SANE republicans in New York State pass the same sex marriage law!


Wow! Sane republicans can still be found in America! And we thought they all had gone batshit crazy with hate & bigotry! Nope, in New York State last night after a very long wait….the republican controlled Senate passed the state’s same sex marriage law. Amazing! New Yorkers from this day forward will find that their lives or heterosexual marriages haven’t changed a bit. Their lives will go on as usual without interruption. For the gay couples in New York, however, their lives together are just beginning! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

empirestatebuildingbaskinginrainbow(image of the Empire State Building basking in rainbow after the vote last night was FOUND HERE)

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9 thoughts on “SANE republicans in New York State pass the same sex marriage law!

  1. “Fuck it, I don’t care what you think. I’m trying to do the right thing.” — NY Republican Roy McDonald explains his Yes vote in support of marriage equality


  2. New Yorkers from this day forward will find that their lives or heterosexual marriages haven’t changed a bit. Their lives will go on as usual without interruption. For the gay couples in New York, however, their lives together are just beginning!

    That’s as good and pointed a summation as I’ve seen anywhere, Kay.

    Given this event, here are my “homosexual experience(s)”:

    In the very tiny neighborhood in which I grew-up in the 60s and 70s, my parents became friends with a local artist named Tom Clarkson who was, I can safely say, “a raving queen”. My contact with him as a young child was limited to the occasional adult soirees my mother would have to which he might be invited.

    One day, I must have been about 7, I was just wandering around doing nothing when I encountered Tom and we engaged in friendly conversation. It was damn hot that day,and he offered that he could fix me up with some ice-cold lemonade at his house, which happened to be just yards away, and I accepted.

    Whilst he got the lemonade sorted I perused the living room which was ridiculously jumbled with books and artifacts and paintings and noticed that a lot of the paintings were of rather fit, naked young men (they had of course been painted by Tom).

    Tom and I had our lemonades and talked about books and art (subjects I happened to be quite well versed-in), and then sufficiently entertained and refreshingly re-hydrated, I made a cheery exit and walked home.

    I recounted my day to my mother and remarked that Tom really, really seemed to like naked young men. My mother, from a South-Side Chicago Catholic Irish family, responded “well, some people are attracted to their own sex rather than the opposite sex”.

    And that was that. No lectures, no discussion. no “indoctrination”, just a matter-of-fact statement (as a matter of fact, when it came to my sex education my parents made no obvious effort whatsoever to instruct or even guide me).

    Some years later, when I was mildly molested by a couple of male homosexual teachers at my all-boys school (not at the same time, and not frequently) it wasn’t the homosexuality that bothered me but the context.

    My most significant exposure to male homosexuals has occurred in the US–living in Manhattan’s Chelsea district as I did, being a young man with an obvious English accent got me a some attention to which I simply responded “sorry, I’m not gay, but thanks for the compliment”—-because that’s all that the attention meant.

    For all that, I didn’t begin to appreciate what it meant to be gay until the subject of civil unions came up, and being “gay friendly” I thought that was okay but “gay marriage” seemed weird to me because I equated marriage with religion and given the “morals” of established Christianity I thought a “gay marriage” made no sense.

    But because the issue was pressed more and more I learned what marriage really involved—marriage isn’t just a romantic concept, it is a legal status, not unlike citizenship versus “resident alien” and, given the entrenched opposition to it, it is a matter if being simply, equally human.

    • Thanks for letting us peer into your childhood for a minute, 5thstate! Sad knowing that anyone would molest a child no matter if the adult is heterosexual or homosexual (though, seems most pedophiles are heterosexuals honestly!). Sorry you had to endure a minute of it. :( Wonderful that as you grew you realized that being gay is no different than being straight. Love is love and marriage is just a legal contract between two people via the state (nothing really amazing about it! The only amazing part is couples staying married for more than 10 years these days! LOL).


