Donald Trump is a stupid billionaire!

The man is an idiot. He doesn’t want to talk about all his failed businesses or how he’s pressured and sued politicians to get what he wants to make a buck or how he’s filed bankruptcy more times than an American could ever dream of doing, so he HAS to be a BIRTHER to run for office.


I can see why he’s been a failure, because he’s relied on idiots for information!

This morning on MSNBC he called into Morning Joe and said that he’s investigating President Obama’s birth certificate. He also mentioned how there’s a video out there of Barack’s grandmother (the one he’s only met twice in his life!) saying he was born in Kenya. I remember that audio/video. It flew around the Internet like wild-fire like lies do! What Trump and his Idiot Brigade don’t remember is the family instantly clarifying itself to the media after the grandmother made the statement. What did she say? She said she thought the person was asking her about her son (Barack’s biological father), Barack Hussein Obama, who was born and raised in Kenya. Barack and his biological father share the same first, middle, and last name. They are both: BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. Our president has spent very little time in Kenya with his relatives there during his lifetime. His relatives there when they’re asked about “Barack” instantly think of the President’s FATHER, because he’s the one they had the longest relationship with for crying out loud! With both having the same name, I can see why it would get confusing for everyone!

Any Kenyan birth certificate that came out during that time was a FORGERY. In fact, if you want to, you can make up your own Kenyan Birth Certificate!

President Obama was born in Hawaii to his his American mother and his Kenyan-born father. His parents were married at the time of his birth in Hawaii. When President Obama was 2 years old, his father left his mother. He went back to Kenya to live out the rest of his life (which ended when President Obama was in college).

Now, one thing Donald Trump doesn’t know about that we average Americans do is what an original birth certificate is. ALL IT IS IS THE INFORMATION PROVIDED TO THE VITAL STATISTICS IN OUR STATES FROM THE HOSPITAL! All states have different paper they print the COPIES on. Yes, copies. None of us have access to any original birth certificate at Vital Statistics, though, our parents may have saved the one from the year of our birth. President Obama’s mother died years ago and who knows if his mother even kept a copy of his birth certificate from his year of birth or not, but one thing is for sure: IF YOU WERE BORN IN HAWAII IN 1920, 1960, 1980 or 2010 and you are requesting a copy of your birth certificate today, you will get a copy of your Hawaiian birth certificate on green paper like President Obama’s! All Hawaiians no matter when they were born will get a birth certificate like this! Some states have “Certificate of Live Birth” on the top, whereas, others have “Certificate of Birth”. Both mean the same thing!

So, Donald Trump is an idiot and if he does get the nomination for the teabagger party then I say let’s continue to have this conversation because it will be A HUGE LOSS FOR THE STUPID BILLIONAIRE!

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10 thoughts on “Donald Trump is a stupid billionaire!

  1. Meredith Vieira is planning an exit from NBC’s “Today Show” and “don’t let the door hit you in the ass”, Meredith, as your are NO “journalist”. She let The Donald come onto her show this morning and allowed him to level all of his teabagger LIES and she didn’t contest him, !

    I expect Faux News to keep up the birther message to its couple of million viewers, but today have seen Trump all over MSNBC and NBC reaching a much bigger audience. Of course Trump has his reality show on NBC, a show I stopped watching long ago as I can never stand to even see The Donald’s comb-over which doesn’t cover up his megalomaniacal EGO.

    Also, The Donald is hiring private investigators to travel to Hawaii to “search” for a valid Obama certificate. Guess that the Obama family PLANNED his run for president at his birth nearly 50 years ago, planting the false announcement in the Honolulu newspapers. Then the “fake” birth certificate was used to get 6 year old Barack a U.S. Passport to enter Indonesia with his mother and new stepfather.

    I get mad when talking heads like Chris Matthews says he thinks it is “strange” that the Honolulu papers printed birth announcements, always saying his own birth was never reported in the Philadelphia papers. Well, for those pundits from New York, and other big cities, it is common in smaller city/town newspapers all over America to have both birth and death reports. I know my birth in Indiana was published in two different newspapers because I was born near a county line, equidistant from two county seats.

    • Hopefully she didn’t contest what he was saying because she wanted to expose him as the idiot billionaire he is! :lol:

      Families have no control over birth or death announcements being printed in the paper. The hospitals are the ones who report them (the families can add their own info on a death announcement though). Of course, The Donald and the wingnuts have no clue how things work in the U.S., so they have to make up shit!

      • Lisa Myers allowed the same Trump LIES to be repeated on NBC Nightly News tonight and she too let his LIES slide by without contesting them. The problem is that a LIE told often enough becomes a fact, something the Nazi propagandists learned and used with much success. A good journalist doesn’t let the person they are reporting about control the agenda and lie without calling them on it. But then what passes for journalism in this nation anymore is a big joke.

    • First of all Donald Trump’s very rich daddy Fred Trump left behind an estate of $400 millions to his kids. So a young Donald had a multi-million dollar nest-egg to start him out on his own. Who amongst us couldn’t become successful if we had such a fortune to start with?

      But is he really successful? He has lost so much money, been notorious for filing bankruptcies and missing payments on his ventures. If you listen to him, you will hear he is worth BILLIONS, but can he be believed? IF he runs for president he will have to reveal his wealth but not sure we can believe what the fraud says or not.

      Donald Trumps SAYS he has a team of private investigators in Hawaii at the moment, sleuthing, but in the past month, only TWO persons have gone to the state to even ask to see Obama’s birth certificate, one being an AP reporter. In fact, only 25 people have done so in the past year so there doesn’t seem to be much interest from birthers to actually find out!

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