The WWE edits the video of John Cena announcing Osama bin Laden’s death….

Before the WWE removes these videos from Youtube, check out John Cena right after he had won the championship. He put his belt down and then announced to the crowd that THE PRESIDENT has announced that we caught and killed Osama bin Laden:

Now, check out the video on the WWE website. The part where he says “the president” is edited out! Not surprised. Right wingers have very fragile egos and they still worship George Bush, even if Georgie is spending his days raping small children….


I’m sure the WWE will say that the first video was highly edited and it doesn’t matter. :roll:

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6 thoughts on “The WWE edits the video of John Cena announcing Osama bin Laden’s death….

  1. On World Wrestling Entertainment’s Monday Night Raw, the filthy rich McMahons presented a montage of video clips including the edited one of John Cena talking. In the montage, they play several scenes from George Bush’s visits to ground zero, the famous bull-horn scene, “USA! USA! USA!” and once again there was not one mention that our President Obama had anything to do with taking out Osama Bin Laden.

  2. Good on you for finding the original clip, Kay. :)

    That sound you hear way off in the distance is the explosion of winger heads. :lol:

    Their Bush is most likely profusely apologizing to his bff right now. You know, the one he was gazing at so lovingly in that famous photo of the hand holding among the bluebonnets at the fake ranch in Texas. :P

    • Actually, Grant found it for me/us, but none of this is surprising. The right wing of this country is atrocious! I’d like to shove some bluebonnets up Bush’s arsehole! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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