How much does Glenn Beck know of the upcoming run-on-the-banks?


Don’t be fooled by Glenn Beck. He wants you to think that he’s just an innocent man in an innocent game and he has no idea what the future will bring, because he doesn’t have ties like George Soros does. Glenny wants you to believe that all the rants he did against President Obama for years now and how he wanted a different America for America was just all talk and he didn’t mean anything by any of it. All that community organizing he pushed on his worshipers (9/12 Project, Freedom Works, all those books he wrote, Restoring Honor rallies, his rallies in Israel, and all the stuff he wrote on his chalkboard!) was just a joke and had no end game. He didn’t want to change America at all he’ll tell ya! And he doesn’t want you to think that just because he supports Goldline and keeps telling his worshipers to buy those cheap gold coins that aren’t worth anything today or in the future, it doesn’t mean he’s not in on some future game where he and his buddies will win! Nope. He wants you to believe that it’s George Soros who is the one you need to be scared of. George Soros goes after REPRESSIVE REGIMES and ole Glenny goes after his own country just for shits and giggles!


Glenn Beck said on his show yesterday that there WILL BE a run-on-the-banks again like our nation saw in September 2008. He’s deflecting like he’s not involved, but what do we really know about Glenny and his relationships? Well, we do know he meets with the billionaire Koch Brothers and has numerous times over the years. He’s said he has many times on his radio program. When I think of the Koch Brothers, I think of the right wing tea tards who for years now have wanted the nation to fail so they can instill a fascist capitalist dictatorship for America and it’s the Koch Brothers who are leading the way with their money and power. It’s funny to me that ole Glenny knows of the upcoming run-on-the-banks. It’s almost like he has some inside information! Oh, but he wants you to think that the September 2008 electronic run-on-the-banks was an inside job (wha? but George Bush was president and he’s also a buddy of the Koch Brothers!!!) and he will talk about George Soros at the same time in the hopes that YOU will connect the two together! Yep, he’s doing it again! HE’S DEFLECTING AWAY AGAIN!

Here’s what I think…

I believe that Glenn Beck and the billionaire Koch Brothers were behind the run-on-the-banks in 2008 along with the Rothschilds and are preparing  the Doomsday Run On The Banks and they’re using Beck’s radio program to put it out there NOW that it will be Soros who is behind it! See?

Sooooo, what do you think about this? Why IS Glenn Beck so sure of the upcoming run-on-the-banks?

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3 thoughts on “How much does Glenn Beck know of the upcoming run-on-the-banks?

  1. Speaking of Mormons, to remain in good standing with their church, ONE MUST TITHE 10% of their income to the Mormon Church or else one becomes an outcast “Jack Mormon” who thus disgraced, is no longer allowed to even enter a Mormon Temple where all weddings and funerals are “sealed” (Mormon Temples have guard houses where one must check in before allowed entrance to have their “recommend” validated).

    So perhaps Willard Romney has been lying to his church about his TRUE income in order to amass more money so therefore reluctant to disclose his tax records. Of course the Mormons won’t ever let such information become public as they would love to have a Mormon missionary in the Oval Office. It’s bad enough that the average American who earns between $50-75K per year pays a higher percentage of his earning that Mitt does on his yearly capital gains. But to be banned from the Mormon Church, that would be a great “sin” for Mitt.

    I lived in Park City for a good part of 1975 and had several “Jack” Mormons working on my construction crew. They were great guys, most of whom not only didn’t tithe but mostly were banned from entering the big white Temple in Salt Lake City because they also drank alcohol, and took drugs including caffeinated soft drink, coffee, and tea. That is where I learned about the Mormon CULT and their weird beliefs. Of course I believe all regions are myths but Joseph Smith and Brigham Young are right up there with the Brothers Grimm and L. Ron Hubbard.

    BTW, when Houston got its grandiose new Mormon Temple, they held an “open house” so that non-Mormon “Gentiles” (what the rest of us are called since Mormons believe they are a lost tribe of Jews). Before the Temple was consecrated, thus open only for Mormons in good standing, they actually ripped out the new carpets, as they had been soiled by the dirty feet of heathens, and then reinstalled virgin carpet.

  2. Off topic, but speaking of Willard Romney, HOW MANY millions does he have stashed away in the Grand Cayman Islands, a notorious tax haven to prevent paying taxes to the U.S. government. Yes, Mitt enjoys driving on our highways, his air safety looked after, etc. but doesn’t want to pay for the benefits of living in America….that’s for the poorer people.

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