Is Jane Hamsher of FireDogLake trying to co-opt the Occupy DC movement to raise money?


Sure seems that way. Here’s an email I got today from her (sent out to all on her email list through FireDogLake apparently):

Jon, Ryan and I recently visited Occupy DC to ask the demonstrators and organizers what supplies and provisions they needed most. The response was eye-opening.

A cook named Calvin told us they had received an enormous donation of eggs, but despite having a grill, they can’t afford enough propane to cook with. After speaking with a few other folks, we went out and bought some of the things on their list: propane tanks, tarps to keep things dry, a tent and some ice bags and coolers for perishables.

But it was nowhere near enough, so we wanted to see if we could all work together. We’re starting an Occupy Supply fund to help demonstrators across the country purchase the supplies they need to stay on the streets for as long as possible – beginning with Occupy DC.

100% of your contributions to the Occupy Supply fund will be used to purchase and distribute the goods requested by the different occupations we visit as part of our coverage. Can you donate $20 or more to our Occupy Supply fund?

Donate $20 to our Occupy Supply fund to help us buy the supplies requested by Occupy DC: propane, tents, coolers and more.

Click here to see their list and donate:

The demonstrators and organizers on the ground know exactly what their occupations need, and if we really want to support them, it’s our duty to listen carefully and make sure our work actually meets those needs. We have to ask “how can we help?” before we lend a hand.

Many well-intentioned groups have been sending provisions to occupations without first asking demonstrators what they need. As a result, protesters like Calvin are left with a lot of eggs but no means to cook them.

But we’re also deeply disturbed by some of the exploitative fundraising we’ve seen from establishment groups, who are now asking for donations to “help take the fight to Wall Street and keep the pressure on.” I’m not sure what that means, but I’m pretty sure it won’t help demonstrators last outdoors through the coming winter months.

We want to do this right, and if this works, we’ll do it for all the occupations that FDL’s Kevin Gosztola will be visiting as part of his premier coverage of the movement. It’s our way of making a positive contribution to the movement to make sure their needs are met so they can stay out there as long as possible.

Check out Occupy DC’s wish list and donate $20 or more to our Occupy Supply fund. Help us keep these historic protests going well into winter – and beyond.

I’m really excited to see how this goes. Thanks in advance for your help.

In solidarity,

Jane Hamsher
Founder & Publisher,

My, my, my…someone likes money an awful lot and goes to great lengths to get it. Hamsher uses every opportunity she can to get money from the people and I’m pissed as hell right now that she’s decided to co-opt the Occupy DC movement as her own to raise money for them as if they need her or something. There is nothing on her Donations Page that shows us how much is coming in and going out. She’s acting like Occupy DC needs HER HELP and that her help is the most important!

If Hamsher is not co-opting Occupy DC  as a way to give herself power and to use it as a tool to get herself some money, then what she should have done is linked directly to the pages of Occupy DC in her email to have her supporters give money directly to the Occupiers, but she didn’t do that. What she is doing is very suspect and I personally think she’s overstepped her bounds! I’ve been part of OccupyMaine from the beginning and I know how these Occupations work. OccupyMaine does not have a donations page and only receives money from the public when they go down to Monument Square in Portland. They’ve gotten tons of donations of food etc and whenever they need something, they post it on OccupyMaine’s Facebook page—and voila!—-they get what they need! Occupy DC, however, does have a money donation page (and they’ve listed the supplies they need!) and obviously doesn’t need Jane’s help in raising money for them.

Hey, how about some transparency Hamsher! Gees. How much is going in your pockets??!!!??

Hamsher gets a big thumbs down from me again. If she wants to help out, then she needs to get off her ass and get down there to help or use the appropriate links of Occupy DC to have donations sent to them directly instead of making it all about her. If she’s been paying attention, she would know The People’s Movement has no leaders and no one is more powerful than another. I have a feeling this is lost on her. Not surprised! She thinks she’s the leader of all time! Meh.

UPDATE 10/22/2011:

Seems that every post on FireDogLake about the Occupy Movement in any capacity has the following stated on the front page before you click on “Read More” for the rest of the article that goes to a FireDogLake Action Page: “Support our wall-to-wall coverage of the Occupy Movement – donate $10 or more to sponsor our independent reporting and analysis of these historic demonstrations across the country”

firedoglakecooptingoccupywallstreetmovementdonationsYip! Now Jane and her underlings over there on FireDogLake are saying, “Hey! Give us money for the Occupy Movement to keep us talking about what is going on!”. Seriously, this is disgusting that they’re using the Occupations to raise money for themselves!!!!

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