Hey Gov. LePage! Go fuck yourself again!

OMG, the Blaine House Monster is at it again. He’s lashing out in all directions at the media (including blogs), because he hates the fact that Maine is a small state and people are talking about the real him and his buddies! Well, guess what Monster, we ain’t gonna stop. Pppllllllbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbtttttttttttttttttttttttttttt……

Here’s the Blaine House Monster having a tirade right before his first meeting with Portland officials concerning Maine’s waterfront and our lobstermen:

He seems a little testy, huh? All Mafioso are like this. They don’t like the truth getting out and they certainly don’t like it when the media is onto them!

Norm Olson is the Commissioner of the Marine Resources, he quit his post recently and he gored the Blaine House Monster with a lobster tickle stick when he did! Yesiree, it was beautiful. You can read Norm’s resignation letter by CLICKING HERE which made the Blaine House Monster cooked-lobster-red after he read it. Norm knows lobstering and the waterfront like the back of his hand and he was pissed because the Monster refused to listen to him and his concerns, refused to bend on anything, threatened him, and ole Norm decided it was time to throw the trap overboard with the Monster’s mouth in it!

Good for Norm, but bad for Maine. Why? Because now the Monster is lashing out like a crazed lunatic as seen in the video above! Wow. How many lobsters will he pull the claws off before this tirade is over? I don’t want to know. It’s bad enough that we have to boil lobster alive. I can’t even imagine what pulling the claws off lobsters will do to them! Poor things.

I hate the Blaine House Monster. He’s a crazed lunatic and he should not be living in the Blaine House. He should be down in Florida where he loves to kick around the old people, you know, like they’re his servants or something.

By the way, besides giving his 22 year old daughter a $40,000/year job working directly with him while living in the Maine taxpayer funded Blaine House, how many jobs has the Blaine House Monster created? I’m still betting none!

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One thought on “Hey Gov. LePage! Go fuck yourself again!

  1. Notice how he treats the female reporter? This is the same guy with the same attitude who went ballistic when an employee at Marden’s (he was president of the company in Maine) wanted a 50 cent raise!

    He’s a bigotted racist woman hater! :x :x :x

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