President Obama at the United Nations: “an independent state of Palestine”

(you can read President Obama’s full speech BY CLICKING HERE)

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4 thoughts on “President Obama at the United Nations: “an independent state of Palestine”

  1. Poor Israel! President Obama is also the Mean Man to them too (in addition to Wall Street!). I love this paragraph…

    Obama’s speech at the UN General Assembly drew fire from right-wing Knesset members, who called it unacceptable intervention in a decision by the Israeli government.

    Say wha? But we give you billions a year for crying out loud! We should be telling you what you can and cannot do!

    • The Zionist neocons didn’t think it was an “undesirable intervention” when the United Nations, after a guilt trip placed upon the world by the Zionists charging the world “allowed” the Holocaust, took away 46% of Arab lands in Palestine and outright GIFTED the Jews after WWII. Remember the Zionists only purchased 6% of that land from Arabs in the half century before that. Since then, with tens of billions of US aid and the US sharing our latest military technology and equipment with Israel, the Zionist have been able to steal 30% more of those lands in numerous wars, breaking up the Arab West Bank into apartheid “stans”.

  2. I had not seen this. Thanks for sharing, Kay.

    Read on another thread that you’re going to D.C. soon. Congratulations.


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