Hitler would be so proud of today’s right wing Christian fundamentalists

oslonorwaykillerLook at this guy. He looks so clean cut, normal, and a guy whose had a good life, but then the sun rose this past Friday on Oslo, Norway only to find this normal looking guy blowing up the Labor Party’s building and then traveling 20 miles to shoot the liberals on the beach and in the water on a hot sunny day!

What the frig. So far, 91 people have died at the hands of this conservative Christian fundamentalist. For what reason again? There are conflicting reports, but like American Christians (and they’re not all fundamentalists who feel this way!), he doesn’t like the integration of his white race with other races. He bullshit at the Muslims so he decided to kill 91 blue-eyed pale skin liberals!

Oh man. How many more of these assholes are living among us? Seriously, how many more innocent people have to suffer because these assholes are continuing Hitler’s policy of a white Aryan race only for planet earth?

I cringe at the thought.

Now, here in Maine, we have radicals like this guy Anders, but I don’t think they would bomb our government buildings or kill people to make their point. Nope. They just use Facebook, other social media to rally their supporters, and in some cases, move to Maine from Texas to make dirty bombs in the garage in the hopes of killing the “Muslim President Barack Obama” like James Cumming wanted to do before his heroic wife killed him while he slept. See? Many people don’t know who the hell Erick Bennett of Portland, Maine is, but he’s a right wing jackboot licking supporter of our current governor, Paul Brownshirt LePage, he’s running for Mayor of Portland and ole Erick doesn’t care too much for the Muslims in Portland at all. He made his disdain perfectly clear. Also, I would love to know what Anders Behring Breivik track record with women is, because ole Erick doesn’t have a good one.  (Hitler didn’t have a good one either. He fell in love with his niece, was very controlling over her, and after being scorned found Eva who he married right before they killed themselves) In fact, he’s gone on YouTube to claim that it was his wife who deserved to be a victim to him and brought it on herself (he assaulted her and was arrested and charged) and that it was HE who was sweet, innocent, and such a nice guy. Ummmm, okay. Erick recently went on his Facebook to say that it’s women like his ex-wife who make guys like him blow up courthouses and other stuff (emphasis mine/edited the names of the women below too):

Erick Bennett Because I didn’t pay $300 dollars because she was lying I lost my second amendment rights, my children and my honor.

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Erick Bennett That and it destroyed my life. This girl has left a trail of men that she has destroyed because she knows how to manipulate the system.

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Lisa (name edited)i’m down 4 that SMACK DOWN LMAO

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Erick Bennett Lisa, this is why people walk into court houses and blow people away. This is not funny.

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Sue (name edited) yep, I know of a similar case, but the guy did accept the plea deal. Few yrs later the girl (used loosely) pulled the same trick, and now the guy can’t see his children, like you. And in this case the girl was the abuser, but he was too much a good guy to call the police on her. Makes you sicik.

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Erick Bennett This happens every single day, because the divorce rate is so high and it is happening so much now and because of social media we are raising awareness of it. The family court system is unAmerican.

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Erick Bennett It strips men of their constitutional rights, I know some meatheads with bubble gum for brains consider that progress but these kids are going to grow up and have to try to solve the problems that are being created today and they are not being provided the tools necessary to do it.

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Lisa (name edited) NO IT’S NOT FUNNY!!!i didnt mean anything except to make u smile,and KIDS always PAY for the parents,no matter what happeneds

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Sue (name edited) The children will suffer, too. Being raised by lying, manipuilative mothers, without contact with their fathers to counter the mothers’ influence, what will they become? Though we can hope they have enough character they turn out OK, some kids are able to overcome their childhood environments.

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Erick Bennett I know Lisa and thank you, but the toll the family court system is having on our society is destroying it. Nothing, NOTHING is supposed to strip us of our rights and something as simple as a girl lying can now accomplish that. This is dangerous business. It is not progress to swap our second amendment right for the right to smoke or our first amendment right to be as gay as you want. None of that is progress yet that is what progressives and progressive candidates are pushing through.

That is why I had to get into politics because unless we elect people that have been through the system to change these laws that the judges must follow we will not be able to spot it or stop it.

