I don’t know how we’ve survived going through this on a daily basis,” said Angela Mulhall, Mulhall’s mother, on Monday. “I don’t know where we find the strength, but we always do, somewhere, somehow.”

    Angela Mulhall, 75, of Moose River, said her son ran his own landscaping business in Florida and called the mayor of Flagler Beach a friend.

    Dan Cody, chief of the Flagler Beach Police Department, said Monday in a phone interview that Miller said he was sitting on his porch when Mulhall came home and complained about Miller’s barking dog. Miller went inside, got his 9 mm gun and stuck it in his pocket.

    Then Miller walked to the approximately three-foot-high fence between them, where they argued. Miller told police that Mulhall was threatening him.

    “Mr. Miller felt like he had a weapon from the gestures he was making, and he shot him at that time,” Cody said.

    Miller fired three shots to Mulhall’s chest and legs. When Mulhall turned to run, Miller shot him twice on the back of his body, Cody said, though he didn’t know precisely where.

    Mulhall died at the scene and police did not find a weapon on him.

    Miller was calm when he called 911 at 6:15 p.m. to report the shooting, according to the redacted audio recording of the call.

    “You might send an ambulance,” he told the dispatcher in the recording. “He’s laying in his yard over here.”

    He added, “We’ve had trouble before.”

    When the dispatcher asked where his gun was, he said, “Laying outside. On the porch.”

    The dispatcher then asked, “So we don’t know if he’s breathing or anything?”

    “Nope, don’t know,” he said.

    Near the end of the call, the dispatcher said, “OK, I’m going to probably have to keep you on the line though until we can get law enforcement–”

    Miller interrupts her, “I’ve got to hang up and call my wife. I’ll be right here on the porch.”

    “He just hung up on me,” the dispatcher said.

    When police first arrived, Miller pointed them in the direction of where Mulhall lay, according to a Flagler Beach Police Department report.

    Mulhall was face up between his home and the bushes and had blood on his legs, pants, shirt, left hand and was bleeding from the nose, with a pool of blood on the ground to the left of his head. He was pronounced dead at 6:37 p.m.

    According to the report, Miller also directed police to the 9 mm semi-automatic gun, which he had put inside his house. Police noted the spent shell casings on the ground.

    Miller’s wife gave police permission to search the home, and they found more ammunition, four oxycodone pills, a substance they suspected to be marijuana, two partially burned marijuana cigarettes and a small pipe with residue inside.

    Miller is being held at the Flagler County Inmate Facility without bail, according to a spokeswoman there. A woman who answered the phone at the medical examiner’s office for Flagler Beach said the cause of death in homicides is not public information in Florida.

    Bizarre and tragic

    Mulhall’s mother said it’s still hard to believe her son is gone.

    Dana Mulhall worked for Scott Paper Co. after he graduated from high school and was then badly injured in an accident, she said. Frustrated and unable to work, he decided to move to Florida to live with friends and possibly heal in the warmer climate.

    He did heal and decided to stay. He had lived there for the last 19 years and was self-employed in the landscaping business for 17 years, she said.

    She described him as giving, helpful and understanding. He also had loyal customers. One man sent her a card after her son’s death and wrote that Dana Mulhall had taken care of his lawns for 17 years.

    In high school he enjoyed playing basketball and baseball. He loved boating, snowmobiling, hunting and fishing. She recalled a time when he and her other son, Michael Mulhall, took her moose hunting.

    When her son was young and had friends over, she said she enjoyed making homemade doughnuts for them. Her family, which also includes her husband, Douglas, and her daughter, Karen Theriault, liked to go swimming and have picnics.

    She said she is thankful for the outpouring of support from the Jackman and Moose River communities.

    “At a time like this we feel that we need the friends and the neighbors and the relatives, everybody staying together, and I think that’s what’s pulled us through,” she said.

    According to and Angela Mulhall, Dana Mulhall counted Linda Provencher, the mayor of Flagler Beach, and her husband, as friends.

    Vonda Paradise, 52, grew up with Dana Mulhall in Jackman and now lives in Flagler Beach. She described the shooting incident as bizarre and tragic.

    Her first thought when she found out what happened was, “You’ve got to be kidding me. Flagler is a small community of 5,000 people. You’d think you’d be safe, but you never know,” she said.

    Dana Mulhall was a well-liked, hard-working man who will be missed, she said.

    While it hasn’t been cited as applying to this shooting, Paradise added that she believes Florida needs to revisit its Justifiable Use of Force Law, especially after the fatal shooting last month in Sanford, Fla., of an unarmed black teenager, Treyvon Martin, by a neighborhood watch volunteer.

    The so called “stand your ground” law allows people to use deadly force if they believe it is necessary to prevent a crime.

    “That law needs to be looked at and re-addressed,” she said.

    Mulhall’s burial will be at 10 a.m., May 19, at St. Anthony’s cemetery in Jackman. A gathering will follow at the American Legion hall. Both are open to the public.

    In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be sent to Jackman Alumni Scholarship Fund, P.O. Box 531, Jackman, ME 04945.

    Erin Rhoda — 612-2368

  4. The remarks from the REICHwing Zimmerman family are predictable, continuing the sliming of Trayvon by the REICHwing media (Faux News), blogs and hate radio……and of course it is all due to our national dispenser of HATE…President Barack Obama…according to father, Robert Zimmerman. /snark

    Was George given “hands off” treatment by Sanford Police due to influence of his father, retired Florida Supreme Court Magistrate Judge Robert Zimmerman? His Peruvian mother Gladys Zimmerman was a court clerk. (BTW, Robert Zimmerman is white making George only half Latino) Remember connections in the legal community can run deep and go far.

    Did George Zimmerman have help from his father in clearing his name in four separate run-ins with police? All cases were quietly closed with no semblance of criminal charges for the son of a State Judge. His only arrest, violence upon a police officer, resulted in the charges eventually dropped against him after he completed a pre-trial diversion program. His additional charges were dropped/closed (one for domestic violence and one for speeding). So how was someone like George with a disturbing record of some violence, including that of battery against a police officer, able to legally carry a 9 mm handgun?


  5. Heard a hypothesis that the REICHwing racists might want to accelerate this case into a possible race war like what happened after the MLK assassination, and to some degree after the Rodney King and the O.J. Simpson verdicts. Such upheaval could possibly hurt our first black president. With each day and new revelation, now there is the “police tape” showing a just “arrested” George Zimmerman acting in no way like somebody who just was involved in a terrible fight, a story now concocted by his father and brother. I say “arrested” because a police officer has reported that since a handcuffed Zimmerman is shown coming into the police station, that would normally mean he was “under arrest”. For some reason (his influential “judge” father?), he was not booked then and allowed to walk free that night.

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