Want to end abortions once and for all? It’s time for MANDATORY vasectomies!

Now that we’ve learned the Susan Komen for the Cure has ended it’s funding to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer screenings on behalf of the violent right wing lunatic fringe anti-abortionists, I think it’s time we talk about again ending the abortion debate once and for all in this country. It’s time for the boys & mens of the nation to end the need for abortions once and for all so as to prohibit the right wing crazies from funding other much needed resources for women!


First off, did you know Susan Komen for the Cure supports the raping of children? Who knew! I thought they only cared about breast cancer. Nope, turns out they fund pedophilia at Penn State!

Secondly, I’ve already written about my idea of mandatory vasectomies AND castration HERE so feel free to read it!

Thirdly, should we start calling Susan Komen for a Cure….Susan Ayatollah Khomeini for a Cure? I think so! I bet the Iranian mullahs are thrilled too with America’s right wing religious zealots!

If the following picture (image found HERE) bothers you, don’t worry. Women throughout the world go through a lot more pain and suffering when it comes to their reproductive organs….


Okay, let’s get right down to the nitty-gritty in the abortion debate. What is the one thing that causes a girl or woman to have an abortion? What is the one act that starts the whole process? CONCEPTION! So, wouldn’t it make sense to keep girls and women from becoming pregnant? Yes, and how does a woman or girl get pregnant? From sitting on a couch alone? Nope. From driving a car? Nope! The answer is: A PENIS FILLED WITH SPERM! Yes, a penis filled with ACTIVE sperm is the culprit!

We have to end penises filled with ACTIVE sperm and the only way to do that is to start forcing our young boys into having a vasectomy!

(Don’t worry…I’m sure the anti-abortionist will love this idea because they want to end abortions!!!!!!! Nobody panic! They’ll be fine with young boys sacrificing their genitals because they are sooooooooooooooooooooo against abortions!)

Before all America’s young boys have their mandatory vasectomy, the doctor will take out some of his sperm and put it in a sperm bank for the future reversal in case the reversal doesn’t take. But! The only time a reversal would be done is if the young boy who is now a man WANTS to have a baby and is EMOTIONALLY & FINANCIALLY READY TO HAVE A BABY. He cannot just have a reversal just because he wants to feel manly. No feeling manly! Feeling manly is no longer acceptable: WE WANT RESPONSIBLE MEN!

Now, if in the future the reversal is done and his WIFE (have to be married to show us your values & morals!) becomes pregnant, he must take responsibility of that child. If he and the wife divorce and he refuses to pay his child support payments, then it’s time for FORCED CASTRATION! Goodbye testicles! Yes, that’s right…………if you can’t be a man, then you must not look like one! See?

It’s only fair that boys and men in America go through hell! Just recently, the mainly MEN of the state of Virginia Senate decided women should have to undergo an ultrasound (at their cost!) in addition to having an abortion. So what did one female legislator do in response? SHE DECIDED IT WAS TIME FOR MEN IN THEIR STATE TO….

Gentlemen, cover your eyes …

First, a quick explanation as to why people are opposed to ultrasound bills in general: Opponents say such bills require women to have a totally unnecessary medical procedure at their cost and inconvenience even if they don’t want it. Therefore, in protest, Howell proposed an amendment that would require men attempting to obtain a prescription for erectile dysfunction medication, like Viagra, to have a totally unnecessary medical procedure at their cost and inconvenience — specifically, a cardiac stress test and rectal exam.

Of course, the men freaked out! Why? Why do they freak out? Why is it okay for them to make mandatory bullshit against women all the time, but yet, they never are allowed to suffer in any way? Hell, they don’t even get blamed for women getting pregnant with penises filled with active sperm!

So, what do you think? Is it time to make the men and boys of America to start taking responsibility to help end the need for abortion in this country?


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6 thoughts on “Want to end abortions once and for all? It’s time for MANDATORY vasectomies!

  1. The time has come for all state legislators to take up this issue to end abortion in America! If my plan had been implemented 3 years ago, then the republicans of America would have been creating jobs during that time instead. See?

    TIME FOR MANDATORY VASECTOMIES! It’s a very simple painless procedure (most go to work on the same day they have the procedure) and the boys of our country can have a future without unwanted babies, paying for abortions, and will be responsible for the first time in our country. They won’t use condoms, so therefore, it’s time to do a snip snip that can be reversed in the future when they decide they WANT TO BECOME FATHERS. Until then, IT’S NO ACTIVE SPERM FOR YOU!

  2. The Republican “super-majority” Texas Legislature passed a sonogram bill last summer and Rick Perry quickly signed it. It not only requires every woman to get a sonogram in any stage of pregnancy (they are not FREE), but DICTATES to her doctor what he or she must say and do. The law forces a woman to watch and listen to her sonogram (she can sign a waiver to close her eyes, plug her ears!) but the doctor MUST point out all of the physical features of the embryo/fetus, listen for a heartbeat if present. Doctors can lose their licenses if they don’t take the extra time to do what the STATE requires…to hell with Hippocrates!

    Nothing like BIG INTRUSIVE government forcing its way between a woman and her doctor! Even Obstetrician Dr. Ron Paul supports a STATE government (not the evil federalists) coming into the doctor’s office in this case. In addition, the sonogram must be done 24 hours in advance of any abortion procedure which means a woman needs to return a second day. I guess this is to allow her to contemplate her “murdering” an embryo/fetus! /snark

    The now required waiting period makes an abortion more difficult and costly for working women who can lose wages, for poor women without transportation, and for rural women who sometimes travel great distances (remember Texas is 800 miles by 800 miles) to the few cities where legal abortions are now performed. This means extra food and possible hotel costs for those not wanting to sleep in their car. So watch for a return of often unsanitary back alley, “clothes-hangar” abortions which, if botched, can lead to the death of the woman. Anyway, weren’t these SINNING WOMEN who had sex for pleasure in most cases??? /snark

    There was a lawsuit against the state of Texas filed last fall, but the right-wing dominated 5th Circuit Federal Court in New Orleans (packed with Reagan/Bush appointed judges) recently ruled against Texas women in support of the religious right-wing politicians…IOW, the American Taliban has a victory.


    • The republicans continue to go after women’s reproductive rights because THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO CREATE JOBS IN AMERICA! They lied to us in 2010 when they said they were the job creators. Well, in the last year they’ve proven to Americans that they are no different than the Iranian mullahs!

  3. Wow! That didn’t take long! Sarah Ayatollah Khomeini for a Cure has decided they will start funding Planned Parenthood again for breast cancer screenings! Wonderful. I made a donation to PP this morning, did this post about ending abortions, and emailed the post url to Sen. David Vitter’s office too. I did my part. LOL! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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