Mitt Romney sought Planned Parenthood’s endorsement in his 2002 governor’s run!

mittromneysupportedplannedparenthood2002document(Click on image for larger view or CLICK HERE TO SEE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT.)

Mitt Romney continues to flip flop! I’m telling ya….everything this man is now saying he will do the opposite if he gets to live in the White House after the 2012 election!

Mitty the Mormon says he’s against abortion today, he says he’s against birth control coverage being mandated in all health insurance policies, and now he’s taking on the matra of, “Hey! We have a right to choose!”, but yet, Mitty the Mormon was for some abortions not too long ago, he had no problem with Romneycare including mandated birth control coverage for all, and now he’s implying that the Mormons and the Catholics should be exempt, because apparently they’re not people! (but corporations are???? So confusing!!!!)!


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11 thoughts on “Mitt Romney sought Planned Parenthood’s endorsement in his 2002 governor’s run!

  1. Someone needs to ask Mitty how many Catholics work at Boston’s Planned Parenthood’s office! Seriously. He and the republican hypocrites would be shocked to find out that many Catholics have had abortions and work at Planned Parenthood! See? Even the Catholics who pay money each week to protect their pedophile priests use some kind of birth control….

  2. In practice, the Catholic church already respects the consciences of responsible adults on birth control. A full 98 percent of sexually active Catholic women have used contraceptives (for evangelicals, it’s nearly 100 percent). Most Catholic theologians reject the church’s teaching on this issue.

    In a majority of states, Catholic institutions already provide for free contraceptives — such as in Chris Christie’s New Jersey, where state law requires Catholic colleges and universities to provide health coverage for contraceptives.

    Twenty-eight states now require insurers that cover prescription drugs to also cover contraceptives. Of those, most do not allow religious hospitals to opt out. And nearly half do not allow religious universities to refuse, either.

    I worked in two Catholic hospitals for a couple of years while in college and I would venture to say a majority of nurses, workers black protestants.

    Just another faux controversy from the REICH wing. Like Gov. Rick Perry coming out of the woodwork last night to speak before a Reagan Day Dinner near Austin (for over 100 years they were Lincoln Day dinners before the Party of Lincoln went full-frontal RACIST). Perry is going to work to unseat the SOCIALIST Barack Obama, saying he just came home to REARM and RELOAD Perry talked up states’ rights and hit the Obama administration on regulatory and energy decisions. He accused the administration of trying to “appease pro-abortion radicals who fund their campaigns” by not allowing a waiver for Texas to exclude Planned Parenthood from a family-planning program.

    • How many women in America are paying for health insurance that covers vasectomies or Viagra? Huh? Oh wait! The Catholics & the Mormons think it’s fine when women pay for operations on men’s penises or for ways in getting that puppy up! :lol:

  3. That said, WHY did this have to be done NOW when Romney and his ilk will drum up and ride the controversy all the way to the polls??? Joe Scarborough has made it the main focus of Morning Joe, today, and that’s just on MSNBC. Don’t watch Faux but I am sure they are having a field day.

    The Catholics and evangelicals are a huge voting bloc who make up many of the Independents and the “Reagan” or UNIONized Democrats who don’t always vote the party line and can make or break a candidate. Obama lost them in the primary contests in states like Pennsylvania who voted for Hillary after his “clinging to their Bibles and guns” gaffe.

    Who are the ham-handed “advisers” around this president? I am a political novice (even though my Republican father, grandfather, brother-in-law spent 30 years in elective office so grew up eating/living politics). I would not have touched this issue with a 100-foot pole in an election year.

