Now that wingnut ME Sec of State Charlie Summers was defeated, will he force Mainers to use computerized voting machines?

Our Brother Charlie (Summers, Sec of State) and Our Other Brother Charlie (Webster of the Maine GOP)”…

charliesummerslies___whitenoiseinsanitydotcomphotocharliejohnsondumbpeoplevoterepublican___whitenoiseinsanitydotcomphotoI bet the bastard will. Right wingers want to win elections illegally, so they will point fingers at Democrats and others claiming it’s we who commit voter fraud….to make sure no one is noticing it’s the right wingers who are! See? An old trick of the fascists for years now. Charlie Summers had to admit today that the 2 month investigation he put forth (on behalf of right wing lunatic wingnut Charlie Webster of the Maine GOP and the Billionaire Koch Brothers, of course!) to expose the “rampant” voter fraud in our state was a lie. There is no voter fraud in the state of Maine. Our Brother Charlie and Our Other Brother Charlie decided to go after the college kids to prove their point, but could only find ONE INSTANCE back in 2002 where a person voted in Maine who wasn’t registered. Yep, that’s it: ONE VOTER FRAUD MOMENT.

So what’s a right wing lunatic Secretary of State to do now? Stop? Nope! From the Bangor Daily News (emphasis mine):

“I feel very strongly based on what I’ve laid out here today that we have a situation in the state of Maine that if we don’t try to modernize our election practices and procedures eventually it will lead us down the road where something breaks down,” Summers said Wednesday during a question-and-answer session with reporters. “If that were to happen and I did not try to make good on that you’d be asking, ‘Why didn’t you do something about it?’”

Say wha? Modernize Maine’s voting system that has worked for decades and decades? Oh wait! I know what Charlie is getting at here because I’ve seen the right wing of our nation in action once before: OLE CHARLIE WANTS TO STEAL ELECTIONS NOW USING COMPUTERIZED VOTING MACHINES! Yes, that’s it! That will get Maine into the 21st Century, see? Oh what fun we’ll have with the right wingers and their buddies programming the machines to vote for the republican every time you hit the keypad! Spit. How many republicans will be investigating voter fraud in Maine then? Zero. Yes, that’s right. When they’re stealing elections, they’re nowhere to be found to get to the bottom of it and when they want accuse everyone else in committing voter fraud, they hold a press conference!


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