Have you heard about the tea party lately? Total knee slapper!


I’m telling ya…from the way the tea party tells it, they are a force to be reckoned with, but yet, here’s what happening lately to America’s Taliban…

Isn’t that great? I thought the tea party was all about high morals and values? Guess not.

How’s the tea party morons down in the US House of Representatives and the US Senate doing? According to Johnny McCrazy who at one time embraced the tea party like a lover….they’re nothing but a bunch of HOBBITS! Ouchie.

While the tea party continues to plummet our nation into obscurity over raising the debt ceiling (they’re even going to roll back environmental laws because they hate you Americans so much!), what have they really done for our nation? Have they created any jobs yet? Saved the nation? Put America on a fiscal sound footing? Nope. They’ve done none of those things. They’re an abomination to our nation’s security and it’s about time we as Americans surround these yahoos and get them the hell out of office!

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