What if we found out Gov. Paul LePage has two brothers who are sex offenders?

My, my, my…..the diligent questions I’ve been asking about the guv’nah’s siblings has finally paid off! Yesiree, for a few months now I’ve been asking all over the Internet(s) where the Blaine House Monster’s (he’s the oldest of the 18 children) other 17 siblings are, because no one seems to know. In fact, the night of his election win in 2010, it was not reported that any of this 17 siblings were there with him for his big night. Interesting! So, I’ve been asking: where are they? do they live in Maine? do they live in Canada? how come we never hear from them?

Well, today a little birdie told me that two of the guv’nah’s brothers are sex offenders and when a friend searched the Maine Sex Offender Registry for me, Regis Lepage popped up (click on image for a larger view)….



Who wants to bet this is his brother! He has 7 counts against him too! Ugh. Yuck. Where’s the other brother? Gawd, I don’t want to know! Yuck again!!!!

I know what you’re thinking: “Kay, just because two of his brothers are sex offenders does not mean the guv’nah is!”. Well, the guv’nah may not be a sex offender, but he has spent time at the Bob-in in Waterville that his buddy owns. Yesiree, watching young girls on the stripper pole seems to be something he liked to do! Eww.

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17 thoughts on “What if we found out Gov. Paul LePage has two brothers who are sex offenders?

  1. Remember how the right wingers said because President Obama came to a fundraiser at Bill Ayers’ home for his presidential run….it meant that Obama supported what Ayers did decades ago (even though he was only 7 years old at the time Ayers was blowing up doors and ended up killing 3 of his own instead)? And remember when they said because Obama was part of Jeremiah Wright’s church, it meant that everything that has ever come out of Wright’s mouth, it meant that Obama supported it? Well, now we are learning the Blaine House Monster of Maine (he’s destroying everything in his path!) has two brothers who are registered sex offenders, so that has GOT TO MEAN the guv’nah supports pedophilia, child porn, and the raping of children! See? I learned this sort of connection-game through the right wing and Glenn Beck. You can thank me later!!!

  2. Regis Lepage is not one of governor LePage’s brothers. Regis Lepage is the son of the founder of Lepage’s Bakery in New Auburn now known as Country Kitchen Bakery in Lewiston. Sorry but there’s no connection.

    • Oh okay! Thanks so much for stopping by with that information, because no one knows the guv’nahs family members and Regis does look like him, so it was very easy to make that connection.

      By the way, do you know anything about his siblings? Do they live in Maine? In Canada? Just curious (been curious for awhile now and no one seems to know the answer)….

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                • He knows nothing about me, Grant. He’s just mad because I’m politcally right all the time. He doesn’t understand why the sun comes up everyday, because he relies too much on jesus to figure his world out! He’s a lost soul. Sad, really.

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