CNN POLL: Americans trust Democrats over republicans in the battle against the federal budget has a poll up on their front page asking, “Which party do you trust more in the battle over the U.S. federal budget?”. Of the 36,800 respondents, most said that neither party is, but those same respondents stated that it’s Democrats over republicans when it comes to this battle:


But I thought the reason why the republicans were put in control of the US House of Representatives in 2010 was because they were the answer to our nation’s prayers? Nope! Guess not! What we’ve seen coming from the republican camp is: WEAK IDEAS, WEAKNESS, AND WEAK LEADERSHIP. They have a new party meme: Weak Party Who Wants To Vacation Rather Than Work Hard For The American People!!

And the republicans are not just weak in Washington, DC. They’re weak here in Maine too. What is the pressing issue here in Maine that is covered in every newspaper and news channel non-stop and is being used to divert attention away from the fact the republicans (who control both the House & Senate here) are weak? MAKING THE WHOOPIE PIE THE STATE’S TREAT (yeah, in a state that is filled with blueberries! Go figure!)! See? The nutcases made lots of promises on the campaign trail in 2010, but now they don’t want to work hard, they have no new ideas, and it’s much easier for them to weaken rules, laws, and regulations to appease their lazy friends in our state and out of state who want to do business here!


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2 thoughts on “CNN POLL: Americans trust Democrats over republicans in the battle against the federal budget

  1. I’m sure the media is all over that poll, right? Using it to beat up on the Republicans on their hypocri…you mean they aren’t? No, your kidding, right?

    Love ya, K.

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