Welcome to Amerika!

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Oh, how lovely. While the Federal Reserve doesn’t seem to be too concerned where they put $16 TRILLION DOLLARS of American money, a mother of two in Texas has been denied food stamps for her family, so to take matters into the only two hands she has, she pulls out a gun inside the DHS building and shoots a worker there, her two kids, and then herself. See? Isn’t this great? Amerika is doing just fine under republican rule!


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10 thoughts on “Welcome to Amerika!

  1. At this moment 70 years ago Japanese bombs and torpedoes rained all over Hawaii killing nearly 2400 American sailors and sailors. It was my generation’s 9-11 that really changed our world forever. If we had had today’s Republicans in Congress then, we would have just let the fascist Japanese, Germans, and Italians take over the world.

    Just now watching “Democratic” Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia standing firm with Republican Sen. Kirk of Illinois saying on MSNBC he can’t vote with most Democrats who want to extend the payroll tax cut. He is teaming with Republican Senators to block it. But instead of arguing for jobs and tax cuts, the Republicans at this moment are trying to block Senate confirmation of Richard Cordray to head the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Republicans say they have enough votes to block the Cordray nomination. They really just want to dissolve the bureau that Elizabeth Warren helped to create to protect us “little people” in favor of the RICH again.

    Meanwhile, all of the GOP nominees except for Jon Huntsman are livid that the Obama State Department is saying the USA will cut off aid to nations with human rights abuse records of their GLBT citizens. Rick “Man on Dog” Santorum is livid saying this is another example of pushing the homosexual agenda by this White House.

    • It is unConstitutional for the Senate Republicans to use an “advise and consent” vote to dissolve the Consumer Protection Agency. Of course the GOP is into the Banker Protection Agency. How can so many of the 99% keep voting Republican? But their bigotry is stronger than a desire for a fair shake in the economy. I see Gov. Perry has a new right-wing ad out now wanting to reverse DADT even though even generals, once against the law, say that there are no problems having “out” gays in the military. Perry also wants bring back the King James Bible back into our classrooms (as if it ever was banned), fanning the phony “war on Christmas” just as Faux News talking heads do every year.

      Rodney James Gilstrap was confirmed late Monday night to be United States District Judge for the Eastern District of Texas. His nomination was pending for nearly 200 days yet the vote was unanimous once allowed to reach the Senate floor for confirmation. Judge Gilstrap’s confirmation will end one of 6 judicial emergencies Texas currently faces. The Republicans can’t help but saying, NO!

      The REICH should be proud that a Michigan school teacher tried to ban students singing “gay apparel” from “Deck the Halls”. There are quite a few Xmas songs with the word “gay”!


    • Really? Obama passes bills? Huh. You must have gotten your Constitutional education from Caribou Barbie & Rick Perry!

      I bet if it was 50 pasty white tea bag women, you would be for them, huh fascist pig?

    • What does a racially tinged article from Glenn Beck’sThe Blaze” have to do with this topic? Fascists like our TROLL LOU here just can resist the urge to stir up some racist hate. So I guess according to our TROLL, white teens never engage in bullying and rioting? Hell, white fans even had a near riot at Oklahoma State after a football game last weekend that sent 13 to the hospital, 2 in critical condition.

      BTW, where does the U.S. Constitution give Congress the right to VETO the Executive branch? When I was in school, we learned it was the other way around.

    • White with Newt Gingrich? LOL Wow! Now that would be some pasty-white, huh!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: Maybe it’s time to put an America-hating pasty white right wing lying religious wingnut back in the White House to PUT THE BLAME OF THE BUSH YEARS BACK WHERE THEY BELONG: on YOUR shoulders! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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