Gov. Paul LePage is breaking Federal laws with his pick of a casino developer to head the Maine Department of Environmental Protection!

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Well, there’s a shocker! A tea party asshole ignoring the laws to benefit himself and his buddies!

From MPBN (emphasis mine):

During his confirmation hearing Darryl Brown’s ownership of Main-Land Consulting was raised by several lawmakers who politely tried to point out that as chief regulator of the DEP Brown would be the equivalent of “the fox guarding the henhouse” since even Brown acknowledged that his engineering and development consulting firm does business with the department on a regular basis. This is what Brown told members of on January 25th:

“Main-land Development, in the course of a year, probably has eight projects that go before the Department and I would say that probably 25 to 35 percent of Maine-Land’s work is DEP-related,” said Brown on January 25th, in front of the Legislature’s Environment and Natural Resources Committee.

Brown retains a financial stake in his company even though he has taken steps to recuse himself from its daily operations and said he intends to put it up for sale. But until now, no one has raised a particular statute that specifically points to Brown’s possible conflict of interest. Enter attorney Steve Hinchman with the Androscoggin River Alliance. He says he had a suspicion that Brown’s appointment might be against the law.

“I happen to know the Clean Water Act,” said Hinchman. “I went looking through the books on my shelf and you know – there it is: Section 304(i) - you can’t be a permit holder or be paid by a permit holder and sit as the decision maker for these very permits.”

Specifically, Section 304(i) sets “minimum” requirements for permitting by states like Maine under the federal Clean Water Act by spelling out:

“No board or body which approves permit applications or portions thereof shall include, as a member, any person who receives, or has during the previous two years received, a significant protion of his income directly or indirectly from permit holders or applicants for a permit.”

The statute goes on to say that a significant portion of income means ten percent or more of gross personal income for a calendar year.

And to the Democrats who voted to confirm Dan Brown without doing their homework: SHAME ON YOU! Now, start voting against this phucking asshole in the Blaine House please!

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37 thoughts on “Gov. Paul LePage is breaking Federal laws with his pick of a casino developer to head the Maine Department of Environmental Protection!

  1. Off topic but lets see if you go batshit insane over this one ..

    Seems Mr. Obama wanted a THREE YEAR extension of the Patriot Act. You know, the one all the screaming lefties said Bush was using to establish a dictatorship?

    The Hose GOP shot it down.

    I think this is where, if you have any intellectual honesty left, bash Mr. Obama for wanting to extend the Patriot Act for 3 years .. and thank the House GOP for shooting it down

    Must be a beeotch to be a leftie …


    • We’ve been saying all along that Obama is NOT a leftist socialist, is really a centrist. I am not surprised as he has tried to bi-partisan. I am sure a President McCain would have supported extending it too. Except for the quasi-Libertarian teabaggers, who really were the ones who shot this bill down, the Republican establishment wanted the extension, too. Personally, I am glad it was shot down.

      • He was a centrist on the campaign trail, Grant, but the neck drooling knuckle draggers didn’t notice because they were too busy envisioning themselves having sex with Sarah Palin!

  2. Thats because the GOP figured they had a 2/3 majority but had 8 votes less.

    Doesnt change the fatc that Obama wanted a 3 year extension.

    The GOP wanted MUCH less … 9 more months and that was it.

    Oh, and heres anothet tidbit directly from NPR. Seems one of the biggest Obamacare supporters was wanting people who refuse to follow it WEAR A GOLD STAR AND BE REFUSED CARE.

    Shades of WWII Europe anyone? Nuremberg Laws?

    • So, are you unpatriotic for not supporting Obama’s desire for a 3 year extension? You neocons love the Patriot Act, so I’m not sure why you’re bitching except you’re bummed it wasn’t extended for any length of time.

    • I see our TROLL “Intellectual” Conservative took “out-of-context” again. The next sentence reads:

      Nichols is only half serious about that gold star. He is quick to point out that doctors and hospitals are bound by professional standards not to turn away patients in need of emergency care.

