The last of U.S. combat troops are leaving Iraq at this moment!


Yay! It’s a start, of course. Just because the combat troops are out doesn’t mean George Bush’s illegal occupation of this country is over. Oh no. Now we’re being told that the Iraqis have to be trained to protect their borders! Gees. What the hell have our troops been training the Iraqis for over the last seven years? You would have thought a General would have commanded some troops to train the Iraqi police and some troops to train the Iraqis for border protection, but no! We might be there until 2020. Disgusting! Anyway, glad to see American combat troops on their way out tonight. Welcome home!

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14 thoughts on “The last of U.S. combat troops are leaving Iraq at this moment!

  1. Sounds like a good idea.

    And would be if it were true, but haven’t they just been replaced by government-paid contractors who do not observe any of the niceties (think the original attack on contractors) actually observed by the departing U.S. troops?

    Just mentioning some unpleasant facts . . . .


    • Yes. The MIT and Wall Street need to have the contractors there to launder more money away from the American people while our troops train the Iraqis to protect their borders now. After 2020, we will spend another 10 years training the Iraqis on how to grow crops (even though they already know!). See?

  2. Thank you, Mr. Obama, for actually sticking to the original BUSH plan for only withdrawing the offensive forces after the battle was largely won in Iraq. And not caving and running like the Professional Left (Thank you Robert Gibbs for that one) wanted.

    As for the contractors .. I’m waiting for the screaming left to have their daily demonstrations about Obama’s Praetorian Guard, aka the private contractors, aka companies like Blackwater, like they did about Bush.

    Gee, why do I hear crickets chirping??


    • Thank you, Mr. Obama, for actually sticking to the original BUSH plan for only withdrawing the offensive forces after the battle was largely won in Iraq.

      Didn’t Bush DISHONESTLY claim mission accomplished in 2003?

      Oh right when republicans LIE dumb as dirt conserv-o-turd goes right along with them since he does it so much on the tubes with his third rate internet scam he spams peoples email with.

      PS the battle isn’t won, the Iraqis just patiently have been waiting for the neo-con ideas to peter out and their willing tools to lose in Iraq.

      Sucks but we “won” nothing,

      China is getting the oil contracts

      Iran has more political influence then the US does, (has had since Saddam was toppled).

      Over 4000 US citizens are dead for the lies told by the neo-cons and the right wing bed wetters like dumb as dirt conserv-o-turd, lie the fight has been won.

      Where?? …. Moqtata al Sadr is still there.

      The Sunnis are still as mad as ever and the bribes Petraeus based his strategy on are ending when we leave.

      Hell they held an election months ago and they can’t agree on who won and who gets to lead, so the fighting is far from over no matter how much dumb as dirt conserv-o-turd lies about it.

      PS the bush plan to push withdrawl out till after he slunk off in disgrace, was just to hand the right wing liars of the future a new lie to tell,

      they will dishonestly blame the comping fiasco in Iraq on the democrats instead of admitting the war was STUPID and illegal from the start, just like Vietnam was when Nixon, the Dulles brothers convinced Eisenhower to ignore the Geneva accords and democratic principles to try to install the dictator Diem in the south, (how did that work out?)

      Oh right the entire Vietnam fiasco of the 60′s which the bed wetting liars of the right blame on Lyndon Johnson, instead of the true architects, the clowns of the 50′s who put the US in there the first place including the SEATO treaty, which BTW disappeared just as soon as we ended out stupid involvement in South Vietnam the creation of John Foster and Alan Dulles to give them a toe hold in south east Asia.

      They were after control of China so they could have had all the cheap foreign labor Walmart exploits today.

      Funny the Dulles brothers never got their cheap labor market, and Bush Cheney never got the oil in Iraq, but they blame every one but the real responsible people, right wing lying republicans.

  3. Two TROLLS still defending George W. Bush‘s attack on Iraq, I see. After a trillion dollars of US taxpayers’ money wasted, tens of thousands of lives lost, the streets in Iraq are more dangerous than when Saddam was in power, and Bush/Cheney’s friends in US BIG OIL still don’t have carte blanche with the oil reserves there. Obama should have pulled out on January 20, 2009 but he was honoring his predecessor and Bush’s Sec. of Defense of Robert Gates (who is bailing out next year). But I can hear the TROLL’s uproar if he had done so. Another example of Obama never being able to please the REICH, so why should he even try?

  4. Neocon Zionist Douglas Feith, one of the Bush/Cheney architects for invading Iraq, is still defending Bush/Cheney LIES today on TV.

  5. I didnt say cut and run.

    It took the Bush / Petraeus surge to win the battle in Iraq. You know, the one all you lefties were screaming about saying it wouldnt work?

    The one that even Mister Obama said wouldnt work, then took the credit for when it did work?

    Im still hearing the chirping of crickets


    • You mean the five surges in his illegal occupation and nation building experiment? The last surge George Bush & Dick Bastard refused to do in 2008…..and it was President Obama who surged. Did I like this? No! I’m against ALL WARS. You? You love all wars and support President Obama for doing the right thing, right? I mean, you neocons can’t be backtracking on your 8 years of “we’re patriots and we love America and support the president right or wrong!” meme are you?

  6. Win what in Iraq? That nation is just as screwed up or more so than when Saddam was in power. And after a trillion dollars and countless deaths, Bush/Cheney failed to secure the oil rights for their buddies in BIG OIL.

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