Gov. Paul LePage the fascist tea bag does not want you to know his schedule!


Isn’t that just great? Here’s the guy who came into office with the backing of 39% of voters saying he was going to have the most transparent administration ever, but yet, he never releases his schedule to the public. How come? What is he hiding? Maybe he doesn’t want to take those intellectual questions from those Mainers who make up the other 61% of the voting block that did not vote for him? You betcha!

What are you afraid of Paul? The truth that you’re a whiny ass titty baby who sucks at being governor and who hasn’t created enough jobs to keep a homeless person alive!!!

From the Portland Press Herald:

AUGUSTA – Gov. Paul LePage’s administration has not publicly released his daily or weekly schedules since he took office in January, breaking with more than 30 years of practice by governors and raising questions about his vow to have a transparent administration.

During last year’s gubernatorial campaign, LePage’s website included a section called “Your Right to Know,” which emphasized his commitment to strengthening the state’s Freedom of Access Act.

“When Paul is governor, open government will be a reality, not a talking point,” the website said. “Any roadblocks Mainers face in the pursuit of public information from a governmental entity must be torn down.”

There also was a pledge to create a Maine version of C-SPAN to broadcast live proceedings from the State House, including “key gubernatorial presentations.”

“Maine people deserve a close look underneath the State House dome to see what politicians are up to,” the website said.

Now, reporters and the public don’t know whether the governor is in state or out of state, who he’s meeting with, or whether he is in Augusta or elsewhere in Maine.

Makes you wonder what he’s doing this holiday weekend, you know….THE WEEKEND….brought to us by Union members/liberals long ago! And to think this asshole tore down the Labor Mural from the Labor Department because he didn’t think it was fair to see the plight of workers and that we should concentrate on the business owners instead!


So, what is the Blaine House Monster doing on the days that the media shows nothing scheduled? Huh. I wonder. I bet Mr. Transparent won’t tell us. All fascists are alike….

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5 thoughts on “Gov. Paul LePage the fascist tea bag does not want you to know his schedule!

  1. Gov. Rick Perry has done the same here keeping his daily schedule SECRET. We don’t know what cronies he has spent time with, making DEALS that enrich the now mega-millionaire Perry and his very rich friends. Sort of a fascist thing I guess! Perry has state trooper bodyguards and now he has ordered that their records be kept secret also. If the citizens of our state were allowed to see them would know WHERE Rick Perry spends his time, especially out-of-state (remember that Perry still gets his government paycheck from the PEOPLE who also pay the salaries of his bodyguards).

    • Well, since the guv’nah of Maine has friends in low places, I bet he’s been hanging out at strip joints in the state. Seems obvious since he’s completely unattractive! I bet not even his wife would want to strip for him. He’s probably making behind the scene deals with the Canadians too. The Blaine House Monster doesn’t seem to like Mainers too much and does cater to the Canadians……the country of his birth (WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  2. Did you guys see Chris Christie standing next to President Obama in New Jersey when they were touring the devastation from Hurricane Irene? Chrissy looked like a very little man next to Obama! Too funny. It was almost like a scene out of the Wizard of OZ with the rolly polly munchkins! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  3. OMG, Maine government is going to get bigger and creepier now that the Blaine House Monster wants to create a new agency to oversee all the other agencies (basically spying on everyone!):

    He wants Maine to be run like Marden’s (a store filled with cheap, damaged goods……….some of it from China!)….

    “He said when he was manager of Marden’s they used “secret shoppers” to measure employee performance and to check on whether stores were implementing policies. The shoppers were company employees that posed as shoppers and developed valuable data for company management.

    “We need that in state government, “he said. “ We need to know what is really happening.””

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