A right wing lunatic Maine representative pulls a gun on a Morning Sentinel reporter


Ahhhh, yes. The 2nd Amendment God-fearing Brownshirts have come to the Maine Legislature and they’re lashing out and threatening the people of our great state with guns now!

From the Portland Press Herald:

WATERVILLE — A state representative from Garland was arrested this morning for allegedly pointing a handgun at a man at point-blank range in a Dunkin Donuts parking lot.

Republican Frederick Ladd Wintle, 58, faces charges of criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon and carrying a concealed weapon for pulling a gun on Morning Sentinel photographer Michael Seamans of Sidney, police said.

In what police termed a “bizarre” series of events, Wintle allegedly started talking to Seamans about the infant that died this week at Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter on Ticonic Street and said he was looking for the mother’s drug dealer.

News reports made no mention of drugs involved in the infant’s death and did not reveal the identity of the family.

He then pulled a .22-caliber handgun out of his pants’ waistband and pointed it at Seamans in the Dunkin Donuts parking lot, located on Kennedy Memorial Drive, according to police

I’m telling you….Mainers did a disservice to our state in putting these violent Neanderthals into power!

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6 thoughts on “A right wing lunatic Maine representative pulls a gun on a Morning Sentinel reporter

  1. Kay,

    Seems to be a odd story… This man sounds more like a stalker then a vigilanti. I will not be surprised if his interest worked nearbye or inside the DD… Just saying.

    • Some are saying we should be nice to him because he’s obviously mentally ill. Ummm, he’s acting mentally ill because he believes poverty=killing babies=drug dealers! Typical teabagger. No one knows how the infant died at the homeless shelter and for this guy to be roaming the streets looking to kill the “drug dealer of the mother”, well, he looks plain ridiculous! Maybe he has a direct line to gawd and on the rapture, he wanted to do something “good” to get into heaven? LOL Not sure.

  2. And to think the Republicans in Texas not only wanted to pass a law allowing college KIDS to carry guns on state university campuses, they also were pushing to allow all politicians the right to carry concealed weapons into schools, bars, churches, etc. where they were previously banned. I guess all politicians are deemed SANE and privileged.

    • They may be deemed that but we all know those with an “R” after their name are INSANE and privileged! :lol: :lol: :lol:

      The Brownshirts have taken Maine over. It’s truly very sad!

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