Michele Bachmann’s husband Marcus has been cordially invited to join Gaydar.net!


(image found at the link below)

How nice of Gaydar.net to extend an invitation to join their online group! From what we’ve witnessed so far of Marcus Bachmann is he’s a very feminine male. You can argue that that isn’t enough for someone to be gay, but the fact ole Marcus has been going after the gays for years now is usually a sign one is gay. See? He’s gotta be gay and it makes you wonder if all these years he’s been aroused while spanking the gay out of others!

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5 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann’s husband Marcus has been cordially invited to join Gaydar.net!

  1. Jon Stewart with guest Jerry Seinfeld spent this evening showing clips of Dr. Marcus Bachmann’s gay dancing and recording of his very sweet voice which the comedians even compared to Richard Simmons! A very funny sketch that all but outed Dr. Bachmann, the uber homophobe. So I guess it doesn’t take gaydar after all since Michelle’s hubby is such a swishy flamer.

  2. I first brought up the topic a couple of weeks ago here that Dr. Marcus Bachmann caused my “gaydar” to sound alarms. I see that Cher also said that her “exquisitely tuned gaydar” went off! I was attacked by a REICH-wing troll on another blog for being a liberal and making my suspicions known. You see we “libruls” don’t have a right to express our opinions! Yes, the gay community is tight-lipped in most cases about protecting our own, who for many good reasons, wish to stay in-the-closet. BUT we don’t protect HYPOCRITES, those who will hurt us for their own advancement and purpose. The Daily Beast now covers this emerging story.


    • I brought it up on July 5th too: http://whitenoiseinsanity.com/.....omosexual/. There’s something really fishy going on in that family, Grant! :lol: :lol: :lol: I bet they will never tell.

      My new brother and sister are gay and the 3 of us spent this past weekend in Provincetown-Cape Cod which is the gay capital of Massachusetts! What a blast we had. I think at one point I was dancing with 35 gay men on the dance floor! LOL

      • Planning on being in Boston and Newport, RI next month but not sure I will go out to P-Town being that it is kind of far at the end of a peninsula. We were in Key West last summer. Living in Houston with 3 dozen gay bars, don’t feel compelled to travel to “gay Meccas”.

        • From Boston, the drive will most likely take you 2 hours (depending on traffic to the Cape which can be pretty busy!). If you do end up going, you will have a blast in P-town! :D

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