Thanks, Maine People Before Politics!

If you call yourself “Maine People Before Politics” (MPBP) and then you do up a press release exposing people in the Occupy Movement in Maine to put them in a negative light (and to hopefully get a few of us shot to death! Right?)….is that doing what your blog title suggests? Anyway, I love, Love, LOVE what Jason Man Savage of MPBP said about me recently in said press release! Here’s what the Blaine House Monster’s right wing neck drooling knuckle dragging goon said about me:

Kim Waite – While not arrested at the Augusta Blaine House protest, a recent news report puts Waite at the Occupy Maine protest in Portland. A prolific blogger, Democratic political operative and former Democratic candidate for Oxford County Commissioner, Waite is known in Maine political circles for publishing an offensive political blog in Maine. Under her screen name KayInMaine, Waite has published hundreds of commentaries describing other Maine people with pejoratives such as “teabaggers” and suggesting, among other things, that former AK Governor  Palin’s daughter is “like a female dog in a dog breeding factory” or calling Governor LePage a “fascist tea bag” or the “Blaine House Monster.” The graphics accompanying Waite’s blogs often invoke images such as bloody knives, nazi swastikas, and captions laced with obscenities at any center-right public figure who presents an easy target. However, her blog doesn’t seem to cause Democratic politicians any concern. This picture, posted by Congresswoman Chellie Pingree on Flickr, is of Waite having lunch with Democrat Ned Lamont “in between campaign stops” in August of 2007. Waite’s blog post even includes a picture of her with Pingree and Lamont.

Yep, I’m all those things and more! Man, I sound so awesome. I think I like myself even more now that I got this kind of write-up!

Jason Man Savage from his pathetic Facebook page: jasonsavagetheblainehousemonstergoon

What I want to know is, how come Man Savage didn’t mention the picture I had taken with right winger US Senator Scott Brown, or how my blog has 1.3 million hits on it, or how I’ve met US Senator Al Franken, former US Congressman Dennis Kucinich, US Congressman Mike Michaud, have been 40 feet from President Obama’s presidential limo, and how my blog makes the right wing squirm because it’s filled with the truth (which we all know they can’t handle!)? Uh oh. Oh wait. Jesus wants to tell you wingers something…

jesusmiddlefingerOuch. That’s gotta hurt, Blaine House Monster Goons. You’ve upset jesus!!!!!! Did you know if Jesus was alive today he would be part of the Occupy Movement. No? Well, he would have because back in his day he hated the money handlers and he would have been picketing and occupying a public space in 2011 too if you right wingers hadn’t killed him originally!!! See?

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12 thoughts on “Thanks, Maine People Before Politics!

  1. “One of the groups leaders, Jason Savage, was an employee of Mardens (the dept. store that Gov. Lepage used to run)”

    Let me guess, Jason Savage made $8/hour at the check out station at Marden’s! Seriously, the man is a freak. He’s a freak for the Blaine House Monster! Oh wait. No he’s not….HE’S THE POOL BOY FOR THE BLAINE HOUSE MONSTER!

    “Maine People Before Politics, a group launched with money left over from the LePage inaugural, released a poll of 500 Mainers last week. Executive Director Jason Savage, a former Marden’s employee who worked on LePage’s gubernatorial campaign, and Brent Littlefield, a political consultant, held a State House news conference last week to release the results.”

    Started with the money left over from the Blaine House Monster’s inaugural? Is that even legal????

  2. The bloody knives and swastikas are in the Glenn Beck pictures I post. He’s the one who has the swastikas in the background when he does his shows (he’s no longer at Faux News now). Try to be honest, Jason Man Savage!

    (if you scroll down a bit you’ll see the picture of Glenny that someone else photoshopped of him holding a bloody knife with his Nazi uniform on! Love that picture!)

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • And this is why I don’t care if I ever do! If you neck drooling knuckle draggers had had your functioning brain in instead of your cement brain in, you would have realized that my run for office was in PROTEST. I didn’t really care if I won or not. But hey! My blog continues to make your skin itchy all over and I love that more than anything! :lol: :lol: :lol:

      I love the part about Chellie Pingree. Here’s the truth: I never worked for her. I never received one red penny from her because I was never on her payroll. I contacted Chellie’s people to ask if I could follow her around on her campaign stops in Portland and they said yes. Then one day I was contacted by Chellie’s people to let me know Ned Lamont was coming to Maine to support her and I was told Lamont wanted to meet me (he had read my blog). That day, we walked around Portland and Chellie decided to take a picture of Ned and I when we were sitting down at Mim’s for lunch. Yep, that’s it! Nothing unusual except you wingers hate my guts so you make what I do out to be sinister in the hopes it will stick! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  3. Your REICH-wing Corpfascist TROLLS soon may have Republican Sen. Susan Collins to HATE, also. Looks like she is “going rogue” and joining the Democrats in supporting Payroll Tax reduction to help the MIDDLE CLASS (which will benefit the TROLLS, too, but they are too stupid to know it!).

  4. KKKay, the only reason your whore mother didn’t abort you was us, the REAL Christian Americans, blocked her from the abortion mill! Your welcome!

    We are the REAl Americans! And we WILL take over EVERYTHING! We own you more than my ancestors owned Moochie Obama!

  5. Good job Kay, keep pissing the idiots off;

    BTW: Today, I am ashamed to live in the same state as the Gulnare Freewill Baptist church,

    Kentucky church bans interracial couples

    I wonder what Jesus would think?

    Southern Redneck Baptists the arm pit of the religion.

    Right wing stoopid trolls the down fall of America.

    • Thanks Clif! You know I long for these kinds of write-ups. Thanks right wing goons of the guv’nah for noticing me! :lol: :lol: :lol:

      Redneck baptists all over the country are an abomination to what our Founding Fathers wanted for America. They’re disgusting PIGS!

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