      One should be careful in many cases to avoid references to Nazi Germany. However, our TROLL also claims that Len Nichols, a health economist who teaches at Virginia’s George Mason University, is one of the BIGGEST supporters of Obamacare. Do you know them all??? Bet Professor Nichols may even be unknown in White House circles.

  3. Um conserv-o-tard;

    But it appears the bill was controversial enough to convince some two dozen tea party-backed Republican freshmen to join a majority of Democrats in voting against it, The Hill reported.


    So it was a majority of democrats with only a dozen republicans who defeated the bill :shock: :shock:

    The Hose GOP shot it down.

    No shiite for brains, see above;

    a majority of Democrats in voting against it, :shock: :shock:

    Sucks to be WRONG as usual eh dippy shiite :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  4. PS stupid;

    Next week the GOpers are gonna bring it up again where it doesn’t need a 2/3 majority to pass so the GOPers will be able to vote to extend the Unpatriot Act

  5. Hey shiite fer brains, read and weep;

    On Tuesday night, House Republican leaders suffered an embarrassing setback when members of their own party scuttled an attempt to extend key provisions of the PATRIOT Act. The way it unfolded suggested that the GOP didn’t see the rebellion coming — that they weren’t aware that a meaningful chunk of their own party opposed their efforts, and wouldn’t have their arms twisted.

    The bill required a two-thirds super-majority to pass under rules required to expedite legislation. Leaders thought they had it in the bag. They came up seven votes short.

    Under the Democratic leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer, this rarely happened — if legislation, including PATRIOT Act reauthorization, came to the floor, it was because they had the votes. And today, Democrats are relishing in Tuesday’s mishap.

    “I think the Republican leaders have a real challenge,” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer told reporters Wednesday morning. “I think their party is divided.”

    The truth of the matter is that Tuesday’s PATRIOT Act foible can be undone under the normal, more time-consuming rules. But Republican leaders are having a hard time explaining why they decided to press ahead with something controversial without being sure they had it in the bag.

    Asked Wednesday morning why the bill was brought up under expedited rules, a terse House Speaker John Boehner simply replied, “it was.”

    But Hoyer cautioned that this could be a harbinger for their entire substantive agenda: the GOP has promised major spending cuts, a hiked debt ceiling, and deficit reduction. And somehow or other they’ll have to deliver.

    “I think they have a very difficult challenge in their party between those who understand that when you get down to real cases — I think this is what Mr. Boehner meant when he said we’re going to have an ‘adult moment’ when we deal with the debt limit,” Hoyer said. “We’ll see whether or not in fact Mr. Boehner’s adult moment is met by adults.”

    To underscore the challenges the GOP faces, Hoyer pointed out that thus far their successes have been largely symbolic, perhaps indicating that support for a far-reaching conservative agenda just isn’t there.

    “If you’re going to get a handle on the deficit, pretending you’re going to get a handle on the deficit by focusing on about 14 percent of the budget is not reasonable, not possible, and to some degree demagoguing,” Hoyer said. Real cuts require controversial policy changes, he said, “very few of which the Republicans are pursuing at this point in time. They are for the most part pursuing this YouCut/YouTube website plebiscite that they’re running, and I’m not sure who’s voting on these, but…the one they have on this week was apparently number one in their hit parade, and the CBO says it scores zero savings. Zero savings.”

    As his weekly press availability drew to a close, a reporter asked him whether he had any vote-counting tips for GOP Whip Kevin McCarthy. Hoyer demurred, “I don’t think he’d want my help.”

    sucks to be wrong ALL THE TIME eh dippy shiite? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  6. Actually I’m one of the people who was against the Patriot Act from day one.

    There’s a couple of questions ..

    Why dont you dare criticize Mr. Obama for wanting another extension of the PATRIOT Act?

    And where’s your criticism over the Gold Star thing?

    Oh and for the record, if some GOP Congressman did something dumb then he’s a scumbag and he deserves to have his ass handed to him in divorce court. Unlike you, I’m not worried about calling the BS flag on someone on my own side.

    Yes, 2 more of examples of you saying ‘It isnt a dictatorship in the making if it’s US doing it!’

