Uh oh. Looks like Fox News viewers are siding with Occupy Wall Street’s message…

occupywallstreetfoxnewspoll10072011How long before the Fox News braindead-brainwashed-cult-members come by to skew the results because the poll is being made public? Teeheehee….

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11 thoughts on “Uh oh. Looks like Fox News viewers are siding with Occupy Wall Street’s message…

  1. In their Founder Worship (right up there with Jeebus), the REICH love to reflect on what they think their “sainted Founding Fathers” would do. Thomas Jefferson would probably be backing those who are protesting now. Jefferson made allegations about improper influences on the legislative branch of the government saying….

    “My wish was to see both houses of Congress cleansed of all persons interested in the bank or public stocks, and that, a pure legislature being given us, I should always be ready to acquiesce under their determinations, even if contrary to my own opinions, for that I subscribe to the principle that the will of the majority honestly expressed should give law.”

    Dumas Malone (1962), Jefferson and the Ordeal of Liberty (New York: Little, Brown), page 12

    • For the first time since I saw the wealthy hedge fund manager, Rick Santelli, of the Chicago Merk Exchange bitching about the poor & middle class for “wrecking the nation” and then starting the tea party movement, I would be happy to have some rational tea bags showing up to these Occupations along with the rest of the 99% to have their voices heard! But they won’t. Nope, their corporate masters have told them to be scared of us, to not join in, and to work feverishly in support of the 1% that controls THEM! Sad. And pathetic. :shock:

  2. Interesting Kay, when you posted your screen show 133,847 people had voted, with 61,29% (82030 votes) agreeing with the 99%ers who are occupying the seat of greed destroying America and it’s middle class. :)

    When I voted, my vote was #188,800, and the percentage of people who agreed with the 99%ers who are occupying the seat of greed destroying America and it’s middle class, had RISEN to 68.62% (129,557 votes). :D

    So the messaging of the wholly owned propaganda channel of Wall Street and the Greedy Old Political bastard club of America, seems to be failing here. :shock:

    What is that old saying;

    You can fool some of the people some of the time,

    but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time,

    and the only people Faux Noise fools is

    the STUPID tea baggers. :roll:

    • Oh, but the media is saying The People are faltering and these occupations don’t mean anything! They’re scared of us, Clif. JP Morgan is paying millions to the NYPD to arrest Americans who are making their lives miserable down by Wall Street and Bank of America’s stock is going down and they’re having to resort to using SWAT teams to protect their doors from the people who want TO TAKE THEIR MONEY OUT and move it to a credit union/small local bank! :lol: :lol: :lol: Poor widdle bastards! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  3. Today there is another great example of the corp-fascists at work here in Texas where folks in Big Oil like the mega-billionaire Koch brothers have so much power. Gov. Perry’s appointees on the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality just heavily censored a state-funded academic project that suggests global warming. A paper by Rice University’s noted oceanographer Dr. John Anderson had such references DELETED from his recent research paper even though he had not blamed warming on humans.


    Gov. Perry and so many Republicans HATE SCIENCE preferring the “science” of their Holy Bible.

  4. A REICH-wing “infiltrator” Patrick Howley, reporting for American Spectator magazine, visits the Hart Senate Office Building and later the Air and Space Museum this past weekend “in order to mock and undermine” the “Occupy Wall Street” protests being held in Washington, D.C. The jerk PRETENDS to be one of the group and claims he “incited a riot” hoping to discredit the protesters. Corpfascists like Richard Mellon Scaife and the Bradley Foundation help to fund this magazine.



    Here is his video taken at the Senate Office Building embedded. It an hour long, and boring for much of the first minutes but he is Tweeting to his fellow Nazis. Watch how he pretends to be “one of the protesters” as he gathers video footage to EDIT in order to discredit them.

    BTW, more protesters were arrested in D.C. today but the Washington Post says it is unclear whether the protesters are associated with the Occupy DC demonstrators. So if there is violence, windows broken, it could be REICH infiltrator agent provocateurs like Rowley or Breitbart operative James O’Keefe.


    Except for the UK Guardian and some blogs, I haven’t seen this story.

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