Sarah Palin has her panties in a wad protecting Mashed Potato Belly Newt Gingrich!


Well, we knew it wouldn’t take long until ole Sarah Palin would be eating her own word salad. Just recently she took to the airwaves to say to the other Mashed Potato Belly Man, Chris Christie, over his comments about Newty. She told Chrissy that he had his panties in a wad and would regret later what he said.

Who has their panties in a wad now? Oh that’s right…..Bible Spice of Alaska does! Man, she doesn’t like anyone making fun of her anti-capitalist, pro-Israel, pro-Nancy-Pelosi-Global-Warming, pro-health-insurance-mandate, $1.6 million dollar Freddie Mac lobbyist, pro-expensive-war-against-Iran, pro-expensive-moon-colony, and philanderer these days!


Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says that Newt Gingrich is being “crucified” by the Republican establishment, including allies of Mitt Romney, who are trying to rewrite his record with a barrage of negative attacks.

“Look at Newt Gingrich, what’s going on with him via the establishment’s attacks,” Palin told John Stossel of Fox Business on Thursday.

She added: “They’re trying to crucify this man and rewrite history and rewrite what it is that he has stood for all these years.”

Oh waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Sarah! How about taking your panties out from your fat butt cheeks for a second to give us all a break from your whining, because your voice is driving us crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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9 thoughts on “Sarah Palin has her panties in a wad protecting Mashed Potato Belly Newt Gingrich!

  1. This is something that TWIT should be gettin’ her panties in a bunch over;

    The ultimate in anti-child republiscumbagger hypocrisy;

    New Hampshire HB 1658 Eliminating Support Services for Newborn Children:

    The title of this one is pretty straightforward and horrific in and of itself. It would specifically target newborn children whose parents are on Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, so it goes after the poorest families.

    This is an ALEC sponsered bill, you know the corporate funded group which writes legislative bills so republiscumbaggers don’t have to waste their menial brains on ways of thinking up to further screw over the people in favor of the greedy uber rich and the corporate creations they live off of.

    Don’t believe it;

    lookie here (pdf)

    Nice they don’t want women allowed control over their bodies, and then they don’t wan t to help the poorest women they are trying to force into having more babies.

    Real family values cretins in action there.

  2. Without establishment Republicans like Bill Kristol and John McCain, the world still wouldn’t know who Sarah Palin is. But she has no loyalty to anything but her bank account and “fame”. BTW, McCain and Hollywood has-been Jon Voight were stumping for Romney today in Pensacola, FL where the latter once again repeated the BIG LIE that President Obama is a “socialist”.

    • I love how the right wing believes labeling anyone a socialist is a bad thing. Seriously, the American people see how the right wingers are Nazi fascists and being a socialist is mild compared to these brainwashing, lying, stinking, fascists are! They also don’t realize that America has been a socialist country for decades. We’ve thrived under that kind of ideology. It’s the FASCIST CAPITALIST part of our nation that has hurt it!

      • Founding fathers like Benjamin Franklin (created U.S. Postoffice) and George Washington promoted a FEDERAL military. The US Marine Corps itself was established in 1775, a year before the Declaration of Independence. At first pioneers had to pay tolls to cross many farmers land before local and state governments began to fund PUBLIC highways, a “socialist” endeavor that prevented private landowners from sometimes gauging the public. The Federal Highway System was established in 1921 under REPUBLICAN President Harding to promote Interstate Commerce and the Interstate Highway System promoted by REPUBLICAN President Eisenhower in 1956 which was sold as a military necessity to move troops quickly from coast-to-coast.

        Now under the CORPfascists, politicians like Gov. Mitch Daniels (R-IN) leased Interstate 80 and I-90 (AKA Indiana Toll Road) to Spanish Cintra Corp. for $3 BILLION. Cintra maintains the Toll Road for 75 years and first thing Cintra did was raise tolls. Gov. Rick Perry promoted Cintra to build the NAFTA Superhighway along with Rudy Guiliani whose law firm represents Cintra in the USA. So REICH-wingers seem hell-bent on going back to a nation of TOLL roads.

        Of course only the wealthy could afford to send their children to private schools at the birth of our nation, so in 1837, Horace Mann, Chairman of the Massachusetts Board of Education, began to promote “socialized” public schools in that state with other states soon following suit. Once again, the REICH wants to privatize our schools, declaring a virtual war on public education, firing teachers, cutting budgets, etc.

        The “happiest” people on the planet live in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany which are far more “socialist” than the USA. People there don’t mind paying higher taxes as they get free daycare for their children, free eldercare in nursing homes/home health services for their aging parents, single payer health services for EVERYONE, free education up through a PhD in college, among many perks. They also have quite reasonable public transit in their cities, even across their countrysides.

  3. Herman Cain who had only just “endorsed the people” broke down today and puts his chips behind Newt Romney. That will get Newt HOW MANY more votes?

    Also Newt has banned reporters from his plane. Remember when Newt cried about having to ride in the back of Air Force One once when he was hitching a ride with Bill Clinton?

  4. Houston blogger equates Newt’s “moon colony” as so much pipe dream pandering to Florida NASA crowd, saying there is no comparison between JFK’s NASA goal to go to the moon and Newt’s “plan” (really no plan at all). First of all we had a much better economy in 1961 and a 71% TAX on the rich (and the RICH survived!).

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