    • Oh yes….”you were against the Patriot Act too”! :roll: I don’t agree with Obama on the Patriot Act. The End.

      UPDATE: all republicans down in DC and you are SCUMBAGS.

  7. Then lets see you do one of your hate and rage filled screeds like you did against Bush and the Patriot Act.

    Show some moral clarity.

    Oh and as for that idiot Congressman, he resigned effective today. Let his wife take him to the cleaners in divorce court. He deserves it, and he deserves to lose custody of any kids he has.

    Gee I wonder what your response would be if someone on the right said people who refuse to have insurance should wear a gold star on their forehead saying ‘dont treat this person’?

    • Is this the comment you’re talking about, Fasclican?…

      “if you ever try to buy insurance again, you’ll have to pay three times the market price, and we will put a gold sticker on your forehead and say to all hospitals, ‘You do not have to treat this person; this person has forfeited their right to uncompensated care.’ ”

      :roll: :roll:

      You need to find a better script or stop watching Glenn Beck’s chalkboard because it’s making you loony and delusional!

  8. No comment on your dishonesty claiming the GOP voted down the Patriot Act eh conserv-o-dummy?

    The majority of the votes were members of the Democratic Party not the party of corruption and liars, :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    • LOL Is that what you’re doing? Using “my tactics” against me? I hadn’t noticed. You’re not very good at being me. You, on the other hand, are showing how much you and your Nazi Fasclicans are wasting American’s time by saying “gold stickers” are actually “Nazi Gold Stars Engraved With A Knife On The Forehead”, just because you HATE the idea of Americans being insured! YOU HATE IT! Why don’t you admit it.

  9. At his “State of the State” speech in Austin last night, Gov. Perry says that “Texas is the envy of our nation!”

    And Gov. Perry wants to balance the huge $27 billion Texas deficit on the backs of the poor and children, without raising taxes or going into the emergency reserve of over $9 billion, and now wants to cut Medicaid by 10%. Texas is already second from the bottom in state reimbursements to healthcare even when the Federal government sends $1.47 to Texas for every $1.00 the state sends to Washington. Do the Republicans want medical professionals who have put Texas hospitals on the world map as some of the best anywhere, to start losing doctors? (But then every doctor I’ve known is a Republican because they seem to care most about paying as little tax as possible). This cut in Texas Medicaid will mostly affect the POOR living in nursing homes. Well they are probably brown and black, anyway,….so put them out on the streets. /snark

    And of course there has been no initiative coming from Austin, where the legislature is now 2:1 Republican to Democratic, to create ONE job. In fact cutting about $10 billion in order to balance the budget will put THOUSANDS of Texans out of a job, mostly in the vital fields of education and health care.

    What are the Republicans doing that is so important? Well pushing bills to prevent Sharia Law in Texas (like a couple hundred thousand Muslims here are going to “take over” the other 25 million of us!). Then there is the “Sonogram” Law where BIG TEXAS GOVERNMENT INTERVENES between a woman and her doctor, FORCING every woman wanting an abortion to have to have a sonogram, require a medical professional like a doctor, sit down with her and describe all of the physical features of the embryo/fetus and listen to a “heart” beat that is supposedly heard in Day 18 (but actually it is more like 9 or 10 weeks into the pregnancy). Then the woman has to wait 24 hours for the abortion, after going through psychological trauma being forced to believe she is murdering the mass of cells within her womb. Plus WHO will PAY for this added medical requirement???

    Another big agenda on the Legislature’s calendar is a “papers please” law like Arizona’s, Voter ID because so many illegal Mexicans “vote” when study after study has shown voter fraud is actually rare, here in the state.

    BTW, Perry is suggesting cutting the Public Utilities Commission by 90% when Texas had a day of electrical blackouts last week and tonight with temperatures plunging below freezing everyone is being told to conserve power in their homes in order to not have more blackouts. IOW, turn off space heaters and freeze. Bet Perry’s $10K a month state rent-paid house in Austin is warm. With Texas going through black-outs, iced over highways, traffic problems on highways and close airports last week, seems Perry got out of town ahead of time and spent 4 days in sunny California, as he HAD to attend the Ronald Reagan “birthday” party (or was it a “Weekends at Bernie’s” party?).

