Remember Jason Russell who was the Invisible Children filmmaker against Joseph Kony?


Turns out ole Jason is a typical right wing anti-gay republican! Not only is his Invisible Children video a farce and a way to get you morons to give money to him to take down a guy that the Ugandans say they aren’t concerned with (victims of Kony are livid with Russell’s video!) but he’s also the guy detained/arrested yesterday in Los Angeles for taking his clothes off and masturbating in public! Yesiree bobcats. Let me guess: JESUS TOLD HIM TO DO THIS!

Funny how ole Russell was a “glaring success” with his video until people started asking where the money was going, who was giving them money, and other questions that Russell didn’t want to answer. He was exposed as the deceitful right wing lunatic he is and then suddenly he’s having a public meltdown! Bah hahahahahahahaha!

If you gave a dollar to Kony 2012, you are a fool just like all who are part of the GOP and who worship the religious right wing zealots.

Jason was caught on a camera phone (credit naked and freaking out:

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20 thoughts on “Remember Jason Russell who was the Invisible Children filmmaker against Joseph Kony?

  1. What is Jason hiding? The fact he’s gay? Hey, could be! If he comes out of the closet, I will support his efforts to help the children. Until then, not so much! He’s a lying thief with mental problems (just like the GOP!).

  2. Jason CAN’T be gay as he was raised by parents who ran a Christian theater group and has spoken before Rev. Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University (see link below) along with Alex Harris who along with his twin brother Brett supposedly convinced Chuck Norris to become a big Mike Huckabee supporter in the 2008 Republican primaries. BTW, Harris attends Patrick Henry College, a relatively new “christian” college whose main purpose is for training the christian right to take over our government, helping the USA to become an evangelical theocracy.

    Invisible Children works with such anti-gay groups as National Christian Foundation, Focus on the Family, and American Research Council. The Fellowship Foundation works in conjunction with the fundamentalist shadow organization known as “The Fellowship AKA The Family” lists as members, political lawmakers like Senators Inhofe, DeMint, Coburn, Ensign, Grassley, Thurmond, etc. The Family has largely pushed Christian Ugandan lawmakers to propose a “kill the gays” bill, which would make homosexuality punishable by death. Rachel Maddow has revealed this group on several of her programs. They also helped direct millions in US aid to Uganda from family planning and contraception to an “abstinence only” program. Jason Russell’s family says he doesn’t use drugs or alcohol so he evidently flipped out. In the video Jason says when he was 16 he wanted to “kill himself” (19 minutes in). Was he gay then and hated himself? Most disturbing in the video below is that Jason admits that Invisible Children is thought of as a NON-profit but it is a BUSINESS (4:48 minutes), so what is it???!

    My GAYDAR has been pretty accurate over the years and Jason flipping his wrists about makes my needle blip. Plus KONY has to be bad as he was CATHOLIC! (10:33) :roll:

    • thank you i live in san diego & know people involved with IC & guess what yep they are all right wing christians …. for over 7 years i have heard things that never added up regarding their financials but now they say oh we arent an aid org we are advocating… r u kidding me so our money isnt helping the people they exploit in their videos?? ok sorry 31% does so they care 31% for them or anyone to say all or a lot of orgs operate like IC doesnt make it RIGHT! i formed my own not for profit out of disgust with all the corruption or the very profitable part of these so called non profits… but my org may dissolve as i went into thousands in debt doing my work in uganda & lawyer & government fees to get my 501C3 the sad part is because big fancy orgs like IC people think its a big org lots of celebs so it must be good…then theres flashy merchandising & branding that i dont have money for nor do i wish to spend donor dollars on.. but maybe IC is right & im wrong…

  3. The San Diego police dispatcher reported…”[Subject] is at the corner, banging his hands on the ground, screaming, incoherent.” Such behavior happens all the time in evangelical churches (aka Holy Rollers) where folks “get the Holy Ghost”, speak in unknown languages, jump and run around. Ever been to a Pentecostal Church???

    • According to wifey, ole Jason was “dehydrated”. LOL Think maybe he’s scared knowing the whole world knows he brought up Kony to line his pockets with money? I bet! I wonder if he’s on suicide watch? Huh. I wonder.

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