Ancient republicans have been found!

They’re on the left and man oh man were they stupid back then too! Today they’re referred to as “teabaggers”….


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7 thoughts on “Ancient republicans have been found!

  1. I am getting so sick and tired of Republicans everywhere, with their assaults on women, children, the poor in America.

    The GOP won’t be happy until we have no more labor unions, no public schools that teach evil science and REAL history. Now they are trying to gut a SUPREME COURT decision to weaken Roe v. Wade to the place where it is just words left on paper.

    Texas legislators have just passed the Sonogram Bill to insert BIG Texas government between a woman and her doctor, and its on its way to Gov. Goodhair Perry to sign. Now, the Texas Senate Health and Human Services Committee has approved SB 1854, a bill that would ban Planned Parenthood from continued participation in the Medicaid Women’s Health Program (WHP). This would effectively block access to birth control, cervical cancer screenings, and other basic reproductive health care for more than 90,000 mostly poor Texas women.

  2. Fucking Republicans won’t pass a House Resolution to HONOR the Navy SEALS nor PRESIDENT OBAMA for killing Osama bin Laden. I guess they want to prevent President Obama’s name going down in Congressional history.

    The House will not hold a vote on a resolution honoring U.S. troops and the intelligence community on the mission that killed Osama bin Laden, the number-two House Republican said Tuesday.

    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said that House Republican leaders had been considering a symbolic resolution honoring the Navy SEALS and others involved in the bin Laden raid but that they had decided against one in an effort to keep in line with their new rules prohibiting commemorative measures.

    You see the Republicans had earlier passed a House Rule to put an end to daily proclamations of such trivia such as “National Asparagus Week” etc. So they think that Obama’s accomplishment EQUATES???

      • So while the FACT of killing Osama bin Laden will not be in the House Segment of the Congressional Record, it will be in the Senate Segment and most all history books elsewhere, forever. (I say MOST as currently Texas Republicans are doing their best to rewrite history texts here to expunge liberals, praise REICH-wingers)

        The World knows the role played by President Obama. Plus, The Senate, which has not instituted such a rules change as the House, passed a symbolic resolution that honors those involved in the successful strike on bin Laden’s compound. The Senate measure praised both President Obama and former president George W. Bush for their leadership in pursuing the al-Qaeda leader.

        And Eric Cantor’s excuse, that its because the House is following the new rules changes, is bogus. Remember, it didn’t take long for the GOP to refrain from the NEW rule to read aloud the section of the Constitution applicable to each new proposed bill! So Cantor LIES!

        • Exactly! Which rule has the right wingers in the US House actually followed since January???? None! They’ve been busy breaking them.

          • The Republicrites most recently broke THEIR own rule last week by passing a resolution in the House of Representative to rename the federal courthouse in Midland, TX, after George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. The carpetbagging Bush family moved to Midland from New Haven, Connecticut in 1948 in order to steal Texas oil! Bush’s daddy had been on the Board of Directors of Brown Brothers Harriman (owners of Dresser-Halliburton). The Bush family lived in Midland for 10 years before moving on to Houston in 1958 where George H.W. had become president of Zapata Offshore Oil Company.


            The courthouse had been the George H. Mahon Federal Building Federal United States Courthouse named after a DEMOCRATIC U.S. Congressman who represented Midland for 44 years.


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