Gov. Paul LePage of Maine wants the Dark Horse of Famine to emerge at the republic brokered convention this year…


From Talking Points Memo:

In remarks captured by the Portland Press Herald, Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage unloaded on the GOP 2012 field Saturday, decrying all the candidates as damaged goods after having battered each other. He said the country “deserves better” than the current crop and called for a brokered convention to pick a dark horse candidate to challenge President Obama.

“The candidates in this primary have beat themselves up so badly it would be nice to have a fresh face that we all could say, ‘Okay.’ The country deserves better than having people stand up and keep criticizing each other,” said LePage, according to the Press Herald.

He told reporters at the National Governors Association meeting that the remaining candidates have all “injured themselves and injured the party” to the point where he’d “love to see a good old-fashioned convention and a dark horse” emerge from it. LePage’s spokesperson later told the Press Herald that the governor would support the eventual nominee for president.

Well, that opens the field up, huh? There are currently 4 republics running for the office who support the starving of Americans on behalf of Wall Street corporations, so I’m not sure who their new Dark Horse of the Apocalypse will be. These right wingers all take the starving of Americans seriously. It’s what they long for, so who could ride in on a black horse to bring forth famine quicker? Maybe Bible Spice of Alaska or Jeb “Savings & Loan Scandal” Bush? How about Paul Ryan who hates good paying union jobs and wants all people in America working for minimum wage?

Is it just me or do others see the republic party as becoming the party of Satan?

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6 thoughts on “Gov. Paul LePage of Maine wants the Dark Horse of Famine to emerge at the republic brokered convention this year…

  1. Since when has he become a voice of reason for the GOP? The republicans have reached to the bottom of the barrel with this guy. Then of course they have the Governor of NJ to take from their bag of tricks! Arrogance is bountiful with the GOP!!!

    • I know. Isn’t it hysterical? The Blaine House Monster is the “voice of reason” when he’s not spouting off at the African Americans in our state! Gawd I hate this man and his Wall Street Party!

  2. Seems Sarah is hoping to be “called by God” at a brokered GOP National Convention, meaning she gets her chance without all of that bothersome travel and working for many months like the announced candidates have done. Sarah is too damn lazy (and stupid) to be President (probably let Todd do the heavy lifting as First Dude).

  3. Gawd ain’t callin’ none of the clowns on the GOPer ship of fooles,

    In fact he is trying very hard to figure out how his creation could go so horribly wrong in the way they act now a days.

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