  10. Actually, wrong yet again as usual. The healthcare system does need fixing, but even the CBO AND the GAO says what your side did was a giant fiscal goat screw that wont work.

    As for the gold sticker thing even the NPR host was aghast on that one.

    And given the fact you have Beck wearing a swastika on your page, for you to not figure out I’m mocking you with the ObamaFascist links speaks of your intellect.

    • So, what does work? Should we go back to Americans losing their homes or driving up hospital costs because you ninnies tell them it’s cheaper “and free” to “go to the doctor’s office at the hospital”, because you don’t like the idea of health insurance companies being told to start treating Americans with some respect? Really, tell us what our nation needs to do so all Americans are covered and the cost of health care is the same as paying the telephone bill!

      Remember NPR under George Bush? Georgie kept threatening to pull some of their funding so NPR became more right wing to impress the Fuhrer! Anyone who panicked or fainted over the idea of a gold sticker is someone who has heard TOO MUCH RIGHT WING RADIO AND TV!

      Beck loves the Swastika. Not my fault, fasclican!

  11. Gonna admit you lied conserv-o-turd, when you claimed the GOP “hose” (third grade education showing again dippy shiite.)

    The GOPer leadership was FOR the bill which is why they are bringing it up again next week.
    they were blindsided by 12 out of 241 republiscum, isn’t the Hose GOP shot it down.

    YOU LIE :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    • They STILL love George Bush’s Patriot Act, his two illegal occupations, when he spied on Americans in February 2001, and the list goes on and on! They know we liberals were right when we said what George Bush does effects the power of all future presidents as does each future president. They didn’t listen because they loved (and still do!) their Dear Leader!

  12. What the GOP was FOR was extending it for another 9 months and then ending it permanently. Your guy sitting in the Oval Office wanted it for 3 more years.

    What got shot down was ANY extension – by 8 votes.

    What youre not addressing (again, as usual) is why a> Obama lied during his campaign saying ‘no Patriot Act’ then then turned around and wants it extended for years on down the road? And why no ranting criticism from you about Obama wanting it for another 3 years? And you sit there and talk about your snarky ‘Dear Leader’ comments? Where’s your criticism over Obama basically tossing you under the bus by doing what he’s doing?

    There are some relatively easy fixes for the healthcare system. One limitation the insurance companies have is theyre only limited to operating in one state each. Hence Blue Cross of California, Nevada etc. Why not let companies compete for your money across state lines? Do you even have the first clue about what a company like Blue Cross Blue Shield has in adiminstrative costs when you have not one, but 50 duplicate levels of corporate bureaucracy, one for each state? I own my own company (and have operational control over two others) and I can tell you for an absolute fact that if I had to operate under the restrictions that the healthcare providers have to operate under I wouldn’t be in business.

    And that’s just ONE thing that you can do to fix things.

    Another is tort reform to go after the nuisance lawsuits. I know the trial lawyers – big Obama supporters, mostly – hate the idea, but I won’t lose sleep over trial lawyers losing business.

    Lastly, what about giving people a tax credit and let them buy their own policies – picking and choosing what benefits work for them? And if they take that tax credit and choose NOT to get insurance, why is it incumbent on you or I to subsidize them?

    • 1. The Patriot Act was to end in December of this year, but the republicans wanted to extend it along with President Obama. It got shot down. They’re going to bring it up again and it will pass and I’m sure you’ll be gleeful, because you love those ‘Egyptian democracy laws’!

      2. Shot down by THE DEMOCRATS along with some of your teabagger buddies! Nice huh? It’s like we’re in Egypt, you know, the Muslim Brotherhood (the teabaggers), the socialists, the commies, non-religious people, and everyone but the Bush Apologists coming together! Nice, huh?

      3. Obama did not lie. Did he know that he would have a right wing teabagger US House 2 years in? Nope. So shut the fuck up about this! You’re stupid!

