Erick Bennett wants your sympathy for assaulting his wife….

In the following videos, Erick Bennett, who is running for Mayor of Portland and who is a jackboot licker for Paul LePage our atrocious big mouth governor, wants to explain his assault on his ex-wife (where he was convicted of the charge!) and then unfortunately right off the bat, he sides with Steve Lake who gunned down his soon-to-be ex-wife, his two kids, and then himself

Yep! Assaulting the wife or ex-wife is just ducky and there are reasons for it. A man is just driven to this kind of violence because it’s they who are the victims! See?

The reason why a court severs the physical communication between the father, the wife and the kids is because maybe….JUST MAYBE…the father is kind of violent and can’t be trusted with the safety of his soon-to-be ex-wife and the kids! Get that Erick? And did you pay your child support faithfully to your wife since you love your kid(s) so much? When you don’t, you are not a trusted parent in the eyes of the court!!!

Part 2 of his assault charge explanation (it’s the government’s fault when it comes to domestic violence!):

So far Erick has a done a very good job of showing how it’s his ex-wife who is the angry one and he’s the nicest, sweetest, and most reasonable person ever in the history of reasonable people. See? Typical (the abuser is always the nice guy!)!

Part 3 of Erick explaining how he’s the Master of Stopping Domestic Violence after he was charged and convicted of assaulting his ex-wife (kind of like Bristol Palin being the Master of Abstinence after getting pregnant at the age of 17 after a night of partying til she passed out!)…

I can’t believe he worked in the mental health arena! Ugh!!!! He explains that if the soon-to-be ex-wife or the mother of the children does not want her ass beat, the state must allow the batterer to see her and the kids! See? It’s not the fault of the batterer…it’s everyone else’s fault!

Part 4 where Erick explains it’s perfectly natural for a man to SNAP.

Part 5 where Erick explains all men in custody battles are the victims! (Erick says in this video that he wanted to adopt the little boy of his girlfriend (his ex-wife later on) to make as his own. Well guess what, Erick? The father of the child has to terminate parental rights to the boy before you can adopt him! See, you effing woman-blaming asshole!)

Part 6 where Erick explains how he and his wife had the best marriage on the planet where he never laid a hand on her or ever called her a mean name and then suddenly his soon-to-be ex-wife is taking out a Protection From Abuse against him, because he’s the nicest guy ever! Does anyone truly believe his wife asked him if she could go to his sister’s house to get HIS RIFLE to bring back to the house to set him up? I don’t!!!

SIDEBAR NOTE (here’s an email I received from a person who says he/she knows Erick well. Does the Erick in the video equal this summation of him or do you not see anything this person is saying about Erick?):

“Back in 2005 I started work with Erick (the same nutcase running for mayor of Portland) at T-Mobile in Oakland, Maine. He was eventually fired & escorted out by security for making racist remarks to and hanging up on customers who he didn’t find worthy of helping. Although we no believe he intentionally got fired so he wouldnt have to pay child support. I interacted and spoke with him almost every day including days we were not scheduled to work. I thought the people of Maine should know what Erick is actually like. Not that marijuana is necessarily bad but he often smoked it and if he wasn’t smoking it, he was bothering one of us to find some for him. He would get stoned and work on his myspace page for hours , sometimes longer and often asked one of us to take pictures of him ‘posing” shirtless. I am also told he likes painkillers but I only witnessed his marijuana infatuation. He was always extremely secretive and guarded. He would often disappear to Bangor for the weekends and at the time none of us knew what it was about. He lied and said he was visiting friends. we later found out he was consulting with his attorney, Joe Hunt regarding pending assault charges. After a while of him behaving suspiciously, we finally Googled his full name ( Erick M. Bennett, the M stands for Mario I believe). The search results(as you have found out for yourself) contained a link which was a PDF document from a court ruling. Apparently, the Erick Bennett who presents himself as a loving, caring dad on his facebook and myspace pages was also the same erick bennett who had assault charges stemming from an incident in which he beat up his wife in front of their kids. His ex wife also tells us he is a deadbeat dad and hasnt made contact or paid child support in close to a decade. Erick ran for town office in Oakland a couple years ago and lost in a landslide. He forgot that alot of his former co-workers from T-Mobile also lived in Oakland and were registered voters. What I am telling you is this: if people actually knew what he was like, he would have no chance winning any election( much like the election in Oakland). I am not surprised he lied about working for LePage campaign. Erick Bennett is a pathological liar who once had us convinced he was hand picked to be a keynote speaker on behalf of Mike Huckabee – yes, the former Presidential candidate. Erick is mentally unbalanced and is also prone to rage. He changes personalities and moods at the drop of a hat and if you ever oppose him or prove him wrong in any way, his usual defense is to act as though you do not exist. Erick belongs in a mental institution, definitely NOT a good choice for any kind of public service.”

This email is one of many I’ve received and almost all share the same experiences with Erick! Maybe Erick can spend some time debunking these emails for the people of Portland before they make up their mind on who they want as mayor of their great city! If I lived in Portland, I would not vote for this man for anything! Not even dogcatcher!

After watching these 6 videos, I am more creeped out about Erick Bennett than I was before!

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2 thoughts on “Erick Bennett wants your sympathy for assaulting his wife….

  1. you dont have to be a former CIA interrogator to know Bennett is lying in many of his videos. His mannerisms give it away. Especially when he looks up and away. this is typically a sign that his brain is creating a story rather than recalling an event. This guy is so far off the rocker that I cannot believe he is even allowed to run. Someone needs to investigate this guy before he hurts another woman (or worse)

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