Sarah Palin is living up to Tina Fey’s impression of her!


Too freaking funny. During the 2008 Presidential campaign, Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live pretended to be Sarah Palin and the common theme of this character is ole Sarah going rogue (meaning, stealing the spotlight from McCain for her own personal benefit). Well, that’s what ole Dumbo Barbie did today: she stole the spotlight from Mitt Romney by showing up 100 yards from where he was announcing his entry into the 2012 Presidential race for her own personal benefit, gain, and attention!

She seriously is a hateful, despicable person. I don’t care for Romney, but I think what she did today was disgusting. Anyone who wants her as president of our great country is someone who hates our great country. The End.

Sarah Palin entered beauty pageants for the attention. She was a “news anchor” for the attention. She became mayor of Wasilla and governor of Alaska for the attention (only to quit both terms half way through!). She has others write pathetic books by her for the attention. She had a pathetic tv show made especially for her so she could have more attention she thinks she deserves. She is now on the road pretending to be on a  family vacation, when really, she’s doing it for the attention with 2012 in her sights, because she hates everyone who doesn’t lick her ass hairs and loses interest if they’re not. The End.

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5 thoughts on “Sarah Palin is living up to Tina Fey’s impression of her!

  1. While you’re vomiting about the antics by Bible Spice, check out this DailyKos post I found on Twitter tonight about Anthony Weiner and his pathetic bunch of right wing losers who have been going after him for awhile now:

    Here’s what The Smoking Gun is reporting on “Weinergate”:

    Quote by Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs (former rabid right wing site):

    “…it’s possible to send a picture to a user’s yfrog account and at the same time post an automatic tweet on Twitter, without ever hacking into an account. This is possible because of yfrog’s MMS posting feature, which is indisputably insecure.”

  2. Um, actually, guess what .. Weiner finally called the cops today … Not on the HACKER, which would be the intelligent thing to do .. but on a CBS2 New York reporter who dared to actually go to his office and ask questions. That’s called ‘a reporter doing their job’.

    This is starting to remind me of OJ Simpson and his ‘going after the real killer’ thing.

    Weiner calls the cops … on a reporter

    Now THERE is the mark of an innocent man. Right. He could have ended this stupid controversy Saturday by simply saying ‘I messed up’. The only one prolonging it is him.

    As for Palin, again, I’m not a Palin supporter or even a Romney supporter. What she DID do was tweak his nose by going there hours before he was to announce. Nothing wrong with that – it’s called ‘politics’.

    • Hey stupid, whose to say that the Weiner Haters took a photo of him at the gym? Seriously, they could have. They hate and they’ve been going after him for awhile now. Breitbart and his cronies stoop to any level to get a story! Weiner seems confused when he talks about the photo because it could be him (taken with his permission or accessed through his Facebook account illegally) and he’s not sure how it got on his Twitter page…or….it’s not him and he still doesn’t understand how it got on there!

      We’ll find out at some point. If Weiner is the one who did it, fine. He will have to deal with his constituents if he did, but if it’s found out that there was quite a conspiracy going on behind the scenes to get him, well, the reich wing will have to apologize once again to a Democrat. I look forward to it. Oh wait! They never apologize. Reich wingers go through life as sinners with jesus in their hearts!

  3. Once again, you refuse to address the basic fact that Weiner refuses to let the proper authorities handle this. Once again, the reply is ‘let him file a report with the proper law enforcement authorities’.

    That is the quickest way to find out who did it. If a hacking was done – then the perpetrator of the crime will be arrested and will hopefully be charged with MULTIPLE charges. That’s what the police and the FBI actually get paid to do. And given the high profile of this event, it’s a VERY safe bet it would be investigated.

    And once again, hiring a private investigator will do absolutely no good, because companies like Twitter aren’t required to turn over information regarding ‘login IPs’ without a court order. And you won’t see a court order happening without the Capitol Police or the FBI being involved. A private investigator has ZERO powers of arrest. ZERO powers to legally obtain the information, obtainable only by court order. You can bring up all you want about ‘what if this’ or ‘maybe this happened’, but it will do exactly zero good to bring the guilty parties to justice without law enforcement being involved. If an investigator does something dumb like illegally obtaining the IP trace, or illegally detaining a suspect, that suspect can and will get their case dismissed on Constitutional grounds.

    If a hacking was NOT done, then Weiner could be – and should be – charged with filing a false report.

    Think of this – the NYPD was actually AT Weiner’s office today. You had a perfect opportunity for the matter to become a criminal investigation – and when an arrest is made, the perp does the perp walk, in handcuffs. Visualize it – what if it WAS Breitbart or one of his people – don’t you WANT to see that? Yet – you continue to defend Weiner’s refusal to notify the proper authorities.

    I wore a badge for nine years – I have some idea of what I’m talking about. Do you?

    • Since you are the expert, tell us where Weiner’s investigators are in their investigation. Thanks!

      You wore a badge? LOL Don’t believe you! Most neocons who come to my blog say they’re “millionaire businessmen” or “US soldiers” or in your case “I happen to be a cop because this story needs one!”. :roll: :roll: :roll:

      If you’re really a cop, tell us what state and precinct you worked in and give us your name.

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