It’s time to end the job killing tax cuts for the wealthy!


The reason why republicans are for tax cuts for the wealthy is: THEY KNOW THE WEALTHY WILL HOARD THEIR MONEY, PAY LESS TO THE FEDERAL GOV. IN TAXES, AND UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE WILL ALSO PAY IN LESS IN TAXES TOO. What does this all mean? It means the less money going to the Feds the quicker Grover Norquist’s dream of making the American government small enough to drown in a bathtub will be created! They want America to fail!


The republicans don’t care about the poor or the middle class. They only care about giving more money to the people who don’t need it, who always lay off people when they get a nice ole tax break, and they only care about their cushy life while eating a sandwich in front of a starving child!

TO PRESIDENT OBAMA: End these tax cuts for the wealthy! VETO ANY BILL THAT EXTENDS THE LIFE OF THE JOB KILLERS! Don’t compromise with the republicans because if they had the chance they would literally stab you and your family to death! They don’t care about you, they don’t like compromising against corporate welfare, and they certainly can’t be trusted!

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16 thoughts on “It’s time to end the job killing tax cuts for the wealthy!

  1. Man X ownes a business. X employs thirty people. The government raises X’s taxes, costing him more money from his profits. How does this enable him to maintain his current level of employment, let alone increase it?

    • Josh, you have to give details of the business. Are all the employees legal Americans paid above the table? What are their salaries? Are they all full-time/part-time? What is the yearly gross/net profit of the company? Raising taxes brings in more revenue to the state, local, and federal governments which in turn benefits everyone. Under Clinton, he raised taxes on the uber wealthy and the middle class and our nation flourished. Tax cuts for the wealthy under Reagan, H.W. Bush and George W. Bush hurt our nation and continues to do so.

      Do employers buy their construction equipment outright or do they buy it on credit or a loan? Usually the latter which enables them to increase their business at a low minimum price. Same with taxing businesses….they will want to hire more people to expand their business if they have to pay more in taxes. When they get a tax cut, they’re more apt to not spend the money they’ve saved and put it towards their own profit margin. This is what Wall Street companies are doing. They’re laying off and taking their tax cuts. They would sit up straight if they had to start paying Clinton Era rates again! It always happens this way.

    • Josh, you need to tell us why raising taxes is a bad thing. Why do you stand up for the companies who are making tens and hundreds of millions of dollars a year, when mainly, the real small businesses in America are less than $250,000 gross or net!

  2. Well, they’ve reached a compromise! The wealth will get their tax cuts and that means the unemployment rate will stay the same for those two years and America will stay in it’s slump. Way to go!

  3. Please explain:

    1) How you arrive at your conclusions that raising taxes helps people at any income level, other than zero.

    2) How not raising taxes = tax cut.

    3) Why wanting to keep one’s earnings is selfish and greedy, but screeching about taking away peoples’ earnings to fund your utopia is not selfish or greedy.

    4) Finally, can you reconcile such hard economic facts as “Laffer’s Curve”- the incontrovertible fact that higher taxes yield lower tax revenues, or “Hauser’s Law”- the incontrovertible fact that no matter how high the top rates on earners have been raised, tax revenue never exceeds 19% of GDP?

    I mean, honestly- it sounds like you just make stuff up because it fits your angry, class-hatred. Instead of linking some opinion piece, can you back up your assertions as to peoples’ economic behavior, using say, actual economic data from a non-politicized source?

    I expect you’ll do your usual- say something rude to me, then close comments.

    • Tax cuts in the hands of the poor & middle class is good because they’ll spend the money. Tax cuts for the uber wealthy has the opposite effect.

      Do I know you? Oh wait! You’re a right wing troll who keeps changing his name because he can’t stay away from me, because you’re addicted!

    • Answers:

      1) Raising taxes means more revenue for local, state, and federal levels.

      2) Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy have been in effect for 10 years. We’ve lost 7,000,000 jobs since they were implemented. They’re not good for our country!

      3) If you made $100,000,000 and had to pay $25,000,000, would that family be suffering? Let’s be real here “Barth Dacron City Boy”! Idiot.

      4) Not sure how to answer this question. The Laffer Curve is theory. Under Ronald Reagan, for instance, the starting tax rate on the wealthy was 70% and by the time he left in 8 years, he had reduced it down to under 30% and our nation was in full recession. He was spending and not taxing the uber wealthy at the same time. Clinton, on the other hand, raised taxes on both the rich and the middle class and cut spending. Obama would like to give tax breaks to the middle class and raise the rates on the wealthy back to what it was under Clinton, but he can’t, because NOW the republicans want some compromise for the wealthy, but when it comes to the poor or middle class, they don’t want to!

      The rich/republicans hate the poor & middle class. That’s class hatred at it’s finest, because it’s the poor and middle class who work for the rich!! Go figure.

  4. Wrong.

    And please- spare me the personal insults. You don’t know me, so don’t make your bigoted assumptions.

    Unfortunately, you live in a world where something is so, because you desire it to be so.

    I mean, are you actually so dishonest as to imply that the BIPARTISAN tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 didn’t result in the largest increase in tax revenue in history? You’re entitled to your opinions, but not your own set of facts. As for Laffer’s Curve, it’s not ‘theory’- which shows again you don’t understand the words you use. It’s an observation of FACT- that when marginal rates rise, tax revenue declines.

    If you cared one ounce for facts, and less for your rabid avarice for what others earn, you’d be able to admit the fact the the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts also reduced the rates paid by the middle fifth (the middle class you claim to champion, Kay) to an historically low level.


    Like it, or keep living in your little cloud of class hatred and blatant lies.

    • The largest tax revenue in history? Got a link to prove that. The real estate market was booming under Georgie, but it was all based on derivatives, credit default swaps, and mortgage backed loans. IT SANK THE NATION. A $600 TRILLION DERIVATIVES BUBBLE WAS CREATED UNDER HIM….all based on nothing! But hey, keep telling yourself the wealthy created tons of jobs. Ummmm, no: THEY HOARDED THEIR CHINESE-PAID TAX CUTS WHILE THEY ALSO MADE MONEY ON REAL ESTATE! They didn’t suffer one bit during a time of war, but the POOR & MIDDLE CLASS DID!

      Those tax cuts are still in effect TODAY. Tell us how many jobs are being created!

  5. And I see you’ve already resorted to editing my posts when you’re unable to address their substance.

    How “Reality-Based” of you.

  6. You have to remember, Barth, this is the same person who refused to criticize the insider trader and Nazi HELPER George Soros. Conviction of insider trading was done in a French Court, and Soros openly admits helping the local Naxi thugs collect property of the Jews who were forced to, um, ‘relocate’. Also the same person who refused to offer one word of criticism to wealthy Democrat landowners in Hawaii who were convicted in Federal Court on what amounted to holding workers in conditions akin to modern day white slavery.

    The truth is toxic, unfortunately, to some. And no, that isn’t a personal attack. It’s actual facts of what you’ve done, Kay.

    • And you supported George Bush who had 4 insider trading charges against him prior to being chosen by the right wing SCOTUS in 2000! Oh, but you don’t want to talk about that!

      Soros takes down dictatorships. You neocons prop them up. The End.

      The republic party has enslaved our nation. Where’s your outrage, Dumbo?

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