Is Glenn Beck setting up Louis Farrakhan to take the blame for President Obama’s assassination?


Yesterday morning, Glenn Beck started his radio show out with an audio of Louis Farrakhan talking about Obama and “satan” and he told his listeners that what Farrakhan is saying is that Farrakhan is getting ready to assassinate President Obama.

Say wha?

Here’s a transcript of what Beck played for his listeners yesterday (found on Beck’s website) (emphasis mine):

[Farrakhan] “We voted for our brother, Barack. Beautiful human being with a sweet heart. And now he’s an assassin. They’ve turned him… into them. You didn’t hear me. They turned. They brought him to England. See? Oh, now he can stay in Buckingham palace. Nobody stayed there. Just a few presidents. Why him? Why? See, we know this enemy. Satan deceived the whole world. You talk about a man killing his own people when you lie to the American people saying that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. When you lie and then take innocent young men who come to serve their country and send them to die in Iraq, in Afghanistan, over lies, that’s a murderer in the White House! Who will say it?

The funniest part about Beck playing this audio and making the whole thing out as the “creepiest moment of all time” bullshit is when Beck and his sidekick played the audio, they both realized in a second after it was done playing that Farrakhan was talking about George Bush, you know, our enemy>>>>satan! As soon as they realized that, his sidekick mentioned George Bush and then Beck said something to the effect of, “And then Farrakhan goes on to say that Obama must be assassinated”. Quickly, the show went to a commercial break.

Uh ha. Did you look like a couple of assholes? Yep! You did!

Seems to me Farrakhan is saying he’s upset that one of his “brothers” (meaning….an African American) has been brainwashed by the Great Satan and nowhere does he say that he wants Obama assassinated. He did say, however, if President Obama is killed it will be the Muslims who will be set up as the assassins when it won’t be them who did it.


What does Glenn Beck know about President Obama’s assassination? Maybe he’s setting up his robotic brainwashed anti-Obama worshipers to believe TODAY that Farrakhan wants Obama dead, is conspiring to assassinate the president, when really, it’s Glenn Beck and his Mormon Militia Men who will be behind the assassination? Hey could be. This is what Glenn Beck is very good at: putting the seeds of lies into the minds of the ignorant, so when there’s an assassination attempt or President Obama is assassinated, they will blame Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam and will refuse to believe that it was THEM who tried or accomplished the assassination of our great president!


Here’s what I think is going on…..

Glenn Beck and Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel are best buddies. Beck the Mormon would die on behalf of Israel. Kind of an interesting friendship don’t you think? Who is getting in their way right now in a full blown war with Iran? President Obama is. Who is setting America up right now to attack Iran using Israeli “intelligence” to fake the world out that Iran is a threat to the whole planet? Israel is. When was the last time we witnessed this kind of warmongering and lies? After 9/11 when George Bush and Israel used lies to get the whole world on their side to attack Iraq, you know, a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 at all!



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10 thoughts on “Is Glenn Beck setting up Louis Farrakhan to take the blame for President Obama’s assassination?

  1. Israeli officials say they won’t warn the U.S. if they decide to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities. They will just use US taxpayer’s BILLIONS and U.S. state of the art military hardware so that the USA will be blamed.

    We all know the Israeli neocon hawks HATE our President and will do everything in their power (including millions into GOP SuperPACS from Sheldon Adelson) to try to remove Obama from his office.

  2. If anyone Planning to do something to the President, it’S NOT Farrakhan, it the Republicans Party, Right Wingers,FOX PEOPLE, Karl Rove, Glenn Beck, Koch Brothers, CNN, and the Four Candidates all Connected, we see this Everyday, they are Plotting and Even some in the WH., this will be the Worst thing they can bring down on the US, if they Touch a STRING OF HAIR on the PRESIDENT HEAD, We know Glenn Beck them is not that IGNORANT AND STUPID TO TRY AND ASSASSINATE THE PRESIDENT, WE KNOW BACK IN 2009 ORLY TAITZ HUSBAND TRIED TO HAVE THE PRESIDENT ASSASSINATED, HE SAID SO ON HER WEB SITE, HE’S FROM ISRAEL, WE REMEMBER READING WHERE ORLY SAID CNN AND FOX WAS GIVING HER DONATION.

    • Thanks for your comment, Emma! I believe you’re right….it will be the right wingers who will try or will assassinate President Obama, but for now, guys like Glenn Beck are using their microphones to set the Muslims up for the blame. :shock:

  3. It’s terrible that this type of media is permitted in this great hour. Glenn Beck cares nothing for this great Republic of the united States of America. When I look up the word PATRIOT its meaning in every sense of the word defines FARRAKHAN! Here is a Black man that speaks the TRUTH to Black and White people regardless of the circumstances. Here’s a Man that is struggling to awaken the Citizens of this Nation to the only way out of this terrible situation to which Satan (Zionism) has tricked the entire world. He struggling to awaken the Nation to the Spirit of the Declaration of Independence. We must not let the architects of White Supremacy, Wicked Jewish Rabbi’s (not all Rabbi’s), trick Caucasians and Aboriginals Peoples to continue the Race Card. It is a trick to divert us from the real enemies of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The Bible and Quran foretell the destruction of those who make gain in Usury! Divide and Conquer is how these wicked few have lived for thousands of years. That old time serpent, the Devil! They hate Farrakhan for exposing them. We will not fight their wars anymore.

  4. The “Million Man March” organized by Lewis Farrakhan was a most needed wake up call for the American male, especially black males. During slavery, it was the females who held the family together as often the spouse, or the father of her children could be sold “down the river” at any time leaving a woman alone with her children. This pattern still exists in far too many instances. Many of the problems of our society are due to men not taking responsibility as fathers and mentors. Too many feel that their only role is to impregnate, and then let women raise the family even if she must work depriving her of needed time to be a role model for the children.

  5. Chris Hedges lived 7 years in Israel (I lived there one year) and has written an article quite critical of AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) saying…

    AIPAC does not speak for Jews or for Israel. It is a mouthpiece for right-wing ideologues, some of whom hold power in Israel and some of whom hold power in Washington, who believe that because they have the capacity to war wage they have a right to wage war, whose loyalty, in the end, is not to the citizens of Israel or Palestine or the United States but the corporate elites, the defense contractors, those who make war a business, those who have turned ordinary Palestinians, Israelis and Americans, along with hundreds of millions of the world’s poor, into commodities to exploit, repress and control.”

    I knew many liberal Jews when I lived in Israel but like here in the USA, the neocon REICH-wing hawks coupled with orthodox religious have the political power and will use it for their advantage. The Isreali neocons, like Benjamin Netanyahu, wish to influence American elections so I am fearful of what they will try to force upon the USA into doing before this November. Israel has no oil resources and only have power in the Middle East hiding under the cloak of Zionists (majority of whom are evangelical christians) in the USA. Israeli neocons want to manage the oil businesses of the Middle East, be the middlemen for the region. Without US military might, the belligerents there would have no clout.

    • Glenn probably feels VERY important thinking that he is a “threat” the Nation of Islam…a legend in his own mind!

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