It’s Super Tuesday!


Yesiree, it’s Super Tuesday! While Rush Limbaugh will be doubling up on his oxy’s to celebrate the day with, the Limbaugh Mullahs running for office will be doubling down on their hatred of women! Isn’t that great?

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13 thoughts on “It’s Super Tuesday!

  1. Loved President Obama’s press conference today where he made it clear he wasn’t going to jump into any unnecessary wars even though his Republican opponents want to “bomb, bomb, bomb Iran”. Obama made it clear that notifying parents and families of the deaths of their loved ones killed in battle is not a job he takes lightly. Most disgusting is the CHICKENHAWK Mitt Romney whose FIVE able-bodied sons never thought about enlisting in the U.S. military. Remember in 2008 when McCain’s military service was brought up, Mitt said “one of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping to get me elected.” It’s all about the Romneys!

  2. Grant, wars are always fought by the little people….not the Romney boys! :lol:

    Did you see how Gingrich won the presidency of Georgia? :lol: :lol: :lol: His speech went on and on and on. :lol:

    • The Ohio Republicans playing gerrymandering games placed both incumbents Kucinich and Kaptur into the same NEW district. Kaptur’s Republican opponent in November will be knuckle-dragger “Joe the Plumber”. Look for Sarah and Todd to come to Ohio to stump for the fraudulent “plumber”.

      Texas, due to population gains over the last decade, gets 4 new districts and the courts apparently have finally settled the map, the reason we didn’t join Super Tuesday primaries yesterday. We will probably be holding our primary elections on May 29. Anymore, it seems the contests are only on the GOP side, with many Democratic offices being uncontested. Although Latinos were responsible for much of the population growth, the GOP had fixed the districts to virtually exclude any more Latinos (vote majorly Democratic) ever getting elected to Congress. The original Republican plan had all four new Congressional Districts going to white Republicans while the latest court ordered map gives 2 seats to each party. The Tom DeLay redistricting in the middle of the last decade took away 6 Democratic seats from the 2000 census. The new map pretty much assures Republicans 25 seats and Democrats 11 seats. Texas Republicans may REDISTRICT Texas again in the 2013 legislature. District maps used to be only drawn once every ten years after a census until Tom DeLay had the state maps redrawn in the middle of the last decade.

    • I did see that Clif! Hilarious, huh? :lol: To the right wing, the less educated their candidates are the smarter they are. See? This guy couldn’t even tell the truth about being a plumber! :lol: Should be a fun race! What will he tell his friends if he gets his ass kicked by a girl? :lol:

  3. Thanks to the Ohio Republican majority, the NEW District 9 connected Kucinich’s Cleveland district with Kaptur’s home 110 miles to the west in Toledo. This map should be a new definition of EXTREME Gerrymandering, placing Kucinich in a new area where he was unknown to cost him his seat. The 2010 teabag sweep changed so many states to great Republican majorities. In part, Democrats are at fault for allowing the teabaggers to have such a great voice without coming back with defensive rhetoric.

    • Kucinich may have lost because of redistricting, Grant, but I think he lost because he turned against Obama along with Jane Hamsher and the tea party. They all banded together and many liberals (including myself!) were not happy about it! :D

      • I agree Kay, after Kucinich turned his back on President Obama, I lost respect for him. He did not respectfully disagree but betrayed the President. Jane Hamsher, I gave up on her years ago.

        • Thanks Myra! I loved and supported Kucinich during the 2008 run for the presidency until he dropped out and told his supporters to support Obama. I did. With gusto. Then after Obama was elected Hamsher and the tea tards teamed up. Hamsher was pissed that Obama didn’t fix THEIR ISSUES that they hold dear to their heart after 2 weeks of him being on the job. Then Kucinich joined the team and that’s when I stopped supporting him. I’ve not read one of his emails for quite some time, because why bother? Why do I want to read someone parroting Hamsher!

          The rest of us liberals and Democrats aren’t stupid. We know what the alternative is: right wing tea tards in control. AND WE CAN THANK HAMSHER AND KUCINICH FOR THEM WINNING IN 2010! I will never forgive them for what they all wrought on our nation.

          • The loss of “stay at home” Democrats divided over pet issues in 2010 gave us so many states now dominated by Republican legislatures that have since started a war on women, war on gays, war on labor unions, war on education, voter ID (Jim Crow vote repression), and Gerrymandered congressional districts. We have nobody to blame but ourselves for allowing the teatards to DICTATE how our nation will be run.

            It is estimated that 22% of Texas voters will be deprived of their RIGHT to vote this year due to strict voter ID laws. Mostly it will be the poor, the elderly, and minorities who normally vote Democratic who won’t have their votes recorded. University students whose school issued ID’s can buy them liquor won’t be able to vote and many college students, especially female students don’t drive yet. However, if they would be issued a permit to carry a concealed weapon, they CAN vote. Of course most NRA members will vote Republican.

  4. 49% of Alabama women in exit polls voted for Santorum. So hatred of black Obama trumps the self interest of nearly a majority of Southern women. Ladies, nothing like voting for a religious misogynist who wants to keep you chained to the kitchen stove, barefoot and pregnant. But then 1/3 of gays still vote Republican. That’s like a black man beating down the door to join the KKK!!!

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