      My cousin Johnny was gay (I say ‘was’ because he died in 2000) and my father was raised by his gay uncle who he loved right up until the day Wayne died a few years ago. Wayne gave my Dad the best childhood (along with his sister!). When I found my birth mother and siblings last summer after 24 years of looking for them, I learned right off that one of my sisters and my brother are both gay. They were so thrilled that I’ve spent a lot of time of my life supporting gay rights! I wouldn’t have it any other way. The gays in my life now and in my past are treasures! :D

  3. Contrary to Rachel Maddow making the inference last night that it took a Republican controlled statehouse in Albany (32 GOP to 30 Democrats) to get this passed (the last legislature with a Democratic majority voted down a similar bill), it was only a few moderate Republicans (FOUR!) who gave this bill a victory. It is still the 29 Democratic senators who voted “aye” that can be given most credit.

    Maddow also just had to make an inference (false BTW) that New York Republicans have evidently done more for gays than President Obama, citing his remarks before a GLBT audience Thursday night. Other than slamming Obama, her unnecessary remark was in regard to the President talking about marriage being a state, not a federal function, and of course New York STATE took care of its prerogative.

    Sen. Rubén Díaz, a Church of God pastor in the Bronx, was the only Democrat who voted against it on religious grounds. Also, not only has public opinion been reversed with a majority polled favoring gay marriage in New York, the state also has a new Gov. Andrew Cuomo who worked very hard to get this bill to pass. To get Republican support, the bill had an opt out added for religious groups, IOW, no church can be forced to have gay weddings performed on their properties. When gay marriage was made legal in Massachusetts, many religious hospitals changed to self-funded health plans to exclude gay employees, as such are governed by federal, not state law. Under the federal Defense of Marriage Act, the hospitals are not required to extend insurance benefits to the spouses of gay or lesbian employees. This may happen in New York, so full equality will still not be realized.

    The marriage bill A08520 was first submitted by gay Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell. The Manhattan Democrat has been in a monogamous gay relationship for 29 years.

    • Grant, I didn’t mean to diminish the point that it was mainly democrats who voted this law in! I was just so shocked and happy to see some republicans coming to the plate to make sure it happened. :D

      Yeah, not sure why the gay community is so hard on President Obama. He’s done more for the gay community (he’s employed a ton of gays in his administration!) than any president before him! So aggravating for sure!

  4. I attended the 33rd Annual Houston Pride Parade last night along with 150,000 bystanders along Westheimer Blvd. There seemed to be a most joyous atmosphere, more high spirited than ever, and I attribute it to what New York did. The over two hour long parade is held at night here due to our June 90° temperatures (even at night but at least no hot sun). The parade had units from over two dozen churches including Methodist, Episcopal, MCC, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Unitarian, UCC, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Quaker…even Baptist and Pentecostals. Gay employees from United/Continental, Shell Oil, Wells-Fargo, Capital One marched under their corporate banners. As always, the parade had many convertibles filled with Democratic candidates and office holders including our lesbian Mayor Anise Parker, lesbian councilwoman Sue Lovell, U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee and Rep. Al Green. There was also a big colorful float entered by the Harris County Democratic Party. Over the years I had never seen ONE Republican politician ever attend this parade, so I guess none have the courage to endorse diversity and equality.

    Such a change in time and attitudes from when I came out to family and friends in 1965. Then, many would not even park their cars close to a gay bar and do their best to keep faces hidden while they quickly sneaked in the door. A long-time bar in Corpus Christi, TX is the Hidden Door, where the parking lot is somewhat hidden in the back and one still enters only by the BACK door (no pun intended :twisted: ).

    I was fired by two corporations in “liberal” California in 1972 and 1980 within days after I would be “outed” by a fellow employee (one got my job then!). Of course I wasn’t told the reason other than one company was “down-sizing” which they really didn’t do and the other company fired me because I was “unhappy” in my job (only two weeks after I had closed escrow on a new house built by that same company and then had to borrow money for a couple months for mortgage payments which did make me unhappy!).

  5. Today, the hateful “Christian” bigot Michelle Bachman, reiterated calls for a federal constitutional amendment which would overturn New York state’s new law legalizing gay marriage and similar laws in other states.” She added that “federal law will trump state law on this issue.” (so now she LOVES federal law over state law!!!)

    “States have, under the 10th Amendment, the right to pass any law they like. Also, federal officials at the federal level have the right to also put forth a constitutional amendment”, said Bachmann.

    She said her support for states’ rights as well as a federal amendment was “entirely consistent”. [Yeah, in her twisted mind!]

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