More questions to be asked of Gov. Paul LePage…

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First question, do you really have 17 or 18 siblings? If so, where are they? Where were they the night of your election in November 2010? No one remembers your siblings being interviewed on their thoughts on their older brother’s big win. Are they in Canada? Have they always lived there? Were you born in Canada? Mainers want to see your birth certificate! And…how come your wife Anne only came up from Florida to Maine when she knew you had a good chance of winning on election night? Is it possible that she doesn’t like being with you and neither do your siblings and that’s why your siblings were definitely not supporting your big win in November of last year and your wife only came up because she likes money and fame? Or….maybe all of your siblings and family live in Canada and they don’t have passports to enter the country?

Second question, are you an alcoholic? We know your best buddy owns the Bob-in in Waterville which is a lowly bar with stripper poles and we know you have frequented the place more than once. There are people who go to your meetings/cocktail parties since you’ve become guv’nah and some have witnessed you drinking your 4th drink when everyone else is finishing up their first and going onto their second. What gives? Do you have a drinking problem? Is Maine being run by an alcoholic (who always blame others for their own problems mind you!) who used to run a salvage store filled with stuff from China?

Speaking of you and your siblings & Canada, do you hate Maine? Seriously, you seem to be loyal to the Canadians over Mainers because just the other day you had the gall to stand up in front of Maine loggers (who’ve worked harder in ONE DAY than you have your whole life asshole!!!) and say that you think it would be best to hire Canadian loggers to come into Maine to cut our trees down, because you imply that Maine loggers aren’t equipped to. Ummmmmmm, I think you had better run fast there guv’nah! I’ll never forget the time I dated a Maine logger (his family had been loggers their whole lives) years ago and he told me the story of what happened when a local bar in his town would not allow him into the bar. He got his chainsaw out and cut the door down to the bar (and got the beer he wanted!)! See? I wouldn’t mess with Maine loggers there guv’nah. You’re barking up the wrong tree!

If you are from Canada, it’s time for you to go back there! You’re a disgrace to our great state of Maine!

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8 thoughts on “More questions to be asked of Gov. Paul LePage…

  1. I am hoping Maine will be spared by Irene. Also, wouldn’t want to see Gov. LePage be put on the spot to ask for any federal government help or financial aid. /snark

    • Thanks Grant. :D We’re on the western side of the state so we’ll get the higher back winds than on the coast, but the whole state will feel something from this storm. Did you notice he hand his HAND OUT to the Feds? Twas a shocker! I thought the tea bags were all about pulling themselves up with their bootstraps and telling the Feds to screw off? Huh! :lol: I guess not. :lol:

      • If your governor is anything like our Rick Perry, he will bad mouth the evil federal government while taking a big handout behind his back. Perry is most secretive about his money matters but is getting investigated by the national media now.

        In 2009, Perry used $17 billion of President Obama’s federal stimulus money to fill the funding gap for the following two years, and to cover a shortfall in the previous fiscal year’s budget. Perry angrily refused $555 billion sic[type...should be million] in stimulus money designated for the extension of benefits to the unemployed, protesting that the federal dollars came with strings attached.


        • He’s totally like Rick Perry! He will have his hand waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out come Monday but will publicly act like the Feds forced him to take the money!

  2. So you have an overweight, over the hill, drunk for a Governor?

    Hell if Bachmann or Perry wins in 2012 we all could have a raving egotistical wingnut religious lunatic for a President, and then we all will be fucked royal.

    Aren’t GOPers grand (in their delusions?)

    • Yep! We do, Clif! He’s overweight, stupid, loud, and some of us think he’s Canadian (we want to see the birth certificate!!!!)! :lol:

      If America chooses a right wing religious lametard to be president in 2012…at the very least….WE CAN PUT THE BLAME BACK WHERE IT BELONGS: IN THE LAP OF THE REICH WING OF AMERICA!

  3. Did you know God is a “fiscal conservative”? She thinks God killed a few dozen people, destroyed homes just to shake up Washington!

    Bachmann said the storm and last week’s earthquake were God’s way of trying to get politicians in Washington to deal with soaring federal deficits.

    Bachmann is in league with the nutcase Rev. Pat Robertson who claims to have “prayed away” a hurricane a few years back from hitting Virginia Beach. I guess God ignored him this time as his hometown was in the direct path of Irene. I guess if you can “pray away the Gay” you can pray away natural disasters.

    • Glenn Beck the Mormon is also spewing this nonsense. Beck said the hurricane was a blessing because it got his worshipers to buy Food Insurance from his program! WHAT A CAPITALIST! Spit.

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