A question for Juan Williams…

On the morning of 9/11/01, did the terrorists wear Muslim-garb? NOPE! Your fear of Muslims is baseless. How the hell would you like it if someone judged you by the way you look?

REMINDER: Muslims wearing their garb should be trusted. They’re the ones who aren’t sinning. The terrorists BEFORE the morning of 9/11 had spent time in casinos getting lap dances, were drinking alcohol, and were conspiring to kill people….ALL THREE OF WHICH ARE AGAINST WHAT ISLAM STANDS FOR!

You’re a bigot, Juan Williams. Admit it!


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8 thoughts on “A question for Juan Williams…

  1. I was shocked that NPR hired Williams in the first place. I felt NPR was just appeasing the right when Williams was hired. Whenever anybody begins a speech “You know I’m not a bigot” always raises a question in my mind. If you’re not a bigot why say you’re not a bigot? I think it’s something quite interesting to think about.

    • What I find most ironic is the right wingers saying NPR acted hastily in firing Williams, but yet, they’re calling for all federal funding of NPR to be pulled! Seriously, the hypocrisy continues.

  2. I met and talked with Juan Williams in the mid 90′s, well before he went on to Fox. At that time he was a frequent quest on Crossfire and that’s what we talked about for the most part. I videotaped a speech he gave at my university, I’ll have to dust off the tape and see what he said back then. Maybe I can make some news with it. :) I remember him being reserved as a liberal and wasn’t surprised when he went to Fox. What surprised me soon after that was that NPR hired him.

    • Time to dust off THAT tape Jim! :D His latest gaff was implying that anyone with Muslim garb on scares him. Where did that fear come from? The Bush years? Yessiree! Steve Colbert would be so proud of Juan Williams in Keeping the Fear Alive!

  3. Love them Muslims don’t you, traitor? Be careful; you and the filthy creature you squeezed out of your cunt might just die alongside them.

    • LOL Awwwwww, did someone wake up this morning with his George Bush DILDO in sideways? Seriously, you start the day out with a death threat against me and my son? What a typical NAZI FASCIST YOU ARE! Did you rape your daughter this morning too before beating the shit out of your wife like your buddy James Cummings would do?

  4. Jonolan,
    You’re a hack.
    Your “insults” are par for a disturbed 17 year-old, and are as Neolithic and simple-minded as
    any below-average, garden-variety moron.
    Read a little Ayn Rand & get back to me, Junior….
    Why? Glad you asked, mental midget, I’m happy to explain…
    As stated above, tiny, little man, by coming in here, and posting like the idiot you are,
    you’re showing your hand…
    What “hand” is that, you ask?
    Well, Mr. mein Kampf, you’ve clearly brought an intellectual butter knife to a gun fight, and have proved by your empty, shallow, rhetoric that you’re to be taken as seriously as a fart in the wind.

    Love and kisses, Wanker.

    • Love Meg! *thumbs up*

      Don’t expect Jonolan to respond. He’s a coward just like Hitler was. Hitler in the end didn’t have the guts to face his crimes so he blew his head off along with his wifey. Seriously, the right wing of this country and the world are a sad lot!

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