      4. THE REAL ANSWER TO THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM (and the republicans would say it’s constitutional): AN AFFORDABLE PUBLIC OPTION FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO CHOOSE FROM IN EVERY STATE….ONE THEY CAN AFFORD FROM CRADLE TO GRAVE THAT INCLUDES EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE CEO & WALL STREET! See? You neocons need to push for this since you say you are the force of our nation right now and the Fixers!

      5. There would be no need for tort cases if Americans had a public option system where if they had a bad surgery (or whatever the case may be) they would be able to get it fixed again.

      6. Small businesses are getting a tax credit right now that is affording them the ability to offer health insurance to their employees for the first time ever. Most Americans that are working are getting their insurance from their employer and that savings is being and will be passed on to them. The Affordable Care Act allows those employers and uninsured/insured Americans to pick from the same companies our congresscritters get to choose from on the Exchange. They will get the same discounts too! Neat, huh? Go tell your one friend you have.

      7. The fine for not getting insurance is .02% of what it would have cost them to be insured. In other words, very low! By the way, how come the wingnuts you crave in the US House haven’t done away with the mandate? President Obama in his State of the Union address said that if that’s what they want to do to go do it. He’d rather a scalpel be used rather than do away with this much needed health insurance reform bill.

  13. Um, no.

    The GOP wanted to extend it for 9 months. That’s a fact. You’re entitled to your own opinions, yes, but you’re not entitled to your own facts. Facts are nasty things because they don’t care what your opinions are.

    And the problem with the ‘public option’ is that everywhere else it’s been tried, it failed – even in a Democratic controlled Congress. Especially when here, as in other places, you CANT SUE THE GOVERNMENT IN SUCH CASES. Actually in MOST cases such suits are tossed out, and the ACA specifically exempted the Govenment from such lawsuits. So what you have with the public option is all the efficiency of the DMV.

    And, the problem with your mandate thing is the whole ACA has been ruled unconstitutional by the judge in FL precisely BECAUSE of forcing people to buy a service. Bitch at him if you like but the law is the law. And before you come back with ‘he hasnt issued an injunction’ I refer you to Federal law and Federal Court Procedures which specifically hold officers of the Executive Branch in contempt of court when they ignore such rulings. In other words, in such a thing where a law is ruled unconstitutional, the Feds are REQUIRED to either file an appeal or the ruling stands. There’s no gray area here. No amount of wishing otherwise on your part will change that.

    The GOP hasn’t had to remove the mandate because the entire law has been ruled unconstitutional, hence null and void.

    • They want to extend it as does Obama. That’s a fact. The large majority of the Democrats do not want it extended. That’s another fact.

      You mean buying a government insurance policy that is affordable so people can keep it will fail? LOL! Seriously, GET YOUR FASCLICAN HEAD OFF FOR A MOMENT BECAUSE YOU’RE TALKING LIKE GLENN BECK!

      Why would you have to sue the government if your gov. insurance accepts all preexisting conditions? Huh? If you got the wrong toe cut off paid for with private insurance money and you sue… don’t get your toe back! Yes, you get some money but YOU ALSO DRIVE UP THE COST OF MALPRACTICE INSURANCE AND HEALTH INSURANCE COSTS TOO!

      I thought you wingers hated tort cases because most are frivolous? You’re very confusing some days!

      The health insurance reform bill is considered “unconstitutional” by you wingnuts, because you support private insurance charging $1200/month for insurance. The End. You love Wall Street and you’re invested in these health insurance companies who are refusing to pay for services to make sure your WALL STREET WELFARE CHECK keeps coming in! See?

      Has been ruled unconstitutional? By the US Supreme Court? NOPE! Sorry, everything that is happening right now is not affecting anything except in your retarded slow synapse brain!

  14. Hey you lying conserv-o-turd;

    The US House of Representatives voted Thursday night to extend controversial provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act.

    The final vote was 248 to 176, largely along party lines. Just 4 Republicans voted against the extension, while only 15 Democrats voted for it.

    read and weep,

    GOPers voting to take freedoms away,

    Democrats voting to allow Americans to keep their freedoms.

    Them’s the facts you lying scum.

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