Hey, who gave Mitt Romney $1,000,000 to his campaign?


Oh wait! The mystery has been solved! TPM-DC  is reporting that one of Romney’s buddies at a company he co-founded funneled the $1,000,000 to Romney’s campaign on the advice of his attorneys! Yeah yeah, when your attorney says it’s time to funnel some money….YOU FUNNEL THE MONEY.

Nothing to see here people….it’s just republicans funneling money again. See? Remember when Tom Delay did it and now he’s in jail? I do too! And remember when Barbara Bush funneled money to her son through a charity organization after Katrina ravaged New Orleans right out in the open for everyone to see? Wow! Those republicans are something else.

Oh, and did you know?…..

Mitt Romney and the S&P are connected at the hip! Yes, that’s right. Harold McGraw III who runs the S&P is also a buddy of Romney’s and a guy who has given to his campaign. I’m telling ya….the right wing connections are just adding up this week, huh? Wowzer.

By the way, Amber Hahn, who is the Chairwoman of the Columbia County Republican Party (Wisconsin) has been arrested for drunk driving after she crashed her car with her three kids in the car. Isn’t that nice? How’s those republican family values doing for ya? Feeling all warm and fuzzy now? I’m sure she’ll get off scott-free because she’s a republican don’t you think so? And I’m sure Scott Walker the governor of the state will make sure she will! Pardons are something the right wing throws out like the first pitch of a baseball game!

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