BREAKING NEWS: Was Colonel Gaddafi captured overnight by the Libyan people?


Wow! Reports are coming in that he was, but they’re not sure if he’s alive, if it’s really him, or if it is him and he’s wounded? If this ends up being true, my hope is the Libyan people can start to revamp their country and it’s leaders.

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10 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Was Colonel Gaddafi captured overnight by the Libyan people?

  1. One less self centered rich asshole polluting the planet, too freakin’ bad,

    Should have been the Darth Vader ex VP or Koch brothers weren’t with him.

    Wanna bet the wing-nuttry right wing try to spin this one against Obama

    • The REICH just cannot bring themselves to giving any “win” to Obama. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) gave a most oblique “compliment” to OUR president today telling Fox News that MOST credit should go to France and the UK, saying Obama actually “took too long to do it”.

      Being Republican means never saying anything nice about a Democrat.

      • The French are the ones who wanted to go after Gaddafi and I remember the wingnuts screaming, “This is Obama’s war!!!! He started it!!!!”. So which is it wingnuts? :lol: :lol: :lol: President Obama had no problem giving support to the French. Did George Bush make that command? NOPE!

  2. Obama’s “Leading from behind” which let our allies like the UK, France and other NATO allies take a big role meant that we removed a dictator without ONE American military death, only spending only $2 billion of our taxpayer money. But don’t expect any praise from the REICHwingnuts. After all, unlike Bush/Cheney, President Obama didn’t spend a TRILLION dollars, kill over 100,000 innocent Iraqis, kill 4500 American soldiers in order to capture ONE Saddam Hussein.

    • Grant, the right wingers are giving George Bush credit for killing Gaddafi. LOL! I suppose when one worships George Bush they have to give him credit for everything, otherwise, people would notice how much a loser, asswipe, lying, stinking, thieving, war criminal he is and was!

  3. At age 72, I have lived under 13 different presidents and NEVER have I seen one so disparaged as has been President Obama. However, this is our first BLACK president!!!

    Yesterday, Republicans could barely muster any compliments at all for our President’s role in getting rid of the dictator, Gaddafi. Credit was mostly given to the French and British. Today, nothing but more barbs are being hurled at our president by Republicans for withdrawing our military from the Bush/Cheney folly in Iraq. I guess the GOP wants MORE BILLIONS/TRILLIONS of dollars and U.S. SOLDIERS’ LIVES wasted there. Plus the date for withdrawal was first negotiated by George W. Bush!

    I guess the GOP is relying on stupidity of the American voter hoping they forget all history of what has really happened.

    • Do you find it hysterical too that those same republicans were the ones who had no problem with George Bush killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, but are now concerned with Gaddafi (one dictator) being killed by his own people? Seriously, their hypocrisy is astounding some days!

  4. Every Republican candidate for president has condemned Obama’s actions in ridding the world of the vile dictator, mass murderer of Americans and Libyans, Moammar Gadaffi. Instead of the Libyan people executing him on the spot, the blood-thirsty Republicans probably wanted to pop some corn and watch a televised hanging like they saw for Saddam Hussein. The REICH love watching hangings, firing squads, electric chairs, lethal injections.

    Surprise! Surprise! The same candidates also oppose PRESIDENT Obama for withdrawing our troops from Iraq following George W. Bush’s negotiated time-table. Now they will no longer be able to wave their flags over DEAD American soldiers.

    If Obama CURED all cancers, the GOP would condemn him too! I still contend the hatred for Obama is based mainly on the color of his skin.

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