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If Norway is dealing with an Anders in their country, what is Portland, Maine dealing with? Bennett wants to be the Mayor of Portland.  *cringe*

Could Erick Bennett be driven to blowing up courthouses and other buildings because of the Muslims living in Portland and because of how he sees women? Seriously, I would like to know! How radical is he? Maybe Erick isn’t very radical and is just pretending to be radical to impress the right wing jackboot licking Muslims haters in Portland who like to thrash the wife around from time to time? Hey, could be, but when I see the images of what a one Anders could do, well, it makes me nervous for my safety, as well as, the people of Maine’s great liberal city of Portland! Erick did claim in one of his YouTube videos (they’ve since been deleted! Geeeeee, I wonder why!) that he owned a gun. Does he still own one? I would love to know.

Ninety-one people dead so far all because some pasty white right wing radical is mad at the Muslims for getting their “chocolate in my peanut butter”. How many more innocent people must die because of their warped thinking!!!!!!! HOW MANY!!!! Again, I don’t think Erick would resort to what Anders did, but someone needs to ask him if he still owns a gun just so Portlanders can protect themselves by NOT voting for this guy this year. See? As Erick claimed in June of 2011 on his Facebook page, “We all must pay very close attention to these people running for office. Ask real questions, demand real answers, make them prove it. Hold them accountable, do not accept lip service. All politics are local…”…….

erickbennettclaimtoaskquestionsYes indeed, Erick! Yes indeed. So make sure you tell the people of Portland that you are not a radical, would never blow up a courthouse or other government building because of your disdain for the Muslims, and please please please let them know that you no longer own a gun! Thanks pal.


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21 thoughts on “Hitler would be so proud of today’s right wing Christian fundamentalists

  1. Seriously I am so sick of Christian Fundamentalists, they are simply a plague on society. You don’t see non-gun totin’, Prius-driving liberals slaughtering mankind in the name of non-christian beliefs…but yet we always hear about Religious fanatics that love to ignore the “Thou Shalt Not Kill” commandment because they somehow believe their God wants this. It’s purely insane!

    • Sam, remember being called “unAmerican” and an “America-hater” and “unpatriotic” for not upholding right wing nutcase George Bush’s policies????? The worst thing we liberals did was protest that madman! The right wingers were the ones who sent out anthrax to kill liberals right after 9/11/01. More homegrown right wing Christian fundamentalist terrorism!

  2. I enjoyed my 12 day trip through Scandinavia in 2009 as everyone seemed happy, cities felt safe, so was quite surprised this could happen in Norway, which except for being an oil-producer state is unlike the USA in many aspects. The Baltic states are most socialist and I had more than one tell me they didn’t mind paying 50% of their income in taxes as they got cradle-to-grave security…no worry about day care for toddlers or senior citizens. In Finland was told that not only was education free from pre-kindergarten to a PhD, free education was also extended to foreigners. The Finn told me that the Baltic region being so homogeneous Aryan, they actually wanted people to come there from all over the world in for some diversity, to broaden everyone’s outlook. When I was in Sweden, was surprised to see so many Arab refugees from war-torn Iraq. Sweden was allowing many more thousands of Iraqis to emigrate there than was the USA which caused the disruption in the first place.

    There is so much hate for Muslims from white christians everywhere. Some of our local radio jocks were making fun of the right-wingers in Arizona who are upset with media calling their recent dust storms….”Haboobs“. They said that an ARAB name shouldn’t be used. One DJ said that maybe the wingers would be happier with “Freedom Storms”! Another DJ asked, “What is it that Republican men have against women. There’s Rep. Allen West (R-FL)making sexist remarks about Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the GOP war on women’s choice/Planned Parenthood, and now it must be they don’t like the word BOOB in haboob.


    Here is a list of a few hundred “English” words that were borrowed from Arabic:


    • My adoptive mother’s grandparents are from Oslo, Norway. They immigrated through Ellis Island back in the late 1800′s. My adoptive brother is the only one who has traveled to Norway, Europe to meet these descendants (they didn’t speak English so the meeting was difficult!) back in the late 1980′s. Since that time, we’ve lost touch. Would be interesting to know if any of them were effected by these awful attacks! If they have been, I know they won’t be able to hear me ( :D ), but we want them to know we are thinking of them and sending them warm healing energy their way wherever they are!

  3. Breivik’s Facebook profile list his religion as Christian and his politics as conservative. He say he enjoys hunting, the video games World of Warcraft and Modern Warfare 2, and books including Machiavelli’s “The Prince” and George Orwell’s “1984“.

    Being a farmer, he was able to purchase a large amount of the fertilizer, ammonium nitrate, the same ingredient in Timothy McVeigh’s Oklahoma City bomb.

