Tea Tard Orgasm: one US soldier killing 4 Afghan men, 3 women, and 9 children!


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From CNN:

The American soldier suspected of killing 16 Afghan civilians on Sunday is in his mid-30s and served several tours of duty in Iraq, but he is on his first deployment to Afghanistan, a U.S. military official said Monday. The official asked not to be named discussing an ongoing investigation.

The soldier, an Army staff sergeant, acted alone and turned himself in after opening fire on civilians, according to officials from NATO’s International Security Assistance Force, or ISAF. He is in U.S. custody as investigators try to establish what motivated him.

The killings took place in the district of Panjwai, about 25 kilometers (15 miles) southwest of Kandahar, southern Afghanistan’s major city, according to Karzai’s office. The dead included four men, three women and nine children, it said, while five people were wounded.

Don’t be fooled. The right wing of America is loving this story and hailing this US soldier as a hero! They’re the same people who applauded US soldiers for pissing on the corpses of dead Taliban members and the same people who supported US soldiers burning Korans recently! Seriously, why you are holding your stomach at the thought of this soldier killing 16 innocent people (nine of which were children!!!!!), the right wingers of America are applauding this soldier as a hero.

I don’t care how loudly the right wing cry babies of America scream: IT’S TIME TO LEAVE AFGHANISTAN. WE SHOULD HAVE LEFT BACK IN 2002 FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! It’s YOUR FAULT that we’re still there, because you ninnies screech in favor of staying every time the subject comes up!

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5 thoughts on “Tea Tard Orgasm: one US soldier killing 4 Afghan men, 3 women, and 9 children!

  1. Heard an apologist condemn sending “our kids” back into battle, deployment after deployment, which is also causing more PTSD and suicides among our volunteers. But rare are the children of political chickenhawks volunteering to go into “harm’s way” (Romney says his five healthy sons have avoided putting on the uniform of a soldier BUT that they are still “serving the nation” by trying to get Daddy elected!).

    However, this alleged perp is a 38 year old sergeant, not quite a “kid” and how was he allowed to walk out the gate of our military base ALONE at 2 a.m. with guns?

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