Of course the US House republicans had to put forth an atrocious budget bill!


They hate America. Let me say it again: THE REPUBLICANS HATE AMERICA, AMERICANS, AND ANYONE MAKING LESS THAN $5,000,000/YEAR! That’s right. As right wing nutcase Rep. Paul Ryan put it to Americans the other day: “THIS IS NOT A BUDGET. THIS IS A CAUSE”!

And what cause is that? Oh wait! I know! The Red Agenda is to destroy the middle class, kill off the poor/elderly/disabled, support the billionaires, and to create a New World Order of pasty white christian republicans to rule America (and your uterus! They even do this in Egypt!)! And if they have to kill off the entire country leaving themselves behind so they can say jesus came back to earth and chose them to remain, well, THEY WILL DO IT!

These insane republicans know the Democrats will not support their atrocious Red Agenda Bill and will stop it in the Senate. They will use the block as a way to spin it against the Democrats that it’s the Dems who have shut the government down, when really, it’s the IMMATURE republicans in the US House who chose that route by putting forth a CAUSE instead of a real budget! And don’t even get me started on how the right wing red control freaks put a line in their cause that states this “budget” bill will be considered law if the Senate refuses to accept it! Yep, telling the Forefathers to fuck off once again they are!

Last night in Wisconsin, the Democrats on the ballots across the state kicked ass. Let’s keep that momentum going please! TO SAVE THE NATION………VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT!

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6 thoughts on “Of course the US House republicans had to put forth an atrocious budget bill!

  1. Spending on Planned Parenthood represents only 0.008% of the disputed budget being voted upon so it is ALL about mostly men disputing what a woman can do with her body. What about the government paying for men to get Viagra through Medicare as it currently does???

    Title X also funds many other family planning agencies, some run by churches that get 3/4 of the total spending. However, the REICH is only screaming about the 1/4 that goes to Planned Parenthood, the largest organization that has been around for nearly 100 years (and once supported by the Bush family).

    • Here’s what I wrote on my FB wall tonight:

      “UPDATE FOR THE IDIOTS: Planned Parenthood provides pap smears, complete physicals, family planning, and birth control on a sliding fee scale to the patient. Abortions are paid for by the patient IN FULL. The End.”

      The republicans are lying and deceiving on this issue! I’m so glad the Democrats are standing up for women’s health care!!!! Abortion is such a small percentage of what PP does. They provide a ton of services to women/girls in this country and it’s all done on a fee scale. The money the Feds send them makes up the difference. THE PATIENT IS THE ONE WHO PAYS FOR THEIR ABORTION IN FULL. And it’s not cheap either. An abortion costs @ $400-600!

      • Sen John Kyl (R-AZ) LIED on the floor of the Senate today saying that abortions make up 90% of what Planned Parenthood does when the TRUTH is, it’s only 3% and that part of their business is separate from the main clinics, supported by private funds and accepting NO federal monies since Nixon. In fact, the REPUBLICANS over the years have been funding Planned Parenthood when they had majorities before, even over $300 million a year under George W. Bush. Seemed it took a black president in the White House before the REICH-wing discovered the funding, I guess. /snark

        • Yep, he lied ONCE AGAIN! What is it with these teabaggers? Oh wait. They adhere to the Tea Party Sharia Laws where lying is on there 3 times!

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