  4. they don’t like democracy so what form of government would they like next, monarchy, dictatorship; they seem to be working for fascism.

    • All right wingers like Adolf Hitler (who use religion to brainwash a nation just like George Bush did!) want a authoritarian dictatorship. They hate the human race pretty much and like all conservatives they’re selective in who they want around. They’re not inclusive, rather, they’re exclusive. Seriously, I hate them more Adolf Hitler. In fact, all fascists are despicable human beings!

  5. I fully agree with you that Erick Bennett is an idiot.

    I loved how he got in front of his web cam to talk about his domestic violence case while in his underwear. For a moment, I almost sympathized with him as I had once been with a nut myself, fortunately that relationship was short lived and never became violent, nor did it produce any children.

    Also I had never even heard of the guy until he added me as a friend on Facebook, that didn’t last long either. He deleted me for disagreeing with him over LePages “Kiss my butt” comment, blocked me from commenting on his YouTube channel and his Erick Bennett for Mayor page on Facebook. It’s clear to me that he is only concerned with the comments and concerns of his supporters.

    I honestly don’t think he has much of a chance at winning any elections, but he certainly is an entertaining candidate.

    • LK, he’s a fascist. He only likes pasty white right wing republican males who agree with his positions. See? I was deleted too for questioning King Fascist!

    • And did you notice he has a new FB page? He says his other two FB pages (his regular one and his mayor FB page) were HACKED and is now claiming that he wants to get back to 40,000 views of FB page a month. Oh please! He has no idea how many views his FB page is getting. With 400 followers TODAY on the new FB page, he’s claiming that there’s 10-20,000 views a month (wha? Out of 10-20,000/month views, only 400 people want to be FB friends with him? LOL). He’s a narcissist lunatic! He’s scares the hell out of me and should scare Portlanders too!

  6. Here at WNI we have an Anders-wannabee in the spam section who is insisting like Glenn Beck does that Hitler was a left wing pro-choice/pro-peace/pro-humanitarian LEFTY! Yes, that’s right. The deranged lunatics who are just like Anders above believe NONSENSE to continue THE WAR IN THEIR HEAD with facts that don’t exist!


    • …and preceding Anders, Adolph was an extreme REICH-WING RACIST and had no qualms killing his own [GERMAN] people, too (including 10% of the population who were “collateral” victims of his war in Germany alone). Not only were there “six” million Jews murdered, men, women, and children, but also ANOTHER “six” million Aryan GERMANS who were politically liberal dissidents who had refused to go along with the Nazi fascists and sent to the “death camps”. Also included in Hitler’s murderous rampage were homosexual GERMANS, mentally or physically handicapped GERMANS, and Gypsies…all eliminated without a pang of conscience.

      • Too much truth, Grant! You know how the right wing fascist Nazis who troll my blog don’t like the truth. They and Glenn Beck say Hitler was a lefty liberal socialist pinko commie, so that’s THAT. See? :lol:

  7. The Guadian in the UK writes today:

    The tragedy in Norway this weekend may prove to be a watershed moment in terms of how we approach far-right followers, groups and their ideology. Until now, European democracies and their security services had focused almost exclusively on the threat from al-Qaida-inspired [Muslim] terrorism. Rightwing extremist groups and their more violent affiliates were dismissed as a disorganised, fragmented and irrelevant movement.

    If we bring up the FACT that the USA also has REICH-wingnuts ready to foment terror, assassinate here in our nation, we get get called liberal loonies. After all this kook in Norway built a bomb from fertilizer just like OUR homegrown Timothy McVeigh.

    The Guardian has a new picture of Behring Breivik in his Freemason garb. Still bet he didn’t work alone!


  8. While the Western world is still most paranoid about “evil Muslims” and has set up intricate intrusive security measures on transportation, even upon entering sporting, music events, etc., it is still the homegrown REICH-wing white, Christian fundamentalist terrorists we need to be watching.

    But the bombings—and the presumptions about who was responsible — suggest that the true threat to European democracy is not Islam or Muslims but, once again, fascism and racists.


    • Yep. Fascism is the greatest evil of all. The Maine tea party proved that to us recently when one of their own posted their “Man of the Year 2011″ pick: Anders Behring Breivik, the right wing lunatic terrorist of Oslo, Norway who killed 76 people because he hates Muslims (those of a different religion and skin color!). Spit.

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