    BTW, never have been impressed with Rahm Emmanuel or David Axelrod. Back when they wasted a year and a half fooling around with healthcare, the NUMBER ONE problem from the “get-go” in 2009 was JOBS and the economy. I found myself shaking my head, then. There are some ideas/initiatives you leave for a second term AFTER one gets RE-elected. Since becoming a Democrat in the late 60′s, I constantly shake my head at those in my adopted party who snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    • I’m glad this issue was brought up now, because we’re seeing NOW who loves the spreading of AIDS, unwanted pregnancies that result in abortion, the spread of STD’s and women walking around with diseased/cancer ridden reproductive organs! Yesiree: THAT WOULD BE THE HYPOCRITICAL CATHOLICS WHO ARE FINE WITH WOMEN PAYING FOR INSURANCE SO A MAN CAN GET A VASECTOMY OR A BOTTLE OF VIAGRA, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…………BUT IF A WOMAN WANTS SOME BIRTH CONTROL PILLS OR A HYSTERECTOMY? Suddenly the asswipes rise up!

      Exposing the hypocritical cancer of our society is the first step in curing it. :lol: :lol: :lol: Besides, the Catholic Church is losing money and members, so as usual, they need something like this to stock up with!

      • I agree that contraception should be made available in employee health plans. Having worked in Catholic hospitals, I know that many employees are non-Catholic. I also come from a Republican family with Catholic members, who are pro-life for themselves but pro-choice for everyone else. I even convinced a few to vote for Obama in 2008. They are moderate Catholics in that they also believe in contraception. I now have four grandnieces/nephews born from in vitro which until a few decades ago was banned by the Church. They still have some embryos in the freezer that they don’t plan to implant which upsets some in the Church as they aren’t used (remember the stem cell debate).

        But in a political campaign one must choose their battles well. This will be spun as “Obama’s ‘War On Religion” and too many of the voters fall for spin! This wasn’t a battle Obama needed before November. Probably wont gain him any new women voters who are already with him but could turn enough Catholic voters away. I am not the only one who believes this is a bad decision. Liberal E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post and Chris Matthews were shaking their head this afternoon wondering WHY now? Around 70% of Latinos are Catholic. Catholics are big swing voters, going 54% for Obama in 2008, but then switching voting 54% for Republican teabaggers in 2010. I fear this may be a very close election and President Obama will need every vote he can get, especially when the Republicans have made it so much harder for poor Democrats to vote.

        Rachel Maddow loves this decision and was a bit snarky tonight saying that the 60 year old and older Democratic punditry will think it is a bad decision. Rachel tends to be one of the whiny liberals who wants it all and wants it RIGHT NOW. I have lived TWICE as long as Rachel and have seen the Democrats blow too many elections. Change is most often in baby steps, not in sudden change in a Democratic system.

        I don’t exactly like President Obama taking money from Super PACS which will be spun now as “flip-flopping” (Limbaugh calls it “hypocrisy” but who cares what he blows out his butt). However, President Obama was forced to join the fray of the billionaire oligarchs like the Koch brothers who want to take over our nation on their march to a full corp-fascist state. So America, get ready for TV commercials and robo-calling like we’ve never seen in our history before.

  4. BTW the Mittster ain’t the only flip flopper this week;

    Karen Handel Resigns From Komen Foundation

    to wit;

    I openly acknowledge my role in the matter

    Karen Handel’s resignation letter;

    directly contradicts Nancy Brinker’s lies a few days ago that handle had NOTHING to do with the decision.

    BTW you knew a right wing hatchet man was hiding behind the crappy decision;

    Ari Fleischer Helped Plan Anti-Planned Parenthood Strategy For Komen Foundation

    The Bush war criminals won’t be happy till every person not directly connected to them are either destitute or dead.

    • Yep! Handel is out! Interesting that she’s so embedded with the Bush Crime Family & Friends. Actually, both her and Handel are and maybe that’s why only 30% of the money Komen receives actually goes to breast cancer research. I bet the rest of the money is used for political reasons! Gawd I hate these assholes!!!!

  5. Hey the froth is kicking the fakes butt, in both Minnesota and Missouri ….. sucks to win contests that mean nothing because the GOPer hate filled greed machine is so screwed up this year.

    Early results from Colorado shows the same trend, a meaningless win for the froth, and an embarrassing loss,though it will mean the fake tries to flop flop faster, in each primary state.

    Karma is starting to hand the GOPer hate filled greed machine a little of their just deserts.

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