Herman Cain being accused of sexual harassment?

Bah hahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHA hahahaha! But isn’t he the savior of the republic party who is going to save the world from Obama? Too funny! I’m sure the women he sexually harassed are still having nightmares about him touching them. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, any republican touching a woman unwantedly is an image no one wants to live with! Republicans are greasy-haired gross religious cultists. Only people who are the same in nature would welcome being sexually harassed!


Ole Herman says the charges against him aren’t true, but of course, being a republican, he has to say that to save face!

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16 thoughts on “Herman Cain being accused of sexual harassment?

  1. The REICH-wing is saying this is all a story from the “liberal” media to discredit Herman Cain. Yes, Politico, who broke this story is SOOOO liberal. Politico is owned by Allbritton Communications and its CEO is Frederick J. Ryan Jr., former Assistant to President Ronald Reagan and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Foundation.


    Joe Allbritton, originally from Houston, Texas had long had business and personal relations with the Bush family including the Riggs Bank.


    However, mAnn Coulter has introduced the “race card” calling this a “high tech lynching” of Cain to repeat Clarence Thomas in 1991 when he was accused of sexual harassment.

    • Poor Hermy. He had to admit today that he knew that two of the woman had been settled with monetarily. Bah hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      So, it’s a “high tech lynching” when it concerns a conservative but not when a conservative does the same thing to President Obama???? Bah hahahahahaha! OMG, the right wing is going down in flames. Their hypocrisy is too much!

  2. Not only is he sexual harrasser of women but he’s also a crook. The Republican Party is going up in smoke as Cain’s latest video revealed. LOL

    • It’s fun to watch, isn’t it Myra? I mean, really, wasn’t it the republics who said they were going to create jobs and save America almost a year ago? What happened? Oh wait! Nothing but a bunch of lies and the American people are seeing the wingers as they really are: American-hating incompetents! And ole Cain thought he was going to save the day. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, looks like he’s a typical right wing crook who sexually harasses women just for the power of it all!

  3. Funny part of the sexual harassment story the media is quietly ignoring is;

    Herman Cain was working as a head of a Lobbying firm when he sexually harassed at least two women.

    Herman Cain is NO outsider, he was a lobbyist before he accepted pay from the Koch brothers working for then as a front man.

    Herman Cain is just another freakin’ Washington Lobbyist, pretending to be an outsider, typical two faced lying republiscum on many levels it seems.

  4. BTW now the GOPers can’t decide who is sticking the knife in a fellow repugnance’s back in violation of Reagan’s idolatrous 11th commandant,

    Thou shall not speak ill of a fellow repugnant, even when telling the truth about how slimy the repugnant actions are.

    The fat bloviated drugster is slandering Romney for such a devious action, IE telling the truth;

    While Cain is screeching about Perry, the guy who couldn’t read a freakin’ large painted sign on his own families hunting camp.

    Looks like a circular firing squad is forming,

    Oh wait that is how the GOPers run their primaries ain’t it?

  5. Contrary to mAnn Coulter and Rush Limbaugh saying that the racist Democrats made up this story, the fingers are pointing now at the Perry Campaign (who in turn point fingers at the Romney bunch!). We Texans know that Perry has won campaigns over two decades in Texas by employing dirty tricks, so I would not put this past him.

  6. Stick a fork in Herman Cain as he is done. The racist teabaggers, in the privacy of the voting booth would never vote for a black man. Cain was being pushed onto the stage by his benefactors, the billionaire Koch Brothers, in a ploy to wean away enough black voters from Obama to defeat him. However, Cain is proving to not be all that intelligent and his calling most blacks “brainwashed” because they vote Democratic was not a remark from a thinking man. Cain makes Palin and Bachmann actually appear to be “intelligent”.

  7. $35,000 to buy off one accuser, $45,000 to another with a third coming around, Herman Cain is starting to make Bill Clinton look like a choir boy in comparison.

  8. Poll of Republican voters today show half of them saying Herman Cain’s “girl problem” (as Ed Rollins calls it) has no bearing on how they feel about Cain. But 35% percent say it makes them feel less favorably about him, while 14% say it improves their opinion of him…oh Herman is such a STUD!

    But then Republicans like Sherri Jacobus are quick to pounce on “Democrats supporting sexual harassment” citing our “support” for Bill Clinton. First of all, Clinton never had anyone accuse him of a “crime” (other than Republicans in Congress) as he was with consenting adults. And many Democrats like myself were most upset with Clinton for putting egg on our faces after we went to the mat to defend him, only to find out he lied to us, too.

    Cain dropped from 37% favorability among Republican primary voters to 32% today so he has been hurt. A woman did come forth with attorney Gloria Allred today, so the first shoe has dropped. The accuser is white which may incense the racist teabaggers “bless their hearts” (who in the privacy of a voting booth won’t vote for a black man anyway).

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