Glenn Beck is being poisoned now? *rolling eyes*


If Glenn Beck is being poisoned, then I’m going to guess it’s Glenn Beck who is poisoning himself, because this is a guy who is paranoid about everything (he even once said the FBI was protecting him from a crazed gunman one night during one of his shows because a PSYCHIC told him his life was in danger!) while at the same time, he’s concocting up ridiculous chalkboard conspiracies against President Obama and the liberals in this country, so he needs to have his Mormon Militia Listeners feel sorry for him by concocting up a poisoning conspiracy (along with his loony sidekicks!) against him!

He says he’s going out West to have some testing done. He’s probably going out there to meet with the terrorist groups he’s formed with his 2 national microphones a day every time he opens his mouth! Seriously, how many MORE OF THESE KINDS OF INCIDENTS have to happen for Americans to realize that Glenn Beck is more dangerous than Hitler or George Bush? Huh?

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12 thoughts on “Glenn Beck is being poisoned now? *rolling eyes*

  1. So Donald Rumsfeld started poisoning Glenn Beck in the 1980′s when Glenn was an unknown, “nobody”, alcoholic disc jockey in Provo, then D.C.??? What next, a nation-wide plea for funds to pay for Glenn’s mysterious illnesses??? I see one of my reich-wing cousins on Facebook asked everyone to pray for Glenn. I “hid” her remark as I found it ridiculous.

    • Yep Grant! This is why I’m thinking Bleck is going to be meeting with his Mormon Militia men out West and not going to get any testing done. Why can’t he get testing done in Connecticut or in NYC? Wha? No good doctors there who know what they’re doing? What a bunch of bullcrap this guy spews! His worshipers just lick it up too. He dangerous. I think he should be locked up so our President and out nation will be safe.

  2. Must be all the idiotic ideas he spouts leaking outa his head and poisoning his body, I guess the Mormon magic under-ware doesn’t protect against that after all.

  3. I’m telling ya! Glenn Beck IS the sick twisted freak he speaks of each morning on his radio show! Wowzer. Can the man be any loonier? He’s dangerous and he wants us to believe that Van Jones or Bill Ayers is? Ha! Not even close!!!!

    It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Blecky is poisoning himself for the attention, because according to him, he has the FBI protecting him, so how could anyone besides himself, his wife, kids, and the rejects he works with get close enough to poison him? Huh?

    Beck is crazy! *whistling and twirling finger around my ear* Completely nuts!

  4. From the link in my post (emphasis is mine):

    Listening to Beck, Williams explained, “you can pick up ideas and you can get on your Internet and just verify it.”

    One of the ideas from Beck that Williams “verified” involved the liberal billionaire George Soros. Williams said he was inspired by Beck’s shows about Soros (described by Beck as a currency manip-ulator of Jewish ancestry who has “disturbing hair in his nose”). Beck accused President Obama of lending $2 billion to Brazil’s oil company Petrobras just after Soros upped his stake in the company.

    This turned out to be a false Internet rumor that Beck had amplified, but Williams did more research and concluded that Soros and Obama had sabotaged the BP oil well in the Gulf of Mexico to cause the oil spill and thereby help Petrobras.

    This, Williams said, was his main source of anger before the alleged shoot-out. “With the exception of Beck, not once did even Fox report on things like Soros investing a billion dollars in Petrobras, or not once did they mention the fact that Obama sent them $2 billion,” he noted. “Beck will not say it was a contracted hit” on the BP well by Obama and Soros, Williams said, “but he’ll give you every ounce of evidence you can possibly need to make that assumption yourself.”

    How many more whackadoodles are out there getting ready to go on a shooting spree while at the same time mourning “Beck’s health scares”?

    Jesus would be turning over in his grave right about now! He never had Beck in mind as the kind of prophet he wanted spreading his word. Seriously, Satan is alive and well through Glenn Beck! He has the greatest Foot Soldiers ever!

  5. Glenn Beck is “teaching” American history at his Beck “University” that is based mostly on the crazed writings of a former Mormon BYU professor, Willard Cleon Skousen. Beck’s “Restoring History” over the airwaves roars about the history textbooks used in our schools over the past century pronouncing them full of falsehoods, produced by “malicious progressive intent.” Progressives, he explained…liberals, socialists, Communists, the entire spectrum of the left…“knew they had to separate us from our history to be able to separate us from our Constitution and God.”

    A year before Richard Condon’s novel “The Manchurian Candidate” appeared, Skousen announced that the Communists were creating “a regimented breed of Pavlovian men whose minds could be triggered into immediate action by signals from their masters.”

    Methinks the current “Manchurian Candidates” are the ignorant who hang on every word of Glenn Beck as “gospel”.

  6. Here’s the debunked conspiracy story that Beck and his Mormon Militia are spouting as “true”:

    Glenn Beck needs to show PROOF! Until then, him and his ignorant sycophants should shut the hell up! Oh wait, the republics need to lie to win an election because they know their worshipers are too stupid to do it on their own!

  7. Grant, did Van Jones & Bill Ayers have their own individual university to teach their followers? Nope! Only Glenn Beck the Mormon Militia Dangerous Douchebag does! Hell, they didn’t have 2 national microphones a day like Beck does. He’s on the radio in the morning spewing his lies & hate and then goes over to the Saudi royal owned Fox News (which is inside the Communist Bastion of the Nation…..Rockefeller Center high above mid-Manhattan!) to spew the same bullshit at night!

  8. Beck is experiencing a “tingling feeling” and such… I think his doctors will confirm something that we all pretty much assumed: Beck has something wrong with his brain. Something that has probably been growing since he has gotten crazier over the years… Best case scenario? He gets the tumor removed, comes back to sanity and apologizes for being a wacko these past years. But, this wont help much because his followers will think that he was tampered with by the government or the horrible liberal doctors that saved his life. Meh. Glenn Beck, give or take him… Without him, some jack@ss would fill his shoes because there IS that demographic that believes everything that they hear and are willing to buy gold and do all the good things that good conservatives do… Who is to say that Beck might not be the lesser of the evils in the conservative community? Imagine what would happen if the guy was actually evil AND intelligent?

    • So true Domino! Or worse…..Beck will “die” from his tumor one day, but will actually be going to join Dick Cheney’s Shadow Government (created to control the world through their Base, al-Qaeda)!

      Seriously, nothing would shock me at this point when it comes to Beck and